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Digital & Social Media Audits and Monitoring; plans and tools - Jake's presentation at an AiMA lunch seminar

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AiMA digital audits7-11

  1. 1. @jakeaull Social Media Listening: Digital Audits and Monitoring7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 1 @teresacaro
  2. 2. Topics•  Planning the Digital Audit & Why –  Social Media Measurement Plan Template•  Some KPIs and How to Measure Them –  Brand Loyalty –  Content Strategy Objectives, Keywords & Measurement –  Gauging Social to Traditional Channels & KPIs•  Specific Social Measurement Tools –  Free Web Tools You Should Know About –  Major Social Media Tools & Dashboards7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 2 @teresacaro
  3. 3. Why????And Planning the Digital Audit
  4. 4. Digital & Social Audits•  Markets and communities analysis –  Where are your customers online? –  What are they saying? –  Retention vs. acquisition –  Industry experts, bloggers, thought leaders? –  Media partners, trade pubs, directories, resources? –  How about competitors?7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 4 @teresacaro
  5. 5. Digital Research & Monitoring Plan•  Situation - e.g., online brand buzz has increased in recent months•  Problem - e.g., brand is unaware of its online reputation•  Measurement Objectives - e.g., identify quantity and ratio of existing online "brand fanatics" vs. haters•  Measurement Questions - e.g., what tags (such as "love this brand") and channels best fit our problem and objectives?For reference and additional reading, see my blog at and Exploring 57/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybiancaMarketing Research by William G. Zikmund and Barry J. Babin. @teresacaro
  6. 6. Digital Research & Monitoring Plan•  Hypothesis - e.g., the brand has more social media promoters than detractors•  Action Standard - e.g., a Net Promoter Score over 30% in Twitter•  Measurement Method & Tool - e.g., NPS, Twitter and SASFor reference and additional reading, see my blog at and ExploringMarketing Research by William G. Zikmund and Barry J. Babin.7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 6 @teresacaro
  7. 7. A Monitoring Approach•  Pick the brand names (brand names, not actual services, categories or consumer benefits for now) you wish to focus on.•  Take those names and run them through keyword analysis, using tools such as iSpionage, Google AdWords or SEM Rush to identify associated major keywords in heavy search.•  From these, create a final list (including your original brand names).7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 7 @teresacaro
  8. 8. A Monitoring Approach•  Apply these keywords to follow in tools such as HootSuite, SocialMention and Google Alerts.•  Likewise, search these keywords in the aforementioned keyword analysis tools for competitive websites where these words are used organically (and/or in advertising).•  At this point, you will have a number of results for digital use of your keywords. Additionally, tools such as SocialMention will conduct sentiment analysis of usage. That is, SocialMention will analyze and prescribe the amount of positive versus negative uses. 8
  9. 9. A Monitoring Approach•  All of this gives you good surface data on digital uses of your keywords. They also give you the links to dive deeper into specific uses based on concerns or questions to be addressed; basically, unanswered opinions, even negative, in the digital space present a face of brand “disinterest” or dislike of customers and their issues. Whereas a sincere attempt to resolve negative situations displays good brand- and-customer relationships and honesty. Negative reviews in social media also show a human, believable side of companies to their customers – it’s hard to believe that a company would have absolutely no negative reviews. 9
  10. 10. A Monitoring Approach•  Finally, it’s also worth analyzing your brand blogs’ and websites’ inbound links. That is, who’s linking to you, and why? They aren’t always positive (as I found out in such analysis for a recent client). They also might reveal some good, future affiliate or digital link-sharing partnerships.•  Good tools to uncover inbound links include MajesticSEO and Blekko.•  And again, these tools allow you the ability to dive deeper assessing these source sites for their intentions, or even for your own increased PR promotion (for example if the sites linking to your own are newspapers or major blogs). 10
  11. 11. A Monitoring Approach•  ADDENDUM: Finally, don’t forget about geo-local channels and directories – even if you’re a national company or don’t have a brick-and-mortar retail component. You have an address, and these channels help SEO overall. So go to channels such as Google Maps/ Places, Yelp and CitySearch, claim and complete your profiles, and request automatic notification for whenever anyone gives you a review. You should want to know anyway, but it’s a vital part of brand listening and responding.7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 11 @teresacaro
  12. 12. Some Key Performance Indicators & How to Measure Them
  13. 13. Measuring Increase in Social/ Search Effects (Brand Awareness)•  Increase in channels/pages appearing in major keyword search results (SEO Book Tools)•  Increase in search rankings for website concurrent with increases in social content output (SEO Book Tools and Google Alerts)•  Increase of brand name search results and mentions in social “search engines” such as Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit or (Synthesto Unity)7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 13 @teresacaro
  14. 14. Measuring Increase in Social/ Search Effects (Brand Awareness)•  Increase in share-of-voice of important keywords in search engines, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn (HootSuite social keyword monitoring)7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 14 @teresacaro
  15. 15. Measuring Brand Loyalty•  Positive brand social mentions per customer (e.g., Synthesto Unity)•  Brand ReTweets and post-sharing (HootSuite, HubSpot)•  Customer brand recommendations and positive reviews (Synthesto Unity)•  Increase in joins and chatter in retention/ rewards community (channel-specific or Google Analytics)•  Increase in up-sales (HubSpot with 15
  16. 16. Content Strategy Questions•  Brand online content –  What terms do you want to own? •  E.g., HubSpot and “inbound marketing” –  Competitive differentiation –  Niche thought leadership –  Content/terms in customer demand –  Acquisition vs. retention7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 16 @teresacaro
  17. 17. Social Media Objectives & Approaches Brand Awareness & Fan Promoters For more on this & other objectives, see my blog post: #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 17 @teresacaro
  18. 18. SAS PerspectivesTrack the Elusive Sentiment “Customers want to take what they are hearing and learning from online conversations, and put some action to it… The key lies in being precise in extracting and tagging sentiment.” Text analytic tools can categorize online content, uncover linked concepts, and reveal the sentiment in a conversation as “positive,” “negative” or “neutral,” based on the words people use. The technology gets down to very specific elements and can separate positive and negative remarks within a single comment. “A mixed-polarity phrase, such as ‘hotel in great location but bathroom was smelly’ should not be tagged as ‘neutral,’ if you want it to be actionable,” said Chaves. “Be specific; ‘bathroom was smelly’ is something someone can own and improve upon.” You can classify and categorize these sentiments, look at trends over time, and see significant differences in the way people speak either positively or negatively about you. Furthermore, you can compare sentiment about your brand to your competitors. From SAS white paper Social Media Metrics: Listening, Understanding and Predicting the Impacts of Social Media on Your Business7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 18 @teresacaro
  19. 19. BONUS SLIDES: TOOLS FOR SOCIAL MEDIA MEASUREMENT7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 19 @teresacaro
  20. 20. SAS Sentiment Tracking7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 20 @teresacaro
  21. 21. Free Digital Marketing Tools You Need to KnowInternet research. Competitive analysis. Project management. SEO. Socialnetworking. Content collaboration and sharing...These are essentials for digital marketing today. And interestingly because of today’sfreemium internet business models, there are more and more great free tools available todo these functions! And I don’t mean free trials with automatic credit card deductions afterthe first month – I mean entirely free basic plans offered (but you might have to digaround a bit to find these free plan options). Intrigued? Very well – hence and withoutfurther ado – Jake’s list of great free tools:•  SEO Book Tools and Toolbar (for keyword, site and competitive analysis, social reputation measurement and search; e.g., SEMRush, SEOMoz, etc.)• and (spy tools doing similar functions to above)•  Google tools (Google Webmaster tools, Alerts, Analytics, AdWords; keyword analysis, monitoring and search)•  HootSuite (social media dashboard, network management, stats and monitoring)•  WordPress (blogs, websites, inbound/outbound link stats)…See the complete list on Jake’s blog post: #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 21 @teresacaro
  22. 22. Social Tools for Measurement•  Synthesio Unity •  Online reputation management (across all social channels) •  Crisis manament •  Influencer identification •  Campaign measurement•  HubSpot •  Closed-loop marketing measurement (all customer digital touch points to conversion) •  Social profiling of leads •  Brand/keyword monitoring•  Omniture •  Multi-touch metrics•  Argyle Social •  Channel ROI attribution for multi-touch campaigns7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 22 @teresacaro
  23. 23. Social Tools for Measurement•  HootSuite •  Twitter mentions and HashTag/keyword monitoring •  ReTweets •  Klout score •  LinkedIn stats and Facebook insights•  ExactTarget CoTweet •  Campaign email metrics; compared to: •  Twitter and Facebook•  SEO Book Tools •  Website competition •  Keyword competition •  PPC competition •  SEO rankings•  Google tools •  Brand monitoring (Google Alerts) •  PageViews (Google Analytics) •  Duration of visit •  Clicks •  Referrals •  Directs (bookmarks or type-ins, but also mobile app click-thrus)•  Wordpress stats, stats, etc.For more info on social media tools, plans, etc. – http://jakeaull.wordpress.com7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 23 @teresacaro
  24. 24. Review•  Social Media Measurement Plan Template•  Example KPIs, & Measuring them•  Content Strategy Objectives, Keywords & Measurement•  Gauging Social to Traditional Channels & KPIs•  Specific Social Measurement Tools7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 24 @teresacaro
  25. 25. Questions?7/12/2011 #aimasocial @jakeaull @blatantlybianca 25 @teresacaro Source: