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CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
CROWL University Presentation:  Mars The Story So Far
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CROWL University Presentation: Mars The Story So Far


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To help me develop my reflective practice, enhance my workplace learning and develop professional skills to further enhance my employability. I have created a PowerPoint presentation for my University …

To help me develop my reflective practice, enhance my workplace learning and develop professional skills to further enhance my employability. I have created a PowerPoint presentation for my University providing an introduction to my incredible time and experience in Mars.

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  • Here you will see myself with a the fellow Yellow M&M Character in the London store (opened summer 2011) followed on with an overview look at projects I am apart of within my team i.e. The Connex Programme . I came into Mars on the industrial placement scheme the 4th July 2011. Mars Information Services is located in Slough Berkshire, I am located in the Mars site called ISB (Information Services Berkshire)What is Connex? Connex is the program in Mars will delivers new tools and technology for associates to communicate, conference, connect and collaborate around the world – enabling associates to work together better, faster, and more efficiently.“Connex is the glue that will bring us closer and bind us together” says Steve Larrabee, president Mars IS. “All Mars, Incorporated associates will be working with reliable and secure tools that are common to all businesses and regions. “
  • (Mars Globally:All Segments)The Five Principles form the bedrock of the Mars culture and are the reason for our success. QualityResponsibilityMutualityEfficiency Freedom  At Mars we all share the common definition of what these principles: Quality, Responsibility, Mutuality, Efficiency and Freedom mean. We are encouraged to put the Five Principles into action to make a difference to People and the Planet through Performance.
  • (Mars Globally toMars IS) ISB Site: Culture in Slough
  • The GIST is the Global Infrastructure Service Team, we are a team built around creating a secure IT infrastructure that supports and maximises information accessibility, collaboration, knowledge management, innovation, user effectiveness and efficiency within Mars. IT is an essential enabler for the Mars business strategy. The GIST is continuously seeks efficiency by introducing new technologies in order to add value to the business. It is the GIST associates who translate this technology into value and are experts in their technology fields.The GIST consists of the following teams: End User Technology Information SecurityEnterprise Networks WebCC
  • The EUT team is split up into three as follows:Directories: (User Identity Management in Active Directory)Desktop Management: (Standard Desktop Management and Deployment Current XP, Future SDS W7) Messaging and Collaboration: (Lotus Notes, Exchange Outlook Email and Instant Messaging OCS)EUT’s Motto: “Delivering yesterday’s technology tomorrow to Mars”(This is the joke motto we have made for ourselves within the team) Which is understandable as Mar’s main business focus is Chocolate and not mainly IT focused such as organisations like Microsoft, Apple, IBM. For Mars Information Services it is about getting IT at the right cost for Mars.Due to the size of Mars, we are always playing catch-up on deploying the latest technology. By the time a deployment project has finished the industry has already moved on. For example March 2012 Outlook 2007 the end of deployment across all Mars sites globally. April2012 Outlook 2007 runs out of support.
  • The wordle picture outline the areas EUT are responsible for within Mars. Followed by a team photo from the Halloween 2011 event “Get Spooky” See Jake Albinson within the team picture:(Scarecrow Outfit)
  • What is EUT: Messaging and collaboration? At the moment the GIST are running a multi year infrastructure redesign programme called Connex. We are the team managing the messaging and collaboration transformation in Mars as part of that programme. Microsoft BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) or Office 365 is a cloud based solution by Microsoft which provides Mars with a range of technologies: Outlook, OCS, LiveMeeting, SharePoint. The main activity the team are involved in includes moving all the Mars associates to the solution set.
  • Heres a brief timeline that illustrates the activities that lead up to the projects that I have worked on during my time at Mars. As seen with the visioning and feasibility stage of Connex back in 2009. The actual implementation of this project did not happen till 2011 and when I joined I had to quickly come up to speed with the background and history around the project to help me contribute in the delivery of Connex.
  • When I arrived in Mars on July 4th 2011, the deployment had just started a couple months back and I gained huge visibility and understanding of how a huge million pound project affects the whole of the Mars environment. Many teams in Information Services worked together with EUT to help us migrate Mars users to a range of new Microsoft technologies including a new Email client Outlook and tools for collaboration with Live Meeting and OCS.
  • SharePoint 2010: A Microsoft platform for sharing and collaborating with associates. Situation: Gained skills and knowledge in SharePoint in my first six weeks working with the collaboration team.Task: Develop E learning modules for Mars University Action: Undertook a two day pilot training course with Global knowledge on SharePoint 2010Result: Gained SharePoint 2010 certification in August and developed online training courses for Mars University, and sharepoint.mars for the future deployment of the tool within Mars.Special: Conducted research on behalf of the collaboration team around future social enterprise networking tools for the Mars environment. Found four vendors explained their functionalities, capabilities and features that they can offer to Mars which can increase user productivity and engagement within the workplace. WebEx:A web conferencing collaboration tool which allows associates to connect with anyone, anywhere in the world. Outlined the cost benefit to Mars retiring the Cisco service as part of the BPOS role out.Situation: WebEx Users resistant to technological changes, wanting to keep using the service and not move to the robust LiveMeeting service.Task:Gathered the users specific business justification reasons in two week timeframesAction:Brought together the project team and analysed the users justification and provide exemptions/rejections based on whether it is a business need.Results:The WebEx portal and service in Mars has been successfully shut down huge savings for Mars, associate exceptions moved to a personal account model, maintained healthy stakeholder relationships with commercial, Verizon and Cisco.Special: Gained vast commercial experience understanding of stakeholder relationships, business contracts and retirement project savings
  • Business Partners: Research the As-Is and redefine methods in the future To-Be lifecycle model Situation: Issues around the governance of business partners and contractors in active directory Task: Business analyst: Research how business partner management works within the Mars and Wrigley environmentAction:Provide participating stakeholders opportunities to contribute to improving the governance of business partnersResult: Lead the knowledge in finding a To-BE solution for Mars future management tools of business partners OCS WWY Sign In: Switch over Wrigley users to an .effem log in for OCS sign inSituation: Mars acquired Wrigley back in 2008, since the acquisition and change to the Wrigley environment Mars IS has been integrating Wrigley users into our environment consolidating the tools and incorporating them into the Connex program. Task: Wrigley users have been logging into their OCS client on their Mars SDS machines with their Wrigley email addressAction: Bring together a project team to consolidate a change in AD, informing/training the users and Mars service desk before the future OCS Lync upgrade.Result: Change over all the Wrigley target addresses in AD and replicate them to the BPOS cloud before March 2012. Future wrigley users login with .effem addressesAssociate Day: Recognise and celebrate Mars successes, communicate future business strategies, build engagement through team building, entertainment and opportunities to network with other associates Situation: Help create the future 2012 event bringing associates together for one eventTask: The planning of logistics to provide a hassle free enjoyable environment for all associates Action: Work with the logistics team to organise a venue, determine procedures plan ice breakers, entertainment and foodResult: Create a successful, creative and engaging event for all associates
  • My Development in Mars The whole Mars experience has allowed me to develop tremendously as a person from a second year University student to the much preferred working environment. I have developed my personality, become independent, developed soft skills, learnt to represent my interests and points of view, gained life values with the Five Mars principles and established a network in the Mars community. I have highlighted key soft skills I have learnt over the pass six month.
  • Expanding further on my soft and transferable skills gained here at my time in Mars. I have listed a few examples to explain those learnings and development. Communication Skills:Example:Situation: Integrated well into the EUT teamTask: Initially shy I soaked up knowledge by listening and understanding how the Mars culture work then coming out of my shell over the first few weeks sharing the experience with fellow IP’s all in the same situation. Action: Brings lots of positivity and engagement with the team, i.e. Halloween eventResult: I consider myself a happy fully fledged EUT member and treated like any other associate in Mars!Learnings for remainder of my placement: In any large organisation like Mars you need good communication skills to succeed. I aim to ensure I keep on improving this skill.Passionate of self development Example:Situation: I have a thirst for learning regularly getting involved with a range of training and development opportunities within Mars UniversityTask: Learnt a variety of new skills by agreeing with my line manager to go on relevant training coursesAction: Been on the presentation skills, Project Management, ITIL, facilitating meetings and emotional fitness courses. Learnings from being in the EUTteam include exposure to the large projects managed via program management Result: Gained certifications in SharePoint 2010, and ITIL Version 3 within myfirst 6 months of my placementLearnings for the remainder of placement: To ensure I keep my curiosity and enthusiasm for long learning, continuous improvement, and look out for any Mars training interests: Project Management Methodologies PRINCE 2, SCRUM. Keep myself in light of the changing business environment and learnings from the teams projects BPOS role outs.Teamwork: Building enthusiasm and vision within teamwork and finding ways to deploy strengths. ExampleSituation: Get Festive event working with a team outside of EUT Task: Create an engaging Christmas day for associates and top the last site event HalloweenAction: Developed with the team a schedule for the day and a list of activities and games related to Xmas creating a buss in the office and sense of competition amongst associates. Result: A successful Get Festive day in the office, feedback from the event came back extremely positive and rewarding for the project team.Applying these learnings for remainder of my placement: Having good teamwork skills to me is part of seeing the bigger picture and understanding that Mars value the outcome achieved by a group of associates more than that achieved by any one person.
  • A couple of random facts about Mars...
  • Mars launched the new M&M Character: Ms Brown Voice – Vanessa Williams ,M&M's - Just My Shell (2012, USA)
  • It is a very exciting time to be on a placement year in the IT industry especially within a global company like Mars. I am extremely privileged to be involved with the front line of end user technology seeing hands on effects of the ‘consumerisation of IT’ with personal devices coming into the workplace (iPhones, iPads running iOS 5) Through my short time at Mars I have been able to observe how associates are increasing demand for ‘mobility’ with iOS devices (iPad) to be used in a Mars environment. I have expressed my strong interest to be involved with projects around Mars establishing the deployment strategy for the use iPhone and iPads. Developing policies and procedures taking into account the security of data, how the devices will connect with Exchange, access to corporate email, calendar, and contacts and the implications on previous supported blackberry devices. I have much anticipation with my time left: July 2012 to see the Mars deployment scenario on how iOS devices will integrate into the Mars environment.
  • Various pictures taken over the past 7 months events include:Summer IP Rounders August 2011 (champions beats the graduates and various other teams) GIST Christmas Event: Friday 9th December 2011 team activity playing real life monopoly in London, Followed by an evening meal and stay over in Windsor ISB Christmas Event Party: Friday 16th December 2011 Venue: Hedsor House in Taplow Get Festive Event 22nd December 2011 – The project team photo (committee behind creating the ISB engaging day) Future: March 2012- Mars Sports and Social Charity Jailbreak & Associate Day
  • In summary, having a blast working in Mars learning so much! Thriving for a graduate opportunity in 2013, I know there is a long way to go between now and a zone eight role. I need to ensure I develop as many of those core competencies over the remainder of my placement and time back at University to continue a much desired career and develop in the Mars leadership ladder. Backup plan: Once I have got that first in my Bsc (Hons) Business Information Technology degree I will find another innovative and creative organisation like Mars (global environment) and build upon my IT professional career and one day become a manager of people myself as seen from others in the Mars environment. I can honestly say I am not looking forward to coming back to final year in University after the taste of the working environment. However with the Mars experience comes even more determinationto ensure I get my1st class degree and go full steam ahead into the competitive graduate IT Market and become a leader.
  • My contact information
  • List of references used within my presentation, feel free to forward the presentation to my personal tutor for the year: Lewis Endlar before he visits me in the world of MarsFebruary 2012.
  • Transcript

    • 1. CROWL: Critical Reflection on Workplace LearningWeek One: 6th February- 12th February 2012 “Construct a short PowerPoint Presentation to introduce yourself, your workplace and placement experience so far to your tutor. Please feel free to be creative and include pictures and diagrams as well as words. It would be good to include a photo of where you work from the outside. Pictures from inside would be good if your employer agrees. Include a timeline graph to show the highs , and lows, labelling the peaks and troughs with events (or non events!). How has the placement match your expectations? What have been your key challenges? What have been your key areas of development and learning?” – Moodle, CROWL, 2012 1
    • 2. GIST: EUT , Jake Albinson2
    • 3. Topics• Introduction to Jake Albinson• The Mars Culture: The Five Principles• The Division: GIST• The Team: EUT• Projects• Areas of development & Learnings• Interesting Mars Facts• Conclusion• References 3
    • 4. Introduction to Jake Albinson Role: Industrial Placement Student Main Projects: Connex Programme: SharePoint Deployment, PinSafe Testing, Retiring WebEx Service, OCS Wrigley Sign In Non-Connex: Business Partners Management Others/Additional Work: Get Spooky, Get Festive, All Associates Day, Mars Volunteer Programme, Mars Sports & Social4 GIST- EUT Industrial Placement Student 2011-2012
    • 5. The Five Principles5
    • 6. The Mars Culture: The WorkplaceGlobal Company, Family Feel • Open office • 160 sites globally • No closed offices • Easily approach higher managementGlobal Ways of Working, Global Collaboration • Collaborate with associates across sites • America, Europe & Asia Pack • Introduction of enterprise social networking • SharePoint 2010/ Yammer 6
    • 7. Development (Infrastructure Portfolio Management)7 The GIST: Organisation
    • 8. The EUT TeamDirectories Desktop Messaging and Management Collaboration 8 EUT: Organisational Chart
    • 9. The EUT Team (EUT & Enterprise Networks)9 End User Technology – Messaging Team
    • 10. EUT: Messaging & Collaboration Who we are? What we are doing? E-mail Web ConferencingInstant Messaging Video Conferencing Voicemail Calendaring Audio Conferencing Click to Dial Mobility Presence 10
    • 11. Background: EUT ProjectsQ3 2008Messaging & Feb 2010Collaboration Signed BPOSStrategy Definition Q2 2009 Contract Connex Infrastructure Programme concept Q4 2008 Wrigley Acquisition Q1 2009 Jul 2010 Google Proof of Migration to the Concept cloud starts H2 2009 11 Strategic Options Analysis
    • 12. Projects: Involved inApril 2011 March 2012BPOS migration pilot Global BPOS Migrations complete July 2011 BPOS Migration Late 2012 Connex to the cloud starts Programme Finished 12
    • 13. Projects: Involved inJuly 2011- Jan 2012SharePoint 2010• E-learning modules• Collaboration Team & Mars University• Social Enterprise Networking ResearchWebEx:• Decommissioned 686 users moved to LiveMeeting• Cost Benefit Saving 13 Gained Commercial Awareness!
    • 14. Projects: Involved inJan 2012- Jul 2012 Business Partners • To-Be management life cycle solution OCS Sign In • Migrate 400+ Wrigley users • Change target address in AD • Future deployment: Microsoft Lync Associate Day: • On-Day Logistics Team 14 The Future is Bright...
    • 15. Areas of Learning & DevelopmentSoft Skills Self Awareness • Committed to actively improve myself • Work to my strengths • Work on compensating for weaknesses Priority Setting • Create Focus • Spent time on whats important Conflict Management • Read situations quickly • Good focus on listening • Find common ground 15
    • 16. Areas of Learning & DevelopmentSoft Skills Communication Skills • Interpersonally savvy & Comfort around higher management • Create collaborative relationships Passionate Self Development • Desire to learn new skills and ways of working • Training opportunities: Mars University Team Work • Able to cooperate and collaborate with others • Reasonable and open minded 16
    • 17. Interesting Mars Facts• Mars has 70k associates around the world!• More then a century old!• My Facebook feedback ended up on the Mars Triple Choc Posters around the office! 17
    • 18. Interesting Mars Facts 2•M&M’s released Ms. Brown @SuperBowl 2012! 18
    • 19. Interesting Mars Facts 3• Consumerisation of IT & Social Media: Changing the corporate environment • Post PC Deployments 19
    • 20. The Mars Experience…20
    • 21. The Mars Experience…21
    • 22. Contact Information• Jake Albinson Work Email: Student Email: Line Manager in Mars: Martyn Sizer MMU- Placement Year Tutor: • Lewis Endlar 22
    • 23. References1. Christine Ogilvie. (2012). AN INTRODUCTION TO REFLECTIVE PRACTICE. Available: g_120202.pdf. Last accessed 10th Jan 2012.2. Manchester Metropolitan University . (2012). Critical Reflection on Workplace Learning Handbook for Placement Students 2012. Available: evised_1_Feb_.pdf. Last accessed 10th Jan 2012.3. Cottrell, S. (2010), Skills for Success, Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, Chapter 7: The Art of Reflection.4. EUT Team, Martyn Sizer, Infrastructure Development Specialist, (2012), 10th Jan 20125. EUT Team, Karoona Ramah, Infrastructure Development Manager, (2012), 10th Jan 20126. Steve Larrabee, (2011) President Mars IS. Connex Program Overview7. Christine Ogilvie. (2012). Introduction to Reflective Practice. Available: Last accessed 11th Feb 2012.8. Mars Incorporated. (2012). Welcome to Mars. Available: Last accessed 11th Feb 2012. 23 The End