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The intent of this eBook is to introduce a new science for studying the logic of natureholistically.

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The naturalogy - free eBook

  1. 1. Jairo AlvesÍndex1 Introduction……………………………..32 The Prerequisites………………………..53 The Fundamentals………………………64 The Naturalogy…………………………75 The Main Evidences……………………86 Concluding Remarks.…………………10 2
  2. 2. The aturalogy1 IntroductionHumanity is often plagued by questions such as: What are we?What exists? What happens after death? However, the sciencescannot answer them and also reject the proposals made by otherentities. The reason this happens is because none of thesepropositions can be tested. In other words, the sciences can onlybe consider as valid, assumptions that have been tested inaccordance with the scientific method, otherwise they would berepudiating the logic by which the laws of nature implement thereality.The sciences can ever ignore the laws of nature, since this wouldamount to denying their own existences. The sciences exist onlydue the logic that the natures laws implement to constructreality. The main evidence for this is that the sciences do notmake anything else than to test relational hypotheses to validateor not the natural laws. Because of this, science can beconceptualized as logical tools, whose purpose is to check if thefacts are actually related to the causes that they are accused.The science can not yet provide answers to the big issues thatplague humanity, because none of them can see the reality 3
  3. 3. Jairo Alvesholistically. In other words, the existing sciences work incomplementary subareas and for this reason they cannot providea global view of reality that the great human questions require.Physics is for many people the only hope, so that someday bepossible to clarify some of the great human questions. It isgrounded in the belief that there is only a physical reality in theuniverse. However, the physicists themselves now admit that bythis angle is almost impossible to understand the universe in itsentirety.In short, there is no any science allows us to see the universeholistically in order to respond to the great human questions andthe alternative possibilities contradict the laws of nature. Thenext topic will introduce what are the essential prerequisites fora science that can fill this gap. 4
  4. 4. The aturalogy2 The PrerequisitesThe intent of this topic is trying to draw a profile that enables tosee a specific science as holistic. This profile consists of theability of this new science to explain all the engineering ofnature and by the following restrictions: respect to the sciences,facts and collective perceptions.The engineering of nature must be unraveled completely,because only by this way, the great human questions can beanswered consistently.The integration with the sciences is necessary, because each onerepresents a set of laws of nature, whose existence was proven,which is complementary to the others.The facts must be respected, for any science that claims tobe holistic is required to be compatible with reality.The collective perceptions must also be respected, because verylarge coincidences have always a grain of truth. 5
  5. 5. Jairo AlvesIn short, any science with holistic pretensions must be able tofully explain the mechanism of nature. The starting point todo this task will be introduced the next topic.3 The FundamentalsThe natural complementarity and general systems theory are thefoundation of any holistic science for the same reason.The natural complementarity is evidence that all existing thingsare interdependent, i.e., that all things are part of an immensebody, that is fully integrated. In other words, the naturalcomplementarity is a proof that the natural facts may beexplained holistically.The General Systems Theory of Karl Ludwig von Bertalanffy isalso known as science of the sciences and is one of the reasonsto explain the reality holistically, because it assumes that allnatural entities are fully integrated to form other higher-rankingentities that are also autonomous . 6
  6. 6. The aturalogyIn short, the sure that it is necessary to establish a new science toexplain the nature holistically, is based on the realization that theuniverse is an entity fully structured and not chaotic, as manythink. The next topic suggests a name for this new science andshows the reasons for this.4 The NaturalogyThe purpose of this topic is to show that the term "Naturalogy”is perfect to appoint a science whose goal is to explain thenature holistically.The name "Naturalogy" results from the assemblage of wordsnature and logical, as the basic intent of any holistic science is toexplain the logic of nature.The purpose of Naturalogy is to integrate the facts withoutviolating the natural laws or the collective perceptions, as this isthe only way to present a coherent view of natures engineering.The key to success of the Naturalogy is to select correctly thefacts which will incorporate the structure of natural engineering, 7
  7. 7. Jairo Alvesbecause wrong facts will never be integrated to provide aholistic view of nature and its functioningIn short, the term "Naturalogy" fits to appoint a holistic science,because it is able express the intention to systematize all thefacts that are important to see the logic of nature holistically. Inother words, the proposal of the Naturalogy to study theintegration of natural material and immaterial facts is the bestway to explain the reality holistically. However, the mainevidence of this adaptation will be introduced separately in thenext topic.5 The Main EvidencesThe purpose of this topic is to highlight the main evidence that"Naturalogy" is the more appropriate name to describe ascience, whose objective is to study the nature holistically.The first evidence of the appropriateness of the term"Naturalogy" lies in the belief that nature is the mother of all 8
  8. 8. The aturalogythings in the universe and not just in the planet Earth.This certainty is based on the following facts: a) Naturallaws are everywhere and not just this planet b) The universe is atotally closed system, i.e. everything in the universe areperfectly integrated with each other. The fact "a" is self-explanatory. The fact that "b" is justified by the sure thateverything in nature is transformed, because the universe has nooutside resources and not because it is chaotic.In other words, the facts prove that the logicof nature is in absolutely everything.The second evidence of the appropriateness of Naturalogy termis the possibility of avoiding conflict with the sciences. In otherwords, the term "Naturalogy" is ideal for cover simultaneouslythe explaining of the logic of nature holistically and preservationof empirical knowledge. Evidently, the basic condition for this isthat Naturalogy should respects the laws of nature such as thesciences do.In short, the obvious relationship of Naturalogy with nature andthe other sciences is the main proof that it is best option todesignate a new science, in order to study the nature holistically. 9
  9. 9. Jairo Alves6 Concluding RemarksFor Naturalogy, reality is a multidimensional origami comprisingthe micro to the macrocosm, whose pictures are built inaccordance with the laws of nature.The establishment of a science like Naturalogy can contribute toomuch to the humanistic development, because only a holisticview of nature is able to avoid that the beliefs, values, feelingsand ignorance disturb the cultural development that promotes it.In short, The Naturalogy is the ideal science for studying thelogic of nature holistically, because the logical integration of thenatural facts and empirical knowledge impose it a consistencythat greatly diminishes the need for testing.The best way to judge the applicability of Naturalogy is byanalyzing the working of nature and the assembly of universe."The Big Brain Theory" is the only essay where Naturalogy wasused for this. Its development took more than 35 years ofstudies. The success of this endeavor is due to the authorsknowledge in the areas of systems of data processing andtelecommunications, as the basis for the engineering of nature is 10
  10. 10. The aturalogylogical and not supernatural. To learn more about “The BigBrain Theory" visit: “Only the Truth Frees” Jairo Alves 11