The divine system - eBook grátis


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The objective of this eBook is to show a holistic view of universe.

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The divine system - eBook grátis

  1. 1. Jairo AlvesIndex1 Introduction……………………………..32 Premises for the Vision…………………53 A Holistic Vision of the Universe………74 The Systemic Evidence…………………85 The Divine System…………………….106 Concluding Remarks…………………..12 2
  2. 2. The Divine System1 IntroductionThe universe can be seen as the result of some type of magic,chance or a very thorough work. This depends only on itsviewer. In other words, the universe is seen by many people assomething supernatural, accidental or intentional. The accidentaland intentional views differ as to the possibility ofpremeditation, but both of them are logical.The magical or supernatural and logical views of creation areincompatible because the first one ignores the laws of natureintentionally. The accidental view of creation of the universeignores the intentionality. The logic of intentional view ofcreation of the universe is still unknown. In other words, theexisting views of creation are not able to present a holistic viewabout it and consequently about the universe and its workings.The holistic view of universe and creation can only be achievedthrough a science that can respect the laws of nature andintegrate all the natural facts simultaneously. In other words, tounderstand the engineering of creation is necessary to institute anew science that studies the logic of the nature of a fullyintegrated way. As this science does not officially exists, theauthor of this eBook provisionally called the holistic study of 3
  3. 3. Jairo Alvesnatural logic of Naturalogy. Of course the word Naturalogyresults from clumping of the words "Nature” and "logic". TheNaturalogy not invades the domain of any other science,because its covering area is still vague. This can be perceivedfrom the following topics, as they show how the logic of naturecan be integrated to provide a holistic view of reality withoutconflict with the natural sciences. 4
  4. 4. The Divine System2 Premises for the VisionThe purpose of this first topic is to show the three main premisesthat should be respected to validate a holistic view of theuniverse.First premise: The magic and supernatural should be discardedas ways to justify any fact, because all things are subject to theaction of nature that always takes place through the logical workof some force. In other words, until proven otherwise all thingsare subject to the laws of nature, i.e., the supernatural or magicdo no exists because nothing escapes of natural logic.Second premise: The working of nature from micro tomacrocosm is organized fully by itself and not chaotic.Therefore, to admit otherwise is to ignore the natural order andreject the statistics as a science, since the accidental creation ofan event with the magnitude of the universe has a probability ofoccurrence equal to zero. The workings of the universe must notalso be labeled a chaotic without first to be possible watching itholistically. The reason why the holistic view of the universeexcludes the chaotic working will be presented a little later in amore appropriate topic. 5
  5. 5. Jairo AlvesThird premise: Any holistic view of the universe should be ableto explain all the engineering of nature. Of course, this meansthat any explanation should reconstitute the entire reality frommicro to macrocosm without forgetting the math, sciences, men,feelings, languages etc.In short, any holistic view of the universe can only beconsidered valid if at the same time respect the laws of natureand incorporate all natural entities, without assigning any fact atrandom. The next topic will introduce a vision of the universethat does not contravene these premises. 6
  6. 6. The Divine System3 A Holistic Vision of the UniverseThe purpose of this discussion is to show that there is already aholistic view of the universe that is realistic without shows it asthe result of chance. In this view the universe is a giganticsystem. A system can be broadly conceptualized as an entitywhose mechanism is capable of generating or supporting events,i.e., every system can be defined as a kind of machine. Example:the plants, animals, biosphere etc. Of course, the natural systemsare machines more flexible and powerful than any other,because nothing can match the creative capacity of nature.The systemic view of the universe was introduced by KarlLudwig von Bertalanffy author of "The General SystemsTheory", which is considered by many people the science ofsciences. To Bertalanffy, the universe was an immense systemcomposed of smaller systems that should be studied together,because their integration should be able to generate a largerfunctional unit. In other words, all entities in nature arecomplementary because they integrate the body of a hugesystem that involves everything from the micro to themacrocosm. This view while respects all premises of validation,because it shows the universe like an entity adherent to natural 7
  7. 7. Jairo Alveslaws that integrates all things neatly, that is, in this view there isno room for causality only for the logic. The next topic willshow evidence that a systemic view of universe is more than amere guess.4 The Systemic EvidenceThis topic will show why the universe can be viewed as thegreatest existing natural system or functional entity, that is, itwill shows from where comes the certainty that the universe is amacro entity that generates and integrates all the naturalsystems.The main evidence that the universe is a huge system that is ableto generate and manage all their intrinsic entities, which are alsosystems too, lies in the certainty that the universe is a closedsystem. A system is closed when it does not need to pick upinputs or to return outputs to the outside. The only system withthis feature is the universe, because everything happens inside it,because it has no exterior. 8
  8. 8. The Divine SystemThe greatest evidence that the universe has no exterior, can befound in the famous words of Lavoisier: “In nature nothing iscreated, nothing is lost, everything is transformed!” There isonly one reason, for all things in nature staying constantly undertransforming: “Lack of outside". In other words, nature isobligated to eat itself in order to function, because it has nooutside in order to capture inputs and return outputs.The requirement of transformation is also evidence that theuniverse is the biggest existing event. Based on this, we can saythat the universe is made up solely of time, because every eventis a temporal movement that is caused by actions and reactionsof forces. In other words, the only existing force able to createall temporal movements that support universe is the Time.In short, the mandatory transforming of all things is evidencethat the universe is a fully closed temporal system. The nexttopic will show another way to see this system. 9
  9. 9. Jairo Alves5 The Divine SystemThe purpose of this topic is to show why the universe can beregarded as a divine system. For this, first wemust conceptualize God.The concept of God can vary from person to person, but toachieve the purpose of this essay, God will be conceptualized asan entity whose power allows him to create everything in theuniverse. As already mentioned, the only entity that holds thispower is a system called universe, i.e., God and the universehave the same body.The coincidence between the bodies of God and universe can beattested by two features of universe that are also presumed toGod. First: God cannot have outside, because in this case hisexistence would be due to another God. Second: God mustforever evolve (transform himself), otherwise he would die andwould not be God. In other words, its necessary to be a closedsystem that evolves forever like does the universe, to be a god. 10
  10. 10. The Divine SystemTo be possible assign to the universe a divine body is stillnecessary to impose two logical constraints to God. First: Everydivine magic should be accomplished through work, as only thework is able to transform the universe. There is no problem, ifwe consider that nature is divine, because it transformseverything through the work. Second: God does should not treatdifferently any entity created by him, because the universeprotect absolutely nothing, i.e., everything in universe istransformable. The same reasoning applies here, that is, if weconsider that nature is divine, we are also obligated to admit thatGod save nothing of transformations. In other words, theserestrictions are quite reasonable if we admit the possibility thatGod is also logical.In short, the universe is a system that can be called divine orGod is a system called universe. The next topic will show somereasonings that are essential for to join this view of the universeto the collective perception. 11
  11. 11. Jairo Alves6 Concluding RemarksIf we see the universe as a divine system, this will not changesany empirical knowledge or the basic qualities that a God shouldhave, just shows that God is logical and has to work, too.Examples: First: All of us continue to be children of God, evenif he is seen as a system. Second: God is both father and his ownson, because all existing entities live inside him. This is trueeven if we see God as a system. Third: All of we were created inGods image, because a part of God is still God and a subsystemis also a system.In short, the great merit of this essay is to show all of we arechildren of God even if he is viewed in a logical and notsupernatural way.A better way to prove the viability of this holistic view of theuniverse is to know step by step how the nature works and toassembly reality from micro to macrocosm. "The Big BrainTheory" is the first and only essay that contains this informationand many other logical assumptions to the big questions thatplague the human being. Jairo Alves spent more than 35 12
  12. 12. The Divine Systemapplying his expertise in data processing and telecommunicationsystems in order to understand the engineering of nature and togather all this information. To learn more about this theory,visit: “Only the Truth Frees” Jairo Alves 13