Matter and spirit free eBook


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El propósito de este eBook es desmitificar la relación entre la materia y el espíritu.

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Matter and spirit free eBook

  1. 1. Jairo AlvesSumário1 Introduction……………………………..32 The Matter………………………………43 The Materialization.…………………….64 The Prematter.…………………………..75 The Spirit..………………………………96 Concluding Remarks..…………………11 2
  2. 2. Matter and Spirit – Logic View1 IntroductionThe apperception of our ability to sense and control our ownbody and the transience of life, conveys us subliminally toperceive that we are more than matter.The study of spirit should fit to the sciences. However, none ofthem can apply the scientific method to distinguish the mythsfrom reality, because there are no hypotheses to be tested onlyspeculations that do not adhere to natural laws.The lack of a science to provide a holistic view of reality makespossible the emergence of many speculations about the actuallyrelationship that exists between the spirit and matter.In the trivial concept, matter is anything that occupies space andspirit or soul is described by many people as an immortal entitythat does not belong to this world, whose powers allow it toanimate the humans.The acceptance of that spirit and matter inhabit different worldsand fear of death, it is a strong obstacle to the realization of thelogic of nature, because both of them give a supernaturalconnotation to spirit. 3
  3. 3. Jairo AlvesThis eBook is intended to show from the next topic, thatchanging a few details of our usual view of spirit and matter, itis enough to enable a logical and holistic view of reality.2 The MatterThe purpose of this first topic is to show why matter and spiritcan be seen as intrinsic, i.e., show why the spirit cannot beseparated from matter. For this, firstly, it is essential to rephrasethe concept of matter.The matter is the smallest existing material form, that is, thematter is the smallest existing tangible entity. All other entitiesare material forms that derive from this first entity. Valuable tonote, this concept is complementary to the usual, which thematter is all that takes place in space.The smallest material entity is usually called of Higgs Boson orGod particle. The researchers are building up huge equipment 4
  4. 4. Matter and Spirit – Logic Viewand investing immense fortunes in order to discover it.The latest equipment is a particle accelerator of nearly 30 kmin length that belongs to CERN and is located underground inEurope. In other words, the pursuit of this particle is evidencethat science acknowledges the existence of a basic materialform.In short, if we see the matter as the smallest physical formattedentity that exists, not invalidate any knowledge, only adds aform to the usual concept of matter in order to provide thetangibility that is necessary to any entity to take its place inspace. The importance of this change will become clearer as weadvance in new information. The next topic will present a factthat is of paramount importance to understand the relationship ofmaterial forms with spirit. 5
  5. 5. Jairo Alves3 The MaterializationThe purpose of this topic is to show an extremely important factto understand why matter and spirit are intrinsic, that is,the inseparability of matter and spirit."Materialization" as the word itself suggests, is the eventname by which the matter is supposedly produced. The premisefor reaching at this conclusion is contained in the followingphrase of Lavoisier: "In nature nothing is created, nothing islost, everything is transformed!” This transformation is evidencethat all material entities are events. In other words, everythingthat is ephemeral is an event. Therefore, all material entities ofthe universe are events, including the Higgs Boson or GodParticle, i.e., materialization is the primary transforming event inreality, because only it is able to originate all matter in theuniverse.Based on the premise that every material entity is descending ofanother material entity, we can also say that every event is theson of another event, as this is a basic rule of nature. However,this cannot be true for materialization of the Higgs boson or God 6
  6. 6. Matter and Spirit – Logic ViewParticle, otherwise this chain of events would be endless and itwould not exist. In other words, the inputs to construct thematter should not be events y neither to be formatted. It isunderstood by inputs, all resources that are used in theproduction of any one fact.In short, the facts show by themselves that reality is composedof events and the smallest of them is embodied through differentinputs. The next topic will show how nature can generate thematter, that is, as the Higgs Boson or God Particle can bematerialized without a pre-existing event to do this.4 The PrematterThis topic will show why the prematter is the only entity thathas the properties necessary to generate the matter, that is, howthe prematter can supports the Higgs Boson or God Particle.The prematter gets its name because its existence theoreticallyprecedes the matter. Therefore, the prematter is the essence of 7
  7. 7. Jairo Alvesthe universe. This means that all other entity is materializedfrom the same.The prematter can only be materialized, because it is able todesign and support bodies. The prematter can only bematerialized, because it is theoretically able to design andsupport bodies.The prematter existence is based on the following logicweighting: If there was not a huge and animated entity that isable to turn itself into absolutely everything, the universe wouldbe the result of the accidental combination of all materialentities that comprises it from micro to the macrocosm. Ofcourse, accept this second possibility is to reject the statisticalscience, since the probability of occurrence of an event of thismagnitude is zero. There is another problem, when the intentionis left outside of scientific studies. It is normal, proliferatingspeculation about the possibility of existence of otherdimensions. However, this is impossible because theuniverse has no exterior. In other words, everything in theuniverse must be transformed, because there is no another placeto capture inputs from. 8
  8. 8. Matter and Spirit – Logic ViewThe prematter is a force, because this is the only entity that cansupport all existential possibilities of the material entities. Thisconclusion is based on the premise that only force can generateall actions and reactions in any event.In short, the prematter is a force, because there is no other entitythat is capable of performing all the events related to thematerial entities. The next topic will show what compound isindispensable, for a force be able to support all existentialpossibilities of the material entities5 The SpiritThe purpose of this topic is to show that spirit is in all materialentities and that both are intrinsic. The Spirit is the only entitythat combines the powers necessary to materialize the reality,because only it is alive and intelligent. The spirit is not restrictedto humans, because it animates all natural entities. Ofcourse, the animation possibilities vary according to each naturalentity. In other words, the spirit can even be seen as an immortal 9
  9. 9. Jairo Alvesentity, but its presence is not limited to humans, because withoutit, even the most rudimentary of natural entities could notgenerate the events that support it.The spirit and the force responsible for generating all the eventsof reality are intrinsic, since this is the only possibility, for anentity is able to turn itself in matter and all its derivatives. Inother words, the only way to generate all the events that supportthe reality is through an existing force that has will intrinsic.In short, the spirit cannot be an immaterial entity that inhabitsanother dimension, because the universe has no outside, and anyforce could not become itself in a material entity without anintrinsic will. This view of reality demystifies the spirit, butdoes not make it deadly or unfit it to be anything. The next topicwill present other information also corroborate with this view ofthe spirit. 10
  10. 10. Matter and Spirit – Logic View6 Concluding RemarksAll material entities are evidence that force and spirit areintrinsic, because all logical construction is product of work of anintelligent force.The lack of natural entities that are inanimate or vice versa, it isalso evidence that there is an intelligent force that is able toconvert itself in all natural entities of the universe.The acceptation of spirit and force as a single entity does notchange any empirical knowledge, only allows the universe isconstructed by the work of a single being. This configuration canalso solve two very serious logical problems, because iteliminates the necessity of other dimensions to keep the spiritsand stocks of them to supply the new beings creation.In short, the divulging that spirit and matter are extrinsic is adisservice to understanding the engineering of nature, becauseonly contributes to the mystification of facts.The best way to demonstrate the feasibility of this new view ofspirit is to know step by step, how nature works and the way in 11
  11. 11. Jairo Alveswhich the universe can be build from microcosm to macrocosm."The Big Brain Theory" is the first and only essay that providesthis and more, without disregarding the logic or empiricalknowledge. Its development took more than 35 years of studies.The success of this endeavor is due to the authors knowledge inthe areas of data processing and telecommunications systems,because both of them facilitated too much the understanding ofthe engineering of nature. To learn more about the "The BigBrain Theory" visit: “Only the truth frees” Jairo Alves 12