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The Essential Social Media Checklist for Nonprofits

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Slides from Convio Summit 2010 session with Jordan Viator. Session description: Tips, Tricks and Considerations When Embarking on Social …

Slides from Convio Summit 2010 session with Jordan Viator. Session description: Tips, Tricks and Considerations When Embarking on Social
Media Campaigning: Organizations are starting to equip themselves with material on strategy and tactics for social media programs, but there are countless bits of insight to be shared from practitioners who already have comprehension on running campaigns first hand.

This session will cover a list of top “insider insights”
for social media campaigning, including defining ROI metrics before starting, tapping into influencers,
integrating social media into other communications
efforts, starting an advocate program, how to take
negative criticism and much, much more!

More in: Technology , Business
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  • Allow to: Build and maintain relationships Post short messages Post videos Focus on specific topics Share whereabouts Share sites, content of interest
  • there is no substitute for real world experience. explaining benefits and problems they can solve for your organization. Use tools like Google Alerts, Social Mention


  • 1. The Essential Social Media Checklist
    • Presented by:
    • Jordan Viator | @jordanv
    • Jaime-Alexis Fowler | @JaimeAlexis
  • 2. Tips, Tricks and Considerations When Embarking on Social Media Campaigning: The Essential Social Media Checklist for Nonprofits
  • 3. A Key Communications Ingredient
  • 4. Before You Get Started
    • Start using the tools yourself
    • Teach stakeholders how to use the tools
    • Listen to what your constituents are talking about
    • Sign up for alerts of your brand
    • Follow thought leaders
  • 5. Caveats for the Social Masses
    • Social media isn’t a magic bullet
    • Social Media doesn’t exist in a vacuum
    • Results can vary for various reasons
    • What’s right for you might not be right for other organizations
    • Be realistic : )
  • 6. 10 things if you haven’t thought of, you should consider now! “ The Checklist”
  • 7. 1. Define Success
    • Q: How do you know what’s successful if you don’t know what success looks like?
    • A: You don’t
    • Solution: Take objectives and create goals
  • 8. Be SMART
    • Specific
    • Measurable
    • Attainable
    • Realistic
    • Timely
    “ Raise $1000 on Facebook by December, 2011” “ Reach 750 followers on Twitter by this June 2011”
  • 9. 2. Creating Content You Colleagues News Programs Social Media Research Friends
  • 10. 3. Prioritize Content
    • Focus on your goal
    • Analyze metrics
    • Survey constituents
    • Develop content & repurpose others
  • 11. 4. Get Internal Buy-In
    • Get in front of your management teams
    • Show , don’t tell
    • Help them start their own accounts
  • 12. Buy-In Beyond Mgmt
    • Get a range of staff involved
    • Launch a social media policy
    • Show successes
    • Provide training
  • 13. 5. Integrate
  • 14.  
  • 15.  
  • 16. 6. Tap into Influencers
    • Who talks about your issue?
    • Engage with in their most active medium
    • Be reciprocal
  • 17. 7. Know Metrics before Campaign Facebook Twitter Blog General Facebook “likes” (previously fans) Number organization mentions Blog comments & responses Media Coverage from social media Funds raised on Facebook Causes/ social presence Twitter retweets Linkbacks to blog Social Shares from respective outlets # of tags on Facebook Number of Twitter followers over time Influencer pick-up of blog posts, topics Number of new supporters in housefile from social Number of Facebook event RSVPs Mentions of brand/ organization Referring traffic to blog from social media Referring traffic to campaign landing page(s) Number of Facebook “likes” of organization post(s) Influencer pick-up of tweets Linkbacks to event/campaign page from blog Number of click-throughs to campaign from each source Shares of event on Facebook Twitter lists organization “listed” Donations sourced from blog traffic Number of user-generated submissions Number of sign-ups on or sourced through Facebook Twitter-sourced donations Media pick-up of content from blog Number of video calls to action taken (URL visits, regs) Number of influencers who share message with network Number of key influencers who share message on behalf
  • 19. 8. “Calendarizing” Content
    • Central “social” calendar to plan content like:
      • Events
      • Email messages
      • Campaigns
      • Newsworthy updates
      • Calls to action
      • Volunteer opportunities
      • Feedback opportunities to supporters
    Sync with overall communications plan!
  • 20.  
  • 21. 9. Dealing with Negativity
    • Create a response policy
    • Know what issues to sidestep
    • Be wary of difficult conversations
    • Pay attention to:
      • Tone
      • Influence
  • 22.
    • Do
    • Identify your detractors and influencers quickly.
    • Pay attention to two things: tone and influence
    • Thank and / or re-tweet often
    • Answer all questions
    • Take the opportunity to clear up misinformation
    • BREATHE. Get up and take a walk before you respond.
    • Do NOT
    • Take it personally
    • Be afraid to show some personality.
    • Be afraid to use blocking features – common practice
    • Be afraid to respond to people who aren’t following you but you’re monitoring.
    • Respond to vulgar, inappropriate, instigative content
    • DNFFT
  • 23. 10. Using the Right Tools
    • The right tools will:
    • Make your job easier
    • Make tracking, managing more efficient
    • Help streamline tracking
    • Enable workflow and permissioning if applicable
  • 24. Tool Tracking for Use Hootsuite , Tweetdeck , Spredfast Twitter, Facebook, blogs Managing all social media Social Mention All social media Real-time search and alerts Addictomatic All social media Automatically personalized dashboard of all social activity Facebook Insights Facebook Fans, Demographics, Interactions TwitterCounter Twitter Followers, Following, Tweets, etc. over time Technorati Blogs Linkbacks, blog rank Bit.ly Links in social media Clicks, conversions Twitalyzer Twitter Finding Influencers, Retweeters, Community info Klout Twitter Influencing, influencers, type of user Twitter Analyzer Twitter Charts of mentions, friend trends, subjects, hashtags used What the Hashtag?! Twitter Number of Tweets
  • 25. Parting Words of Advice
    • Never stop learning
    • Pay attention to what your peers are doing
    • Read , read, read
    • Don’t be afraid to experiment
    • Be ready for mistakes
    • No one has all the answers yet…you might just find the perfect recipe yourself!
  • 26. Thank you!
    • Jordan Viator
    • @jordanv
    • @convio
    • [email_address]
    Jaime-Alexis Fowler @JamieAlexis @PathfinderInt jfowler@pathfind.org