Final Proposal Presetation


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Final Year Project of Industrial design program, King's Monkut University of Technology Thonburi

Topic name : Tool for share information media via internet

Published in: Design, News & Politics, Business
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Final Proposal Presetation

  1. 1. Tool  for  share  informaGon  media via  internet  Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  2. 2. Overview  This   is   a   GlobalizaGon   period,   the   businesses   have   high   compeGGon   also   the   high   technology   has   high   development,  communicaGon   and   telecommunicaGon   have   more   important.   Therefor   there   have   found   new   way   of   communicaGon   as  internet   and   other   mobile   device   thats   easy   to   access   many   informaGon   in   anyGme   and   anyway,   observed   from   News  reports  by  anyone  that  have  mobile  phone  as  a  picture  or  video  clip  in  very  dangerous  places  as  the  riot  at  central  world  plaza,  its  very  quick  and  easy.  Also  more  programming  show  via  internet  become  talk  of  the  town  with  the  individual  idea  and  content.  Podcast  will  become  new  age  of  communicaGon.   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  3. 3. hQp://­‐social-­‐universe-­‐4931755?from=embed  Chance  Social  network  and  internet  community  become  stronger,   also   the   mobile   device,   this   illustrate  will   show   how   many   people   used   mobile   web  by  mobile  device.     Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  4. 4. Brief  story   10  years  ago   5  years  ago   Now   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  5. 5. OB  car  unit   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  6. 6. Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  7. 7. Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  8. 8. Send-­‐Receive  Device   Café/coffee  shop   Home/Resident   University/Cafe   Coffee  shop/  Along  traveling   Along  traveling   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  9. 9. Receive  Device  Internet  TV;  TV  that  can  access  the  internet   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  10. 10. Scope  user   MoJo   refers   to   Mobile   Journalists   that   is,   staff   or   freelance   reporters   who   write   their   stories   from   their   communiGes   thanks   to   technical   tools   such   as   digital   cameras   and   camcorders,   laptop   PCs   with   broadband   wireless  connecGon  or  Smartphone.   Mojo  journalism  was  found  at  the  Conference  of  the  Online  News  AssociaGon  in  Washington,  DC,  in  October,  2006   Backpack  Journalism  is  a  form  of  Broadcast  Journalism  that  requires  the  journalist  to  be  reporter,  cameraman,   editor   and   producer   of   stories,   ohenGmes   in   remote   locaGons   that   are   inaccessible   to   regular   field   reporters   and   their   camera   crews.   These   journalists   are   ohenGmes   referred   to   as   Video   Journalists,   MulGmedia   Journalists,   and   even  Journalists  of  the  future.  PracGGoners  have  ohen  referred  to  the  form  as  "a  character-­‐driven  methodology   with  a  specific  approach  and  applicaGon  that  yields  unique  results  and  that  does  not  work  in  all  situaGons.   hQp://   Freelance   reporters   who   write   their   stories   from   their   communiGes   that   requires   the   journalist   to   be   reporter,   cameraman,  editor  and  producer  of  stories  have  ohen  referred  to  the  form  as  a  character-­‐driven  methodology   with  a  specific  approach  and  applicaGon  that  yields  unique  results  and  that  does  not  work  in  all  situaGons.     Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  11. 11. Mobile  Journalist  Things   hQp://   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  12. 12. Working   Paddle  to  SeaQle  Man  Vs  Wild   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  13. 13. SituaCon  in  Thailand     From  a  few  past  years,  many  fuss  situaGon natural  disaster, poliGc  phenomenal  and  etc.   Many  people  update  their  media  in  their  sGuaGon   Suddenly  Mobile  Journalists  have  working  on  it     Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  14. 14. Flood   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  15. 15. Traffic  jam   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  16. 16. Bomb  in  the  southern   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  17. 17. Car  cash   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  18. 18. Crime   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  19. 19. Mob  riot   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  20. 20. Fire   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  21. 21. Extremely  Professional  set  
  22. 22. ExiCng  PosiConing   Slide   “SHARE”   Interface  Product   Video   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  23. 23. Community   Text,  Sentence, Phrase   Own  channel  and  any  content   CreaGve  people  working   Story  wriGng,  Review,   Steaming  your  video  from  your  mobile  device   Audio,  talk,  story  teller  and  music   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  24. 24. Opportunity   This  kind  of  business  is  growing  up  very  fast   Charity  network   Crime  watching   Educate  people  to  discover  news.   Everybody  not  to  be  expert  in  job,  can  make  profit   ExploraGon  your  experience   Share  your  simple  to  expert  experience  or  training  Threat   Easy  to  copy   Addict  fashion     Data  can  be  interfere;  Hacking   Epic  Contents  difficulty  to  control   Easy  to  conflict  between  groups   Turn  people  to  be  dangerous  situaGon   Used  lot  of  Resources  disk  spaces  sever Lost  opportunity  of  professional  journalist   ถูกบิดเบียนได้ง่าย   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  25. 25. Assume  project   Probability  is  that  I  want  to  design   Tool  for  publish  and  share  informaGon  media  via  internet   Physical  acGon   Service  system   Interface  acGon   Specific  tool   Community  service   ApplicaGon  sohware   or   Add  on  device   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  26. 26. What  to  be  know  ?  How  Broadcast  processing  in  studio/  outdoor  and  tape  steaming  ?  Who  have  any  job  or  experience  in  Broadcast  ?  What  device  used  in  Broadcast/Podcast  ?  How  they  find  the  content  ?  How  is  Podcast  processed  ?  How  is  it  different  between  Radio  staGon  and  TV  staGon  ?  How  access  of  informaGon  news  by  mobile  device  ?  What  do  you  think  about  media  (TV,  Radio,  internet)  ?  Which  situaGon  you  need  to  share  your  informaGon  media  ?   Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604  
  27. 27. Research  Plan   *SGll  in  development   30.06 Proprosal present 15.07 interview 13.07 interview 10.07 interview 25-29.06 06.07 Analysis data & interview Prepare presentation 04.07 interview 02.07 interview p’ no JUNE JULY AUGUST SEPTEMBER Explore idea Field research Analysis data Document proof Find concept Data collection prepare presentation 05.07 meet adivsor 08.07 Class 16-21.07 studio working observe 22.07 Class 03.06 01.07 26.08 30.09Proprosl submit#1 Proprosal submit#2 Reseach presentation Chapter 1-2 Design direction subbmit Final  Year  Project  King’s  Mongkut  University  of  Technology  Thonburi  Industrial  design  program  copyright  2011  by    Kidsanapol  Ubonrat  48200604