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Published in: News & Politics

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  • 1. MLA Welfare Challenge Jagrup Brar, MLA January 1-31, 2012
  • 2. Press conference to announce the MLA Welfare Challenge
  • 3. Jonquil Halgate, Jean Swanson and Constance Barnes at the press conference to announce the MLA Welfare Challenge
  • 4. Talking to reporters at the MLAWelfare Challenge announcement
  • 5. January 1, 2012 my family walks me to the skytrain station to begin the challenge
  • 6. Press conference to begin the challenge
  • 7. Surrey Urban Mission where I spent my first night
  • 8. Homeless and sleeping in a shelter my first night
  • 9. Working cleaning the Mission before my breakfast
  • 10. Discussing my budget with reporters
  • 11. Tracking where my money went
  • 12. Looking for homes in Surrey
  • 13. Rooms sometimes are only as big as the bed
  • 14. My home for the first 15 days
  • 15. The results of my first shopping trip
  • 16. Free bread from the Surrey UrbanMission for those living in poverty
  • 17. Meeting seniors who help support the Surrey Urban Mission
  • 18. Discussing the impact of increased costs on fixed income seniors
  • 19. Child poverty is the highest in the country
  • 20. Teen mothers struggle to make ends meet and go to school
  • 21. Farm workers make less than minimum wage
  • 22. Immigrants often struggle to find jobs in their fields
  • 23. The Food Bank is no longer an emergency need
  • 24. The Food Bank has become a regular source of food for many
  • 25. The Food Banks serve over 90,000 people in BC
  • 26. Moving to Vancouver
  • 27. Many are interested in where I will live in Vancouver during the challenge
  • 28. My new home for the month
  • 29. Welcome to my room
  • 30. The fridge doesn’t work
  • 31. My bed against the wall
  • 32. My new refrigerator
  • 33. Thoughts from my children
  • 34. No TV or internet wondering how I will keep up with the outside world
  • 35. The bathroom
  • 36. Writing my journals
  • 37. Learning my way around the downtown eastside
  • 38. Carnegie Townhall meeting on the downtown eastside
  • 39. Sharing my thoughts on the policy discussion
  • 40. Chatting with Seth Klein aboutshocking numbers from the CCPA
  • 41. Food lineups can consume your day
  • 42. Washing up from breakfast
  • 43. Binning is a way many on the downtown eastside survive
  • 44. Preparing to return to my life in Surrey, walking to the final news conference with my buddy
  • 45. Questions?