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    Payroll tables-1214838920274746-8 Payroll tables-1214838920274746-8 Presentation Transcript

    • Oracle HRMS Payroll Concepts (c) AboutOracleApps.com 1
    • Table of Contents  Payroll Terms  Important Tables  Tables Relationship and Description  Useful Queries  Other Related Tables 2
    • Payroll Terms  Element  Input Value Input Value is like a placeholder for holding the actual value of the Element. An element can have more than one input value.  Element Link  Element Entry When an element is assigned to employees assignment it is called as Element Entry 3
    • Payroll Terms (contd.)  Element Entry Value The actual value of the element entry  Payroll Action Any payroll related action performed on employee’s assignment is referred to as Payroll Action. It can be a Payroll Run, Quick-Pay, Pre-payments or Payments  Assignment Action This is a record of actions performed by the Payroll process on each and every assignment.  Run Result This is the actual calculated result of the payroll process for each and every element entry  Run Result Value This is the actual calculated value of each and every input value of an element. 4
    • Important Tables  Per_all_people_f  Per_all_assignments_f  Pay_element_types_f  Pay_input_values_f  Pay_element_links_f  Pay_element_entries_f  Pay_element_entry_values_f  Pay_payroll_actions  Pay_assignment_actions  Pay_run_results  Pay_run_result_values 5
    • Table Flow Diagram Element and Element Elements Attached to Employees Link Definition Payroll Processing Per_all_people_f Pay_payroll_actions Pay_input_values_f Person_id Payroll_action_id Element_type_id Assignment_id Per_all_assignments_f Pay_assignment_actions Pay_element_types_f Assignment_id Assignment_action_id Element_type_id Element_link_id Source_id Pay_element_links_f Pay_element_entries_f Pay_run_results Element_entry_id Run_result_id Pay_element_entry_values_f Pay_run_result_values 6
    • Per_all_people_f This table holds personal information for employees, applicants, ex- employees, ex-applicants, contacts and other people.   7
    • Per_all_assignments_f This table holds information about employee assignments like his Job, Manager, Department, Payroll and his expense account. 8
    • Pay_element_types_f This table holds the definitions of elements. Elements are the units used to build all the earnings, deductions and benefits that can be given to employees. 9
    • Pay_input_values_f This table holds the definitions of the input values associated with a specific element. Input Value is like a placeholder for storing the actual values of the element NAME Input value name UOM Hours, Money, Date etc USER_ENTERABLE If Users can enter values here directly 10
    • Pay_element_links_f This table that holds the eligibility rules that link elements to employees. An assignment must match the eligibility criteria defined for the element link before it can have an entry of that element. ELEMENT_LINK_ID System-generated PAYROLL_ID Payroll attached to this element COST_ALLOCATION_KEYFLEX_ID To which account this element will be costed against ELEMENT_TYPE_ID Links to PAY_ELEMENT_TYPES_F BALANCING_KEYFLEX_ID To which account this element will be costed against COSTABLE_TYPE If the Element can be costed or not TRANSFER_TO_GL_FLAG If the element values can be transfer to GL EFFECTIVE_START_DATE Effective start date EFFECTIVE_END_DATE Effective end date 11
    • Pay_element_entries_f This table holds the list of all elements that are actually assigned to an employees assignment. Each element is identified by element_link_id 12
    • Pay_element_entry_values_f This table holds the actual values of the element entries. 13
    • Pay_payroll_actions This table holds general details about the execution of payroll processes, including their type and all the parameters passed to them. 14
    • Pay_assignment_actions When you run a payroll the payroll process creates a row(Assignment action) in this table for each assignment which has been processed by the payroll process. If at all there is a row in this table for an assignment that means that some payroll processing has taken place for that assignment and we can know the status of that payroll action by looking at the ACTION_STATUS which indicates whether it processed successfully, unsuccessfully, or not at all. 15
    • Pay_run_results This table holds the run results from processing each element entry. There is always a single run result for each entry. 16
    • Pay_run_result_values This table holds the actual run result values that are calculated from processing a single element entry. 17
    • Query to get Element Entry information 18
    • Query to get Run Results information 19
    • Other related tables  Pay_payrolls_f -  Per_time_periods -  Per_time_period_types -  Pay_element_classifications -  Pay_consolidation_sets –  Pay_cost_allocation_keyflex -  Pay_personal_payment_methods_f -  Pay_payment_types - 20