Book review on Dhirubhai Ambani by jagdish saboo
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Book review on Dhirubhai Ambani by jagdish saboo



The book describes the biography of great industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani. The book tells how one can achieve milestone without financial support but by own intellectual power. Dhirubhai said "Think ...

The book describes the biography of great industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani. The book tells how one can achieve milestone without financial support but by own intellectual power. Dhirubhai said "Think Big,Think high & Think before Others,the whole world will be in your arm."



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Book review on Dhirubhai Ambani by jagdish saboo Book review on Dhirubhai Ambani by jagdish saboo Presentation Transcript

  • 1Name of Book : Corporate GuruDhirubhai AmbaniAuthor : ChetanPrakash SharmaPublisher : Manoj PublicationsPrice : ` 100Review Written :Jagdish Sabooby
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  • This book depicts the biography of greatindustrialist Dhirubhai Ambani.His life does not need words for description.The industries set up by him are livingmonuments of his achievements.He belived –‘No one has monopoly overthoughts. So, think big, think fast and thinkbefore others.3
  • Dhirajlal Ambani was born on December28,1932 in Chorwar, Saurashtra, Gujrat.His father was Teacher by profession.It was his father from whom he learnt ‘Karma’Philosophy.At matric level his learning ended andProfessional life began.4
  • His elder brother Ramniklal called him toAdento put him to some gainful work.He started at the job of clerk in A.Bessy & Co.He made progress & at age of only 24 wonpost of General Manager.Everyone looked incredulous when in1959, he tendered his resignation from highpost of that company & back to Mumbai.5
  •  Back in Mumbai, with his small capital he floatedReliance Commercial Corporation After intial successes in Mumbai Dhirubhai gainedconfidence & turned towards home state Gujrat. He set up a mill at ‘Naroda’ with a small capital of15000 only. He bought the raw material from Nirlon Chemicals &Synthetic Fibres.But in 15 years he reversed entireprocess. Now he was supplying raw material to samecompany earlier he used to take from.6
  •  In 1968 Vimal textiles brand had beenlaunched in market. The success of Vimal brand gave Dhirubhaiconfidence that through issues he would beable to raise capital for new projects. In 1977 Dhirubhai came out with his Firstpublic issue for subscription. It was oversubscribed seven times. In 1977 Reliance paid intial investors a 43%annual profit even when the profit level ofshare market was not safe also.7
  •  He did not want his main product to be dependanton others for supply of input materials. Dhirubhai realised this fact & did not continue withsame mistake and Thus, he was able to keep endproducts available at competitive rates in market andoutsold others. Dhirubhai thought-”It is not enough just to set lastdate of a project.The explanation should be itsaccomplishment before that date”.8
  • Everyday for two hours the three used todiscuss industry related matters in mornings.This discussion determined their day’sprogrammes and strategies.Dhirubhai hsd trained his sons to be ready toface any eventuality or challenge. They alwayskept several options if thing went wronganytime, anyway or anywhere in businessempire.9
  •  Dhirubhai’s talent hunt funda was quite ramous. First Dhirubhai would contact target talent & wastold he was required by Reliance team for benefitof company. The offer would be politely turned down bytalent. Then, Dhirubhai would request forpersonal talk & send him an air ticket. It made favourable impact & target felthonoured.10
  •  When Dhirubhai was carving niche for himself inbusiness world there used to be strangerelationship between industrialist & politics. Around 1980 Dhirubhai had given materialsupport in raising stage for victory rally of IndiraGandhi. The series Arun Shaurie made sarcastic remarkswhen Reliance group acquired 26% share ofIndian Petrochemicals Corporation Limited.(IPCL)11
  •  Often to enthuse & encourage his officials &workers he articulated his success formulae inthe form of slogans. Just as the drops of rain create an expansive bodyof water,similarly small savings of crores ofmiddle class indians can make a huge capital forinvestment. What is good for India is good for Reliance andWhat is good for Reliance is good for India.12
  • Thought is power, an energy. The thinking mustbe big,thinking be fast and ahead of others.No one has monopoly over thinkingThinking is that foundation on which person canbuild the palace of his success.13
  •  The giganatic Jamnagar refinery was seen to bebelieved. The refinery was set up with a capital of ` 25000crores which was mind boggling by IndianStandards at that time. In 1986 dhirubhai had suffered heart attack still5% of country’s total revenue collections comefrom Reliance indusrial group beside contributingimpressive share in GDP.14
  • Founded : 1966First I.P.O. : November 1977Annual Turnover : ` 99,000 cr.Gross Profits : ` 12,000 cr.Net profit : ` 6200 cr.Net Worth : `35,000 cr.Export Income : ` 15,000 cr.15
  • Dhirubhai Ambani figured in power-50,Asia’smost powerful 50 persons featured by ‘Asiaweek’ in 2000. Dhirubhai was honoured 3 times(1999,2000,2001) as India’s most admiredC.E.O. In 2002 he was awarded the honour of‘Lifetime Achievement’.16
  •  Life is short still shorter is the life of the industriouspeople because they use up every second of theirtime. On June 24,2002 Dhirubhai suffered heart andbrain strokes. He went into ‘Coma’.For 13 days he struggled forlife. On July 6,2002 at 11.30 p.m.Dhirubhai departedfor his hevenly abode.It was sad news for people &the nation.17
  • Taking DhirubhaiAmbani’s life as an exampleand by adopting his values we too can makeour lives successful and pave the way ofprogress.Corporate world of India will always remainindebted to this village of product of Gujaratfor adding a new dimensions to it and gainingit global recognition.I think if we get one hundred Dhirubhais inIndia our economy shall rule the world.India of his dreams can only be realized byfollowing the path charted out by him. Thatwill be our true tribute to him.18
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