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Intel Roadmap 2010


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Intel Roadmap 2010

Intel Roadmap 2010

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  • 1. Intel 2010 Roadmap
  • 2. Agenda • Intel 2010 Roadmap • Global Strategy • Client Roadmap • Netbook/Entry Level Desktop PC Roadmap
  • 3. Intel 2010 Roadmap
  • 5. Our Global Strategy Use our unmatched manufacturing, technology, employee talents and brand strength to: Accelerate the PC globally  Enable an incremental 1 billion people onto Internet by 2012  Expand PC TAM and footprint (e.g. netbooks, visualization, SoC capabilities)  Establish Intel Architecture as the building block for the Internet cloud and datacenter Extend Intel Architecture into 3 adjacent market segments  Deliver high volume MIDs and Smartphones by 2012  Accelerate the embedded transformation with IA  Win high volume CE devices in the living room Build new businesses by tackling big problems  Digital divide: WiMAX to be available to 1.2 billion people by 2012  Education: 13M teachers trained, 500M devices in students’ hands  Energy and Environment: Use our architectures and transistor technology to make a difference  Services: Grow new revenues built on unique Intel platform features  Health: Connect people and information to reduce costs and increase quality of health care
  • 6. Tick-Tock Development Model: Sustained Microprocessor Leadership Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock 65nm 45nm 32nm 22nm Intel® Core™ Nehalem Sandy Bridge Microarchitecture Microarchitecture Microarchitecture
  • 7. Client Roadmap 2009 2010+ X58 Platform 2010 HEDT Platform Intel® Core i7 Extreme Processor (4C/8T) 32nm Gulftown Processor (6C/12T) Desktop Extreme / Intel® Core i7 Processor (4C/8T) High-End Desktop Intel® X58 Express Chipset Intel® X58 Express Chipset Piketon / Kings Creek Platforms McCreary Lynnfield (4C/8T) Platform 32nm Clarkdale (2C/4T) Future Intel® Desktop micro- 45nm Intel® Performance / Intel 5 series Chipset Mainstream Processor architecture codename Calpella Platform Sandy Bridge Santa Rosa Clarksfield (4C/8T) & Montevina Mobile 32nm Arrandale (2C/4T) 45nm Intel® Extreme / Intel 5 series-M Chipset Processor Performance / Mainstream 32nm Westmere extends Nehalem through the mainstream All dates, product descriptions, availability, and plans are forecasts and subject to change without notice.
  • 8. Enabling Nehalem For Every Segment 2008 2009+ 4 Cores / 2 Cores / 4 Threads with 8 Threads Integrated Graphics High End Desktop Mainstream Desktop Revolutionary Microarchitecture Thin & Light Notebook Platform Re-partition 32nm Process Technology 45 nm High-K 32nm High-K All dates, product descriptions, availability, and plans are forecasts and subject to change without notice.
  • 9. Get the Best of Both Worlds with the new Intel® Core™ i7 processor Higher is Better Highly Threaded Apps Lightly Threaded Apps Normalized to Intel® Core™ i7-860 processor Balanced performance with Dynamic Architecture (8M Cache, 2.80 GHz) Videos Games Multitasking Productivity Music Accelerate Everything! *Other names and brands may be claimed as the property of others. System Configurations and Disclaimers: End of Presentation
  • 10. Mainstream Client Platform Repartitioning Penryn based Westmere based 3-Chip Solution 2-Chip Solution Processor Processor PCIe DDR 3 Graphics iGFX IMC FSB Intel® Flexible PCIe Intel® 4 Series Chipset Display DMI Graphics Interface iGFX MC DDR 2/3 Intel® 5 Series Chipset Display Display Display ME Display DMI Clock Buffer ME ICH I/O Clocks I/O Repartitioning of the Client Platform Greater Performance and Lower Power via Higher Integration
  • 11. First 32nm Westmere Products Key Features 32nm Westmere Processor Intel® Turbo Boost Technology Core Intel® Hyper-Threading Technology Intel® Graphics Media 45nm Accelerator Integrated Graphics & Integrated Memory Controller Integrated Memory Controller with 2 Channel DDR3 Not all features are available on All dates, product descriptions, availability, and plans are every processor line item forecasts and subject to change without notice.
  • 12. SPEC* CPU2006 (Est.) (Est.) Intel® Clarkdale Processors: Major Performance Advances for all PCs Source: Intel. Intel® Clarkdale Processor, 3.33GHz/4MB Intel Ibex Peak platform, Micron* 4GB (2x2GB) Dual channel DDR3 1333MHz, Seagate* 1TB HDD, Graphics driver:, AMI* BIOS 4.6.3. Intel® Core™ 2 Duo E8500 3.16GHz/1333MHz FSB/6MB and Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q9400 2.66GHz/1333MHz FSB/6MB: Intel DG45ID, Kingston* 4GB (2x2GB) Dual channel DDR2 800 5-5-5-18, Seagate* 1TB HDD, X4500HD with BIOS: IDG4510H.86A.1357, Intel INF
  • 13. Different Devices for Different Uses Ultra-thin Laptop • Premium offering spanning consumer price pts Mainstream Laptop • 0.8-1.0” high, >= 11.6” screens • Thin & light for Increased mobility • Great performance for entertainment, productivity, • Multitasking performance & and rich web experience rich internet experience • Content creation and • Content Creation/Editing Intense workloads • Range of form factors Netbook • <= 10.2” screens • Purpose-built for Internet use • Learn, Communicate, View • Content consumption
  • 14. Momentum Continues With Transition to Intel® Dual Core Processors for Ultra-Thin Laptops! Q3 ‘09 Q4 ‘09 Performance SU9xxx Dual Core ULV Processors SU3xxx Single Core SU7xxx Dual Core Transactional Dual SU2xxx Core SU4xxx Single Core Dual Core 7xx SU2xxx Dual Core Value Single Core 7xx Single Core All dates, product descriptions, availability, and plans are forecasts and subject to change without notice.
  • 15. Netbook / Entry Level Desktop PC Roadmap 2009 2010+ Netbook Platform Pine Trail-M Platform Diamondville Processor Pineview-M Processor Mobile Intel® 945GSE Express Chipset Tiger Point PCH ICH7-M Netbooks 3 chip to 2 chip Entry Level Desktop PC Platform Pine Trail-D Platform Diamondville Processor Pineview-D Processor (1 or 2 cores) (1 or 2 cores) Entry Level Intel® 945GC Express Chipset Tiger Point PCH ICH7 Desktop PCs Purpose built solutions to enable netbooks and entry level desktop PCs for the internet and basic computing All dates, product descriptions, availability, and plans are forecasts and subject to change without notice.
  • 16. Pine Trail: Second Generation Net* Platform Net* Platform’08 Pine Trail Graphics/display move into Processor Intel® Atom TM Panel Pineview-M/D DDR2 processor (Diamondville) Processor Memory Controller FSB Display IMC moves into 945GSE/GC Processor 3 chip GFX Panel DDR2 to 2 Display IMC chip DMI Package area and GFX power savings DMI Tiger Point ICH7 I/O I/O Integration offers platform BOM savings, power reduction, and improved performance
  • 17. Summary • Intel executing to tick-tock CPU roadmap • 32 nm Westmere processors deliver higher integration and energy efficient performance • Turbo Technology in Westmere is a breakthrough in multicore dynamic design • Ultra-Thin laptop momentum continues to build with new dual-core processor lineup • Stay tuned for: • A January announcement*