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My work at CreativeCom, our traditional advertising agency

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CreativeCom - Profile

  1. 1. spotlight Just take a look at some of the milestones on our list
  2. 2. The newly launched Lemon variant of Tapal Ice Tea builds upon the previous work done and incorporates the elements in a new way, keeping its communication platform intact but at the same time bringing a newness to the brand.
  3. 3. The core insight of this product was the fact that it frees you from cooking, letting you live the life you want to live. This was the base on which the packaging and communication was derived.
  4. 4. ICI's classic campaign. These were the layouts of the campaign that highlighted 'Gulgee' giving it a premium image.
  5. 5. Dolce Vita required a campaign that would improve its image in the market and establish the premiumness of its mainstay product. Utilizing the state of the art Computer Graphics & a conceptual approach to comfort, Dolce Vita has, with our help, successfully transformed its image.
  6. 6. National foods wanted to launch a new squeeze bottle variant. Building upon the insight that mothers don’t allow kids to hold glass bottles because they might break, we came up with the platform “Life Kare Easy” and hit the glass bottle’s weaknesses directly.
  7. 7. The idea was to modernize the previous packaging and communication making it more fun oriented.
  8. 8. Tapal Ice Tea was the first brand by Tapal to target the youth. From the packaging, we built up the assence of chill and then used the elements further in our communication of “Chill Karo” which also incorporated unique elements derived from our youth’s lives.
  9. 9. A second campaign launched by Tapal Ice Tea was to take ownership of being a healthy beverage. For this the Platform “Bubble Free” was utilized, targeting the carbonated drinks directly.
  10. 10. The re-launch of Ronaq was derived from an insight that the friend of the house wife is a major influencer in her every day life. Thus the platform “Do Saheli” was recommended and became the launching pad of the campaign, with the core elements incorporated across all communication.
  11. 11. Prince Packaging was revamped by C2 and a new platform of energy was executed in the communication. Building on the platform, the Prince character was first time activated through a life size figure in full action 3D.
  12. 12. The nomenclature and communication for ‘Tara Urea’ was derived from an insight which was that the crop is the ‘Tara’ of the farmer. Utilizing a branded video format, we built the character and story of a farmer, even though the song itself was sung by ‘Javad Ahmed’.
  13. 13. Cafe is the pillar brand of Mayfair and the third largest biscuit brand in pakistan. The core assence of the brand “Tea Time” was captured perfectly in its packaging and from there the communication built on its elements further.
  14. 14. This biscuit was called Smar2 because of its two flavours and the design. Building upon this further we incorporated the brand elements from the packaging up to the communication vehicles.
  15. 15. The Brand's Key Message was Non-Stop Energy due to Milk, Egg, Glucose and Calcium in the biscuit. The logo depicts our core message whilst the communication was built around this platform with a character inculcated to incite interest.
  16. 16. To add fun to its Fruity Pops products, we suggested music as a platform and animated characters as the hook for children
  17. 17. Bites was built around the platform of spiciness which was the essence of the product. The communication was built around it.
  18. 18. POS designed for the rural Punjab market.
  19. 19. ICI's campaign which had to highlight the fact that the paint protected the outer walls of the home throughout all seasons around the year.
  20. 20. Magazine insert building on the core values of the brand.
  21. 21. This is the work done for Lakson by Omer Qureshi, as Group Creative Director of the Lakson Creative Department. Under his supervision, Lakson introduced new formats into the tobacco industry and because of it the advertising industry during the 90's and helped transition it from a simple functional / product based imagery to brand building imagery. It was he who introduced concepts like 'Activations through Reality Based Shows' (Morven Adventure Series / Rescue 911), 'Branded Videos' (Taste & Style, Janbaz), Short Films (Wembley) in Pakistan.
  22. 22. This was a short film which played on the essence of Thrill & Action. Utilizing a foreign cast in a foreign location, the brand was positioned as a premium blend, the choice of those who mattered.
  23. 23. Catering to the lower income classes, Janbaz was positioned as being a defender - a fighter of the trodden, the poor and those subjected to harm. Thus associating itself with the Pakistani Military the icon of that class, Janbaz quickly gathered a following.
  24. 24. Meant for the 'complete man' as envisaged by a James Bond look alike (and thus taking ownership of style & Sexiness), Red & White broke new grounds in the Pakistani market in terms of production values, concept and of course market share.
  25. 25. Royal was positioned on a bravery platform thus it built on 'Rescue'. Aimed squarely at the middle segment of the markets, the brand was highly successful in making headways in the market.
  26. 26. Targeted at the lower income segments, the brand utilized a patriotic approach and also aligned itself with the highest peak of Pakistan. This nationalistic approach led to its mass acceptance readily.
  27. 27. Morven Gold has and still remains the no.1 brand of Pakistan. It associated itself to 'the taste of Adventure' and the shoot built upon this proposition. This positioning was further enhanced by the reality show 'Morven Adventure Series'.
  28. 28. Diplomat was positioned on Freedom and was given a premium image through the use of a foreign locale and cast with the production values still unmatchable today.