Educational Technology


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Courtesy of Dr. Ferdinand B. Pitagan
Assistant Professor
University of the Philippines Diliman

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Educational Technology

  1. 1. EducationalTechnolog Ferdinand B. Pitagan, PhDy
  2. 2. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGY What will you do?Situation: A remote village in Banawe• Fifty 2nd graders – never been to other villages• You want to teach them concepts of 4 seasons• You are a teacher in the digital world.Question: How are you going to teach the class? Why?
  3. 3. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGYEducation•Roles of Teachers•Roles of Students•Roles of Institutions•Teaching and Learning Through Technology
  4. 4. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGYTechnology•Information and Communication•Computers•Online/web-based•Mobile/wireless•Assistive Technology•Others
  5. 5. What is Educational Technology? • Study and Ethical Practice • Learning and Performance • Creation, Utilization and Management • Technological Processes And Resources • Instructional Theory • Learning Technology Richey, R.C. (2008). Reflections on the 2008 AECT Definitions of the Field. TechTrends. 52(1) 24-25
  6. 6. E DUCATIONALDefinition: Educational Technology T ECHNOLOGY Educational Technology is synonymous withInstructional Technology defined as the theory and practiceof design, development, utilization, management and evaluation of processes and resources for learning. Association for Educational Communications and Technology, AECT’s 1994 Definition
  7. 7. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGY theory and practice Theory Practice concepts, constructs, Knowledge principles, applicationpropositions to solve problems (Models) experiences Knowledge Body
  8. 8. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGY Of design, development, utilization,management and evaluation (Domains) Development Design Theory Practice Evaluation Utilization Management - not linear - complementary
  9. 9. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGYof processes and resourcesA process … Resources (products) …a series of activities directed sources of support fortowards a particular result... learning …delivery process, instructional devices, teaching materials, design process people, budget, facilities** Study of instructional ** Educational TV strategies/teaching methods Production** Website Development
  10. 10. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGYfor learning The relatively permanent change in a person’s knowledge, attitude or skills due to experience
  11. 11. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGY EdTech Brief History of1960s• Audio-visual education• Psychologists, Educators, Technologists1980s• Personal computers1990s• InternetPresent• multi-media contents•multi-platform
  12. 12. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGY EdTech Brief History ofUSA1) Division of AV Instruction (DAVI) 1923 (Teaching with Audio-Visual Aids)2) Changed name to Association for Educational Communications and Technology in 1970 (Psychology, Media in Education, Systems Approach)Japan 1) Film Education Research Society 1928 2) Japan AV Education Association -- became independent in 1946 3) Japan Society for Educational Technology 1984
  13. 13. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGY Class ActivityWhat do you think is the future ofeducational technology in thePhilippines?•Write you reflection essay and submit it to UVLe.
  14. 14. E DUCATIONAL T ECHNOLOGYGoodday and GODbless!!! Next Meeting: Influence of media technology in curriculum and instruction