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poster analysis

  1. 1. Poster Analysis In this presentation I will look at posters by several different artists and consider what makes them good/bad, what is used to catch the audience’s eye and why certain aspects are used.
  2. 2. Lady Gaga Analysis: This poster is simple but very effective. The poster is an enlarged image of Lady Gaga with her name. This is effective because it is clearly obvious that she is the artist and is advertising herself. The image is bright and eye catching. She doesn’t use bright colours because her eye make up is bright and extravagant. The writing “Lady Gaga” is quite pale and isn’t obvious from far away. The creator might have done this because she has such a strong image that people know who she is without having to state her name. The camera shot is a medium close up, it shows her pose, clothing and her facial expression. This is good because it shows the style of her music and perhaps how serious she takes her career.
  3. 3. Michael Jackson Analysis: This poster is advertising Michael Jackson, created just after his death. It is very simple, but does its job. It was created to show people the “real Michael”. It has a large image of him across the poster, which shows that the poster is about Michael Jackson. Although he is extremely famous, they must have felt it was important to have a picture of him on the poster, to show people it was about him, this could have also been done as a mark of respect. The background is white, this makes the image and the writing stand out because the colours contrast. The saying on the poster is describing how Michael felt throughout his life, it shows that he was loved by many, but the tragic incidents in his life are something which can be forgotten in time.
  4. 4. Girls Aloud Analysis: This poster is basic and simple. But it serves its purpose, to advertise the artist/band. The colour scheme is black and gold, this is so that they contrast with each and make the poster appealing to the eye. The band name is at the top of the poster, which is conventional, as people expect that it will be there. The image is a long shot of the girl group, this is so that it shows who is in the band, their style, posture and any props. This all adds to the style which the group goes for. It is obvious from this poster that they are appealing and trying to attract a wider male audience. The do this through the pose and the clothing they wear.
  5. 5. Taylor Swift Analysis: This poster is incredibly eye catching. The colours all compliment each other and attract the audience. The colour scheme is cream and gold, these come across as girly colours, so aim to attract a female audience. This poster has a lot more information on than the others, which suggests that the artist is advertising an upcoming tour or perhaps a new album. The writing is placed at the bottom of the poster, this is so that it doesn’t cover up the artists face, which will be necessary for advertising her work. Taylor swift is a fairly new artist, so the creator sees that it is important for her to be on the poster and that her name is in a large font in the middle of the poster. The pose of the artist is relaxed, which suggests to the audience that her music is relaxing and calm.
  6. 6. The Libertines Analysis: The purpose of this poster is to advertise the band. It has an image of the band on the front, just casually walking, which could suggest that their style of music is laid back and relaxed. They have their band logo in the top right corner of the poster, which is where it is expected to be. The image has an old fade on it, which is unique and could be used to attract a wider, possibly older, audience. There is no other information on the poster, which could imply that they don’t have any upcoming tours.
  7. 7. James Blunt Analysis: This poster is very obvious in the way that it is advertising James Blunts tour. There isn't any information about the tour which could provoke that the tour isn't yet planned, or that the date is too far away so it would be pointless advertising it. The colour scheme is purple, black and white. Black is used for the main image of the artist, to make him stand out from the white and pale purple background. The position of the picture is in the middle of the poster, emphasising that it is the most important part of the poster, to advertise the artist. The artists name and album name is at the top of the poster, which is conventional as it is where the audience expects it to be. The font and curly accessorise around the poster suggest that it is more appealing to females.
  8. 8. Artic Monkeys Analysis: This poster is less formal than the others that I have analysed. It has a cartoon monkey as the main image, which links in with the band name, artic monkeys. The colour of the monkey is white and blue, which a classed as “cold” colours, again linking to the band name. The rest of the poster is black and brown, this contrasts with the colour of the monkey, thus making it stand out and become the main object of the poster. The information of the poster is about when the band are performing live, this suggests that they are an up and coming band because they don’t have actual tour dates at a famous, well known theatre or arena. It includes the date and price, which implies that the performance is soon and people need to buy tickets.
  9. 9. The Ting Tings Analysis: This poster is very basic. It has the band logo on the front with drum sticks, this suggests that the band creates their own music and drums are the main instrument. The name of the band is towards the bottom of the poster, which is unconventional, as are the band. The tour dates and where they are held are at the top of the poster, which suggests that this is the most important information on there and people need to read it first. The background is bright red, which contrasts with the logo, the colour and the writing and the black and white image. It has sponsors written in very small writing at the bottom of the poster, which insinuates that the band needed financial help when creating the tour.
  10. 10. The Fray Analysis: This poster is quite an old one and has been used to advertise the bands tour. It has the band name at the top of the poster, which is conventional and necessary for the audience to recognise who the band is. The background is white, which contrasts with the writing and image of the band, this helps to emphasise the image and the information. The pose of the band is casual, this suggests that the style of the music is chilled and relaxing. The font of the information is simple, it is written in capital letters, which makes the audience want to read it.
  11. 11. Take That Analysis: This poster is advertising Take That’s tour. The image is very effective, it shows the band but also suggests who is the main, lead singer of the band, which is Gary, this is clear because he is on the highest tight rope, signifying that he is the most important. Although the colours are all very similar, they also contrast which each other, the clothing of the band is white and dark blue, which stands out from the light blue of the sky. The information about the tour is at the bottom of the poster and blends in with the background, implying that it is less important and also that the band is the most important aspect.