Script - A2 Media Studies


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This is a rough copy of our script for our a2 media coursework(a teaser trailer). It is highlighted for direction and we will probably edit it along the way once we begin filming.

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Script - A2 Media Studies

  1. 1. SCRIPT – ‘INSIDE MY REALITY’ KEY: DIALOGUE CAMERA INSTRUCTION - ACTOR INSTRUCTION SCREEN Production company logo on screen – *Shot of Katie from the back on her computer – typing sound(diegetic)* *Reaction shot of Katie – close up of her scrolling down her mouse – reading messages online* *Flash to black – show messages from Facebook and texts- nondiegetic music* *Reaction shot of Katie – her eyes scanning the screen* Messages: ‘Go kill yourself, you’re a waste of space’, ‘NO1 LIKES U, JUST LEAVE!’, ‘UGLY B*TCH, ‘Freak!’ *Cut to black screen – ‘From the award winning director’ – fade to black – music* *Text on screen – ‘Comes the British independent film of the year’ – music* *Katie in town on her own, girls begin to shout names at her from across the street* Girl #1: YOU LOOK LIKE A TRAMP! DRESS PROPERLY FOR A CHANGE! Girl #2: FREAK! *Close up of Katie’s face, Katie looks sad but continues to walk, ignoring the girls* *Cut: To Katie walking through her front door – Katie’s Dad begins to shout at her from a separate room, he is drunk* Katie’s Dad: THERE YOU ARE! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!*pause*YOU RUINED MY LIFE AND YOU CANT EVEN SAY ANYTHING! YOU’RE THE REASON SHES DEAD, YOU KNOW THAT! STUPID BITCH! *Whilst speech is in the background, Katie begins to cry, and walks upstairs, closes door and locks it* *Fade to black – magazine review ‘Moving and..’* *Katie turns on computer– close ups* Katie: *to webcam*Katie’s final goodbye message- camera cuts straight off* *Short shot of Katie taking pills – blurred and fast pace effect* *Fade to black – 4 seconds* *Green screen shot –news story explaining Katie’s story, Katie is in critical condition in hospital.*
  2. 2. News reporter: Katie McKellen is still critically ill in hospital after attempting to commit suicide last Saturday. It is thought to be the result of severe bullying and abuse. Doctors say she should be out of hospital within the next few days. *Reaction shot –girl #1 – holding remote, looking in guilt/sadness at the television* *Cut* *Shot of teachers talking about Katie in the staff room – music nondiegetic* Teacher #1: It’s terrible. Poor girl, her father’s to blame, I tell ya! *Teacher #2 looking in agreement* *Fade to black – music* *Katie sat in a small room with teacher* Teacher: Katie, please, just give it go, I think you’ll find group counselling helpful. *Katie looks at teacher and nods head in agreement* *Fade to black – music - Magazine review – ‘Heart-warming and spectacular 4star* *Close up of Katie, then cut to a shot of the whole room – at group counselling* Counsellor: Welcome everyone, so, who wants to start us off? *Shots of exchanging looks between Katie and Charlotte – romantic/uplifting music* - Text on screen with actors names and awards – music – *STARES shared between Katie and charlotte – smiling – hanging out – holding hands* - Text on screen: star ratings and reviews* *Katie hugging Charlotte* Katie: I’m so glad I found you - Text on screen: ‘Tag line’ music – -Title screen and billing blocks – ‘Coming Soon’