Characters and Casting


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This is a brief presentation I produced to illustrate our main characters for our coursework production.

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Characters and Casting

  1. 1. CHARACTERS AND CASTING ‘Inside My Reality’ This is a brief presentation to illustrate our main characters of our production and who we would have play them.
  2. 2. K AT I E – O U R P RO TAG O N I S T  Katie is the main character in our narrative. She has an unusual 50’s style and is abused by her father and bullied at school. In our production she will be played by Annie Haigh.  If we were to produce our film with well known actors we would use Taissa Farminga for this role. Well known from The Bling Ring and American Horror Story. This is because she fits our characters description, dark blonde/light brunette, innocent, young and a unique style and personality.
  3. 3. CHARLOTTE  Charlotte meets our main character, Katie towards the end of our film. They meet at a counselling session and soon fall in love. We used a same-sex relationship in our production to conform to typical codes and conventions of a social realist drama.  In a real life production we would like to use Mila Kunis as this character. She is most well known from Black Swan and Friends With Benefits. She is dark haired, attractive and is capable of playing a complex character.
  4. 4. KATIE’S FATHER  Katie’s father in our narrative is a violent and alcoholic character that blames Katie for his wife's death. He shouts at and hits Katie on a daily basis. In our trailer we will just be using his voice, and he will not be on the screen in the trailer.  If we were to produce the film fully we would use Ron Perlman, best known for his violent biker-guy role in Sons of Anarchy.
  5. 5. S H A N N O N – O U R M A I N BU L LY  Shannon in our production will be played by Lisa Pritchard. She is a stereotypical teenager in school, and bullies those she thinks she is better than. She bullies Katie both verbally and over the internet.  In a real life production of our film we would use Freya Mavor, from the well known E4 teen drama Skins and the new social realist film Sunshine On Leith, for the role.
  6. 6. COUNSELLOR  The counsellor in our production brings our two main characters together. She only plays a small role in our production but is key to the narrative progression. She helps Katie and Charlotte re-build themselves and brings them together.  If we produced the whole film for real we would use Viola Davis. This is because she looks stereotypically like a kind and thoughtful, and quite quirky character. She is most well known for her roles in Beautiful Creatures, The Help, Won’t Back Down and Knight and Day.