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Starting up: Success without arrogance
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Starting up: Success without arrogance


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Contrary to popular belief, arrogance is not a personality trait of most successful entrepreneurs. …

Contrary to popular belief, arrogance is not a personality trait of most successful entrepreneurs.
In fact, arrogance is often is the largest road-block we face when we are attempting something new because it blinds our vision and diminishes our ability to learn or take advice.

Published in: Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Starting Up
      success without arrogance?
    • 2. Most successful startups begin in wilderness
      You can never be sure how you will navigate the jungle … there are customers who don’t know you and predatory competitors who do.
      50,000 fewer startups began their
      journey in the UK in 2008 compared
      to the previous year
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    • 3. Only 9% of businesses started in
      1992 are still running
      Who’s driving!?
      Have you prepared yourself enough to unlearn whatever your cushy, high-paying corporate job taught you?
      Startups ain’t for sleepy chickens!
    • 4. Simple Rule
      It’s all about footwork
      When you do cool things, people talk about you. You get more press, more blog posts, more stuff on Twitter. That leads to more business. – Brain Kaiser
      CCA < CLV
      CCA = Cost of Customer Acquisition
      CLV = Customer Lifetime Value
    • 5. Arrogance won’t get you anywhere
      The best of strategies can will fail if your team does not back you up. Remember the last time your thankless boss took credit for something you did?
      You would think there would be SOME data
      about bad bosses …
      Well, we didn’t find ANYTHING good enough!
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    • 6. Less than 5% entrepreneurs are
      able to manage with under 6 hours of
      daily sleep.
      Taste freedom ?
      Oh yeah … you can sleep all you want since you are not in a “job” anymore ... that is, if you can sleep at all !!
    • 7. Under 20% customers ever
      return to most startup businesses
      Make sure you make some money honey!
      Customers are like birds, if you feed them well they will come back otherwise they will shit on you when they fly past your business.
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    • 8. 23% teens find Steve Jobs to be the most
      inspirational entrepreneur. 31% admire those who make
      a difference in people’s lives beyond just theirs.
      It’s inspiring…
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    • 9. experience