Measurement framework for marketing campaigns


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The slide gives a brief on the measurement framework and importance of analytics for marketing

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Measurement framework for marketing campaigns

  1. 1. :-) Measuring your marketing performance
  2. 2. digital ecosystem • Source: • Source: 0 10 20 30 40 50 Content Marketing Social Media Engagement Content Optimisation Viral Marketing/Brand Marketing automation Social media analytics Budget Projections * % We’re decreasing our digital marketing budgets 11% We’re maintaining the status quo 34% We’re increasing our digital marketing budgets without increasing our overall marketing spend 39% We’re increasing our digital marketing budgets and overall marketing spends 16%
  3. 3. some predictions… Predictions Impact Marketing will be more “performance driven” and hence accountable towards revenue generation Shift towards “digital” as it enables a far more comprehensive analytical performance management Social media for brands will be more integrated – both across social media networks and across traditional channels of marketing Capability shift for agencies to provide more integrated services Mobile will lead. As per IBM study, 9 out of 10 marketers either have a mobile site or mobile application or plan to deploy one Mobile will become strategic marketing asset for most campaigns Content marketing will impact SEO more Keywords, tagging etc. will lose sheen. Content will become the new king Big data will get bigger. 2013 will see a shift on big data utilization from engineers to marketers CFO’s will start liking marketing. Marketing will be more “data + pattern’s driven” Marketing will get more and more gamified Lot of small startups and brands will start either building games to increase engagement on social or participate in 3rd party versions
  5. 5. helping brands.. • Build respect and accountability – Seventy-six percent (76%) of B2B marketing professionals agree or strongly agree that their “ability to track marketing ROI gives marketing more respect.” Source: Forrester Research • Plan better for marketing spend – It’s important not to measure just what you can, but what you can ACT on.
  6. 6. thus delivering & measuring… Audience Large audience, global scale Smaller ad focused audience Drivers Focus on products/services Relationship driven Buying cycles – Multi step Single step buying cycle Point of purchase Education and Awareness Sales driven Marketing driven Emotional decision Business solution Content strategy Videos Online tools/games/apps Whitepapers/Thought leadership Web pages Webinars/Events Press Releases Microsites Reach – Measureable Facebook Twitter Youtube Linkedin Blogs Search Engine Optimization Search Engine Marketing Email Marketing b2b b2c
  7. 7. using an extensive measurement framework… Past Present Future Business metrics Impact on the revenues, profits - Lead generation - Pipeline - Sales impact - Cycle time - Benchmarking against old data - Trend analysis - Prospect/Forec ast analysis Campaign metrics Campaign contribution towards business growth - ROI - Investment besides money - Response rate - Campaign comparison/tren d - Forecasted contribution Customer metrics Customer impact on business - Profit per customer - Customer wallet size - Marketing impact on customer - Cost of acquisition - Cost of retention - Solutions exposure per customer for distribution…
  8. 8. INTEGRATED MARKETING THROUGH MANAGED CROWDSOURCING We are a marketing support agency delivering offline and online experiences for our customers across the globe. Using crowd management processes we enable customers with effective digital, social and traditional marketing. California | Singapore | Doha | Bangalore
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