Jade Magnet Account Manager Model


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The slides talk about Jade Magnet's Account Management model and some testimonials from the current account managers

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Jade Magnet Account Manager Model

  1. 1. :-)account management modeldineshBusiness headAccount Management Model
  2. 2. 76% of our customers were happy with the design outputevery thing we do is design oriented* The above data is based on the survey we did with 50 customers at Jade Magnet
  3. 3. founded in 2009 over 800 clients and 1,900 projectswho we are
  4. 4. partner incubators re-sellers complementary services platforms individual startup and SME accelerators entrepreneurialsales and relationship oriented agency print digital are you one of the above?
  5. 5. Why join Jade Magnet? build your own venture entrepreneurial & high monetary returns low investment use virtual team and processes at Jade Magnet delivery advantage cost effective & mature process orientation 10% commission on revenues/business generated What to do? build business use relationships and sales orientation to build businessindividual - details
  6. 6. Why Join Jade Magnet? widen spectrum of services virtual team adds to your service offerings resource independence supports business spikes innovation additional heads to think upsell to your customers, earning more than 10% profits What to do? cross sell to your customers use relationships and sales orientation to build businessIf you are an agency
  7. 7. Why Join Jade Magnet? business support for your partners cost effective marketing solutions for your partners business support, profit sharing model What to do? joint go to market jointly reach your partners for marketing solutionspartner - details
  8. 8. Crowd Management Team Definition ConfidentialityProject Management Process Jade Magnet Jade Magnet & CrowdDelivery Assurance ModelDaily back up process Creative Client Partner Confidentiality Agreement Delivery Assurance Manager Non Disclosure Agreement Jade Magnet Crowd Designer, Developer Content Writer Back up resource processes
  9. 9. Enhance Save Executebrand strength marketing dollars with quickly and painlessly lean investmentStrategic engagement Retainership engagement Asset-based rate cardDefine monthly deliverables Define monthly deliverables Define rate card for variousfor commercial commitment for commercial commitment design solutionsCreative client partner to Monthly invoicing Charge on transactional basisproactively suggest on strategicroadmap Monthly invoicingMonthly invoicing------------------------------------ ------------------------------------ ------------------------------------Benefits Benefits BenefitsRevenue focused brand Faster execution Defined ratesdevelopment More cost effective Quick execution engagement models
  10. 10. solutions
  11. 11. Watch the video testimonialI work as independent consultant helping SME’s in Internet Marketing Campaigns. I startedusing Jade Magnet for my client works & it has been tremendous working with them. I justneed to pass on the requirements & they take care of rest. They helped to scale mybusiness. Thanks to Jade Magnet. Christine, www.Christinemiura.com, USA see what our existing partners say
  12. 12. Read the complete testimonialJade Magnet has helped me to get a real time experience to handle the clients andcustomers while being a part of a growing platform. For my projects I have used “DeliveryAssurance Model” at Jade Magnet which has helped me deliver complex solutions for myclients including large websites. Gaurav, Independent Account Manager, India see what our existing partners say
  13. 13. 71% of our customers said they will use Jade Magnet again of our projects every month are 35% from repeat customersconnect with usDinesh | Business Head – Account Management Modeldinesh@jademagnet.com | 8473994993 customer delight is our culture * The above data is based on the survey we did with 50 customers at Jade Magnet