Facebook Applications for Consumer Engagement


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The document shares how businesses are/can use facebook apps to build consumer engagement

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Facebook Applications for Consumer Engagement

  1. 1. Facebook Application for Consumer EngagementHow brands are using Facebook for campaigns & contestAlthough brands are being very creative in their campaigns and many digital agencies, creativeagencies or consultants are helping them to come up with the best campaign to suit theirneeds, however most of the campaign-focused Facebook applications can be divided into 5broad categories. 1. Static content campaigns for awareness 2. Sweepstakes, quizzes and polls 3. Ideation contests 4. Loyalty campaigns 5. Social gamingLet us go through examples of each type of campaign along with the brand who has done thesame 294 (new# 56), Kanakapura Road, 7th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore 560070
  2. 2. Static content campaigns for awareness:These are probably the most explored type of Facebook applications. These applications focuson awareness campaigns, providing rich media, videos, and pictures to their fans in a shareableformat. For example, Levi’s ‘WaterLess application talks about Levi’s efforts to save millions ofliters of water. The application shows videos associated with the cause and helps people spreadawareness about the Levis innovation. Hot Wheels has a landing tab application that runs viralvideo campaigns for team hot wheels. 294 (new# 56), Kanakapura Road, 7th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore 560070
  3. 3. Sweepstakes, quizzes and polls:Sweepstakes, quizzes and polls form a low engagement – a low viral campaign app model formarketers. However many brands use them since they trigger participation and have valuablebuzz generation capabilities. For example, Southwest Airlines runs sweepstakes and polls ontheir Facebook app. 294 (new# 56), Kanakapura Road, 7th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore 560070
  4. 4. Ideation contests:Ideation Facebook contest apps ask the community for ideas around a certain theme, lifestyle,passion or cause and ask the rest of the community to curate (rate, vote, comment, share) theideas. The result is a user generated and community selected best idea which can result in aimproved product, a new innovation, business idea, customer feedback, market research etc.For example Kohls ran an ideation campaign some time back where participants wereencouraged to nominate and vote for the school they felt was most deserving of funds, andsubmit their ideas about how the funds could best be used by the school. 294 (new# 56), Kanakapura Road, 7th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore 560070
  5. 5. Loyalty campaigns:Other brands like Jetblue are leveraging apps integrated with Facebook places to power theirloyalty and this brings a very interesting value proposition for the brands since Facebookplatform provides them the social graph of users (friends, activity, profile), Facebook placesprovides the ability to check –in and gain loyalty points and the Facebook application integratesthe two. The result is a powerful brand app that users can use to check-in when they reachofficial Jetblue terminals, receive loyalty points, see friends’ activities for Jetblue and seeleaderboard for the most loyal customers. 294 (new# 56), Kanakapura Road, 7th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore 560070
  6. 6. Social gamingSocial gaming has a heavy presence on Facebook (FarmVille anyone?) and mobile devices;Fortune 500 advertisers are now trying to figure out how to establish themselves in this newmedium. Some examples of the same are brands like Kurkure, Pepsi & Donut Baker.https://www.facebook.com/Kurkure?sk=app_355023177854606https://www.facebook.com/PepsiIndia/app_296581613742163 294 (new# 56), Kanakapura Road, 7th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore 560070
  7. 7. https://www.facebook.com/TheDonutBakerIndia/app_332486180118782 294 (new# 56), Kanakapura Road, 7th Block Jayanagar, Bangalore 560070