Digital Marketing for B2B Businesses

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The slide talks about digital marketing for B2B businesses

The slide talks about digital marketing for B2B businesses

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  • 1. :-)Digital Marketing for B2B Businesses
  • 2. digital marketing is primary information source Source:
  • 3. what’s on the mind? 35.5% of marketers are increasing 52.5% focus on 70% of marketers mobile of B2B are increasing marketers use their search videos 55.8% marketing budgets of marketers to increase budgets for audio video 77% content of B2B content marketers use blogs 83% 80% 80% 61% 39% 26% 23% 12% 10% 10% 7% Source:
  • 4. key elements Email marketing Content Webinars marketing Digital Lead Analytics marketing management Search Social media engine optimization Search engine marketing
  • 5. email marketing Source
  • 6. content marketing64% of marketers feel producing enoughand quality content is the biggest challenge
  • 7. lead management Comprehensive Lead Management System Build a lead management strategy Use analytics tools to fix, re-fix Define the leads Use social media to integrate Align with sales strategy Keep going back to leads
  • 8. search engine optimization & marketing 71% research the 48% Tech product Discover advertised brands they after seeing a weren’t aware display ad of through a search engine Referrals to B2B Tech sites from searches 78% of all search referrals Search Engine Trends Source:
  • 9. social media marketing Manage Focus on conversations differentiationCite experts Choose wordsas examples carefully Use hashtags While Facebook gets maximum hits, twitter provides more leads Source:
  • 10. analytics Experimentation analytics Integrated search and social Customer feedback analytics
  • 11. webinars Save money Reach out to larger audience Position as thought leader Post webinar follow up Easy to set up
  • 12. THANK YOU INTEGRATED MARKETING THROUGH MANAGED CROWDSOURCING We are a marketing support agency delivering offline and online experiences for our customers across the globe. Using crowd management processes we enable customers with effective digital, social and traditional marketing.www.jademagnet.comCalifornia | Singapore | Doha | Bangalore