Case Studies for NGOs


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The slides showcase the work done for NGOs and Social Enablement Institutions

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Case Studies for NGOs

  1. 1. “Case Studies - NGO” Sitash & Manik, Co-Founders, Jade Magnet© 2012 |
  2. 2. Jade Magnet Jade Magnet brings together over 15,000 creative and marketing people and some of the finest technologists in the country using an online market place offering the following services: Collaborative design solutions Online marketing and social media Brand, Advertisement and communication strategies Technology development and implementation Fanatic support Global Innovator India’s best web of 2011 @ GTS, Silicon Valley startup for SMEsIndia’s hottest startup 2010© 2012 |
  3. 3. The Platform Is The “Solution” It’s difficult to source creative skills Access to unlimited creative talent Cost-quality tussle Quality available at multiple price points On-the-ground execution is disconnected Ecosystem has end-to-end from generation of creative solutions solution providers Takes years for business acceptability The platform makes creative providers business-ready from day 1© 2012 |
  4. 4. “Uncluttering” The Creative Market Experienced Media Space & Independent Strategists Designers Technology Account Manager Partners Ideas and strategy for the advert Restaurant Post the brief on Marketing needs launch $ platform Enthusiasts Design campaign© 2012 |
  5. 5. Logo Design for “Karmalaya” Karmalaya is an upcoming social institution with an aim to connect the corporate to the NGOs. Jade Magnet designed the logo for Karmalaya Number of days 7 Budget $200 Number of entries 30 Some entries Shortlist Number of Iterations Final Design 1© 2012 |
  6. 6. Website Design & Development for Swati Narayan Swati Narayan work as an independent consultant to government and civil society organisations, in India and abroad Number of days 20 Budget $350 Number of providers 6 Shortlisted Website Designs© 2012 |
  7. 7. Brochure for Save the Children Save the Children is an NGO focused on Children Enablement and is one of the biggest NGOs in the world Number of days 14 Budget $400 Number of prototypes 5 Prototypes Selected Design© 2012 |
  8. 8. Website for Vidya & Child Vidya and Child is a Delhi based NGO supporting over 800 children. Jade Magnet designed the website for them Number of days 45 Budget $600 Number of providers 5 PrototypesFinal Output of designs Number of Iterations Time for content 4 9 Days © 2012 |
  9. 9. Logo Design for “Manav Pragati Sansthan” Manav Pragati Sansthan is a NGO with focus on slum areas, education for children and minorities in rural areas of the country Number of days 7 Budget $175 Number of entries 45 Some entries Shortlist Number of Iterations Final Design 1© 2012 |
  10. 10. Creative Work. Crowdsourced. Guaranteed! Website – Sitash Srivastava – Co founder & CEO +91 – 9902433688 | Manik Kinra – Co Founder & CMO +91 – 9986049185 |© 2012 |