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  1. 1. This is the main front cover for Beyoncésalbum cover ‘4’. She also has other coversthat are available to buy. This has beendone to give the consumer the choice ofwhat album they want and also showshow versatile the artist it.The album cover is simple and in a lot of the covers, the image of Beyoncéis before the writing. This is because she is a well known artist and canafford to do this. This style of CD cover is fitting with its genre (pop/r&b),this is because you would expect to see the main singer on the cover. Ingenre’s like indie or alternative rock you would expect to see an imagewhich has more to do with the music and not the singer or band. Forexample Coldplay’s album, ‘Viva La Vida’.
  2. 2. R&B Pop Country PopOne convention of pop music is that the performer is on the front cover of their album orsingle. This is because people are sometimes interested in buying into the artist as much asthey are buying the music. We decided to use a shot of the performer in our cover and its is notonly similar to Beyoncés album but Miley Cyrus a country pop singer.
  3. 3. One of the first noticeable connections Beyoncé has with her album and her music video is thecostume. She has worn similar black fur on her shoulders and has worn gold jewellery She alsohas the same hairstyle and and dark makeup around the eyes.
  4. 4. By using the same style in the album and the music video, it means that there is a clear themeand connection between the two. By continuing the style in both it shows they have a clearunderstanding of the type of character they are trying to portray to their viewers.
  5. 5. In our music video we also tried to connect the albumwith the music video by incorporating the samecostume.
  6. 6. These are some examples of where we used the same costume inthe shoot for our digi pack and for our music video. It continues thetheme of our music video and the personality of the performer.
  7. 7. Here you can see that the same makeupchoices have been made in order to keep thestyle Beyoncé has continuous within heralbum and music video. This heavy makeupcontinues a theme of her being intimidatingand strong therefore it has been keptthroughout.
  8. 8. In order to keep the style of the song and the fact that the album iscalled ‘RED’ we wanted to insure that not only on the album butwithin the music video the performer would be wearing red lipstick.This was a key way of us making the connection between our digipack, music video and eventually our magazine advert.
  9. 9. Another similarities between the album andthe music video is the positioning ofBeyoncés body. This has been done to reflectthe same themes within the music video on tothe album. It could also reflect the genrebecause the music video has a lot ofchoreographed dancing. This is typical withinthe genre and especially in Beyoncés musicvideo’s.
  10. 10. In the music video we see various long shots that show thestrength Beyoncé is trying portray. This has been done becauseof the genre and because of the song she is singing. She hasdecided to make sure she looks powerful in both the musicvideo and on her album. This is to continue the female strengththeme we can so obviously see. Without making sure that shelooked as powerful in her album, it would mean that the musicvideo wouldn’t match her album and therefore would make itseem weaker.
  11. 11. Within the album cover there is a page specific for the ‘Run The World’ song. In this we can seeBeyoncé with heavy makeup and similar hair style you would see in the music video. She is alsobalancing on a pair of ropes. After looking at shots of her riding on a horse in the beginning of themusic video and commanding a lion by her side; these all contribute to one theme. It seems as if sheis the master of the circus. This theme is continued in both the music video and the album insert.
  12. 12. As you have seen Beyoncé hasdecided to have different albumcovers available we have alsodecided to do this, however wehave done it with the actual CD’savailable. This means that whenour target audience would buy thealbum they wouldn’t know whichCD they had chosen, making it asurprise. We felt that this would fitour young female audience and fitsthe fun loving theme of the musicvideo.
  13. 13. Here the title of both the albums is at the top however because wewanted our magazine advert to look like it had been signed by the artistthe signature is situated at the bottomIn both adverts you can see that an image of thealbum is displayed. This is typical in many advertsso that if people want to buy the album theyknow what to look out for
  14. 14. Both adverts mention what songs are included.We have done this because it fits the conventionsof what you might see on a advert with a similargenre or audienceMiley Cyrus has also decided to have her album coveron display so that people will recognize it. Her advertis on a a YouTube video which is a good idea whenconsidering her audience and them being young andin to technology.