Evaluation Question Four


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Evaluation Question Four

  1. 1. Construction and Research
  2. 2. This is the Pentax DSLR camera and basic tripod that we used to film our music video with. Depending on the differentscenes and what we would be shooting the settings would be changed according to it. We not only used this camera togain footage for the music video but it was also used to get feedback from students and our target audience. We used thiscamera for any shoots that we did for the digi pack or poster.
  3. 3. This is how I would position the camerabefore filming something like the classgiving us feedback on our screening
  4. 4. When I filmed some of the narrative scenes I used the same Pentax DSLR camera and basic tripod to hold it in place.When assembling the tripod I would make sure that the balance bubble was in the the middle of its circle. By checking thisevery time it means that I know that when I film the camera will be level. After checking that the tripod is secure and theequipment attaching the camera to the tripod is safely attached I then would begin to change the settings on the camerato fit its surroundings and what is going to be filmed.When filming the performance shots we would now make sure that we change the focus manually. This is because of themovement involved in the performance it can sometimes change whether the performer is in focus or not. Therefore thishas to be done manually when I am performing, however for narrative scenes is is easier to put the camera at auto focus.This is an example of something I have learnt about the technological equipment that we use, which I didn’t know before.By doing things like test shoots and multiple shoots it means that you can learn as a group the best way to use theequipment in order to get the correct shot for the final product.
  5. 5. Checking the settings onthe camera beforefilmingChecking thepositioning of thecamera and certainfactors like exposure.Once in position I askedsomeone to see if it wasin focusTest run of performancebefore checking it andthen continuing to film
  6. 6. During class and after school this is the editingmachine that we shared with another group. Wehave sheets on the wall were you can book it but forof the project we would speak to them about when itwas best for each group to use it. When we sat downas a group to edit we would usually have one personworking the mouse and the other on the keyboard.This worked especially well for us when we had toimport new footage. It meant that we could see whatworked and what didn’t and whilst one could syncthe clips in the other could label them each one.
  7. 7. We would play the music from my phone during performances in the studio. This would mean I could lipsing to the song correctly so that when we edited the clips it would match the song on our sequence. Thekey thing for us was that we needed to make sure that the song used in the performance was exactly thesame song on our project, otherwise we wouldn’t be able to sync up the clips properly.
  8. 8. These are the computers that we use in school. I would use acomputer like this for my research in this project. By having thecomputers available every lesson it means that we were able touse the to do a wide range of research over the internet.I also used the scanner in school to put things on my blog likestoryboards and notes I made in my book. This meant that whenwe were filming if we ever forgot the storyboards we had themonline to look back on.
  9. 9. Planning and Evaluation
  10. 10. I used the DSLR camera when filming the class and my teacher during our initial screening. I also usedthe camera when doing a one on one interview with my target audience. I then used the editingmachine to put it all together
  11. 11. At home I used the iPad to do any quick research. I also used it to take pictures of the feedback notes and anyother work I wanted to transfer to my computer to continue on it. If I thought of any work that I wanted to puton blogger straight away I downloaded the blogger app as well. I also used the iPad to create my voice notesand then transferred it to my computer. I then played the recordings into a speaker on my mac to create avideo because a couldn’t find another way to make the audio play on blogger. I used the mac computer athome for programs like word and power point as well.Overall I used a variety of technology that not only built on the skills I already had in knowing how to use it butI can now use it more effectively. I have also learnt new things with the equipment I needed and found thetechnology available extremely useful in the different stages of this project.