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Questionnaire Results

  1. 1. Jade ForemanMarket ResearchPrimary ResearchI have done this survey to discover the target audience of my magazine, and so what type ofmagazine to do and what to put in it. I have done this so I can make sure I can create theperfect magazine for different people and so then I can profit from making the effort tofinding out what people like. Favourite Genre Pop Dance Indie Dub StepThe people I surveyed answered more than one genre of music but the majority chose Indieand so in my magazine it would mainly consume Indie music with a variety of differentgenres as well. The least was Dub Step, showing most people like music that have words,that you can sing to, not just music playing that you can only dance to and not sing to. Afterthis research I now know that I will mainly have Indie and pop music in my magazine and alittle bit about other genres that people like. People who read music magazines Yes No
  2. 2. Jade ForemanThe majority of people I asked said they don’t read magazines but chose what magazinethey would read if they did, there were a couple that said they did which mainly fell into the12-18 age group. After this research I now know that not many people read magazines andso I have to make my magazine perfect for people so it will attract them to it and so thenhopefully buy it. Preffered music magazines Q Kerrang NME Uncut OtherThe majority of people said they would prefer to read Q, this is probably mainly becausemost people chose more than one genre of music they like and Q does a different variety ofgenres of music and so is available for many different people. The least was Uncut which ismainly for the older people and so that’s why it wasn’t chosen that much considering Iasked a younger group of people. After this research I now know I am going to base mymagazine on Q because it was the magazine most people preferred and so are most likely tobuy a magazine that’s like Q.
  3. 3. Jade Foreman People in employment and not in employment Employed UnemployedMost of the people I asked were in employment which was a shock considering it wasmainly people from the age group 12-18 I asked, this shows that the younger generation aregrowing quickly, becoming more like adults, getting jobs and affording things themselves.After this research I now know that my magazine can be introduced to all ages because theyounger generation are now getting older faster and so are going to be reading things andpaying for things themselves. Preffered Artists or Group Singers Artists Group Singers
  4. 4. Jade ForemanMost people chose Artists that they would prefer to listen to mainly because they thoughtthey were better, they sound better, there’s more solo artists, most of them write their ownmaterial, there more talented or just didn’t know, and one person I asked chose bothbecause they were just a fan of music and love everything. After my research I now knowthat more people prefer solo artists and so my magazine will have mainly solo artists in itand a few bands, but the front cover of the magazine will be a solo artist. Genders Female MaleBoth genders I asked were 50/50 and so it was a fair survey and also showed that most girlsand boys liked the same things. After these results I now know that my magazine can be forboth genders because both genders like similar things and so will enjoy the same magazinethat has the information they enjoy.
  5. 5. Jade Foreman Age Groups 12 To 18 19 To 45 46 To 60IMost of the people I asked were in the 12-18 age groups, most people did pick the same butsome didn’t, some were very different and original, showing that although they fall underthe same age group there not always going to have the same answers and are individual.After these results I am going to put lots of different information and images in mymagazine that benefits all ages.From doing these questionnaires I have finally discovered what type of magazine I amthinking of doing from the help of people giving me ideas on what type of music they like,which is going to be similar to Q magazine as people prefer that magazine, it will havemainly indie and pop music inside it but also have some little information and images ondifferent genres of music that people also like, it will be benefit to all ages and both gendersas they more a less prefer the same genres of music and styles. My magazine will also holdmore solo artists but then also some bands as people like both but mainly solo artists and somy magazine front cover will have a solo artist on the front in the colours of red and whitetrying to get lots of different people’s attention towards it.