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Moveon. org presentation to discuss Clean Energy Bill.

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Mooc Lean Energyair

  1. 1. Nina’ Nuances I nterior s Desig I nc n A discussion on Clean Energ & C y lean Jobs For an Em ing erg Econom y
  2. 2. Nina’s Nuances Interior Design Inc Service Offerings • Green and Sustainable Interior & Exterior Design, remodeling and construction services to commercial and residential clients • Space Planning, window treatment, new room design retrofit, consulting, age in place design, ADA Design, • Ecological and resource efficient design & construction practices • Assessment of lifestyle and lifecycle and the use of sustainable materials and products. • Energy Auditing, for homes including IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) assessment • LEED ratings and points consulting for clients seeking to gain further savings and decreasing the overall impact on the environment. • MS, Environmental Health Occupational Safety, ACGIH, IEEE, ASID • Nina's Nuances Interior Design, Inc 218 Bloomfield Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042
  3. 3. Today’s Presentation • American Recovery and Reinvestment Act - Jumpstarting the economy with Green Energy Jobs creation - Home Weatherization & Green Federal Buildings (Jobs) - Green Jobs Training Programs (Small Businesses) - Tax credits & Rebates (Everyone) - Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency efforts to States • American Clean Energy & Security Act (ACES) aka Waxman/Markey Bill - Green & Clean Jobs Creation (US Based) Millions - Energy Independence (Foreign Oil) Creating our own - Impacting Global Warming & Pollution issues - Protecting our clean energy future helps our economy - Saving Consumers $$$$ on Renewable Energy Sources
  4. 4. American Recovery & Reinvestment Act The Stimulus Package-Stats • $ 5 Billion to weatherization of houses of Low income families (JC) • $2.25 Billion to retro fit section 8 houses with energy efficient products & services; $250 Million for HUD housing efficient & sustainable (JC) • $2.25 Billion Home rehabilitation under the Home Investment Partnership Program( JC) • $510 million to improve energy eff through Native American Housing Blocks • $300 Million Energy Star programs & State Matching credits for old appliances • The new law expands some exiting programs: Tax Credits for energy eff windows, HVAC & Insulation. Also includes the Investment tax Credit for Solar Thermal and Geo Thermal and a credit on Small Wind turbines. Legend: JC =Job Creation; Eff=Efficiency
  5. 5. American Recovery & Reinvestment Act The Stimulus Act is geared towards Job Creation for small businesses contractors, remodelers and other trades working to make home more energy efficient. The three biggest impacts will be: • Tax Credits: Some reinstated, some new, state sponsored utility rebates, solar panels, and hot water heaters. A homes based bill that creates jobs! • Weatherization: Raising the existing amounts per house from $3,055 to $5,000 and adding new incentives proves to reap a tidy return on Investment (ROI). This can save families up to $413 in energy bills per year, depending on income limits.! • Training: Home remodelers, builders, designers and other trades will benefit from the $500 million for training workers in new careers and retraining some existing worker for jobs in the energy sectors. $300 Million Energy Star programs & State Matching credits for old appliances •This is Bill has almost no money for “Green Building Strategies” it focusing on Homes with respect to remodeling and retrofitting to create jobs. The Waxman/ Markey Act will make more provisions for Green and Sustainable building.
  6. 6. American Clean Energy & Security Act This (ACES) Act will create millions of new clean energy (Green/Sustainable) jobs and save consumers billions in energy cost savings by four main goals/Titles: • Clean Energy: This goal aims to promote renewable energy sources, carbon capture & sequestration technologies, clean fuels, creation/upgrades of smart grid and transmissions and clean vehicles. • Energy Efficient title increasing efficiency across all sectors of the economy, buildings, products, appliances, transportation and industry. • Global warming title that places limits on emissions. • Transitioning title that protects consumers and industries while creating and promoting green/clean energy jobs growth while making the transition to a newer cleaner environment. The Bill has moved quickly to the House Committees for consideration
  7. 7. How ARRA & ACES will work for My Small Business • Will allow my small business to access existing and new Grant monies, and SBA Loans to increase training budgets for new jobs creation. • Will provide tax credits and incentives for businesses expanding into Clean/Green jobs economy. • Add on new energy & green services to existing businesses to increase sales and profits. • Greening of existing building to continue to lead by example and assist with educating the public.
  8. 8. Green Kitchen Remodel Project Location: Montclair, NJ Interior Designer: Jacqueline Germany, Nina’s Nuances Interior Design, Inc. Overview and Scope: This project incorporated a total kitchen remodel with upgrades to the HVAC and water resource systems. Photo Credit: Jacqueline Germany
  9. 9. Green Kitchen Remodel Energy Conservation – • Replaced original appliances with energy- efficient ones • Replaced original lighting fixtures with energy-efficient fixtures and lamps • Utilized dimmer switches and more effective lighting controls Photo Credit: Jacqueline Germany • Upgraded windows to improve insulation
  10. 10. Case Study: Green Kitchen Remodel Indoor Air Quality – • Used low-VOC paint and non-toxic interior finishing products on cabinets, walls, and flooring • Replaced HVAC system and added new vents and filters • Added a cooking hood with pollution controls to aid clean exhausting of odors and fumes Photo Credit: Jacqueline Germany • Replaced old plaster and lath with paperless sheetrock
  11. 11. Renewable Energy Credit (REC)
  12. 12. Summary • As Citizens, Consumers, Small Businesses we need to engage heartily with our State Senators, US, and Representatives to keep driving the Clean Energy Bill through to completion and success. • As Consumers we need to start aggressively assessing our current energy status (Homes, businesses) and start researching how we will move forward towards a new cleaner environment. • We all need to start educating ourselves with the issues , understanding what environmental/energy impacts we are creating and how we intend to rectify by retrofit, remodeling and new constriction projects. • We must thing must think our renewable energy and conservation , about the deconstruction of the existing and disposal and reuse of the components, long term which will create a sustainable future. • Existing Homes, buildings have significant environmental impacts and green renovation/remodeling and retrofit projects can reduce these! • Get involved with you local PAC, or neighborhood community organization!
  13. 13. Nina’s Nuances Interior Design Inc, “What’s Old is New Again” 218 Bloomfield Avenue, Suite 11C, Montclair, New Jersey 07042 email: Voice: 973-233-1226