Social Media Brian Johnson Program, 07.14.10


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Social Media 101 presented to Rotary Club of Madison, July 2010.

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Social Media Brian Johnson Program, 07.14.10

  1. 1. July 14, 2010 Social Media Primer Downtown Madison Rotary Club Brian D. Johnson
  2. 2. Networked Insights
  3. 3. MEDIA + SOCIAL = SOCIAL MEDIA Media - A method of distributing information Social - To engage with a bunch of people Networked Insights
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA – I AM CONSUMER… HEAR ME ROAR. Publisher Consumer Publisher / Consumer / Consumer Publisher Networked Insights
  5. 5. New Opportunities Presented By Social Media 1. Talking 2. Listening (sound familiar?) Networked Insights
  6. 6. Networked Insights
  7. 7. THE BIG 5 Networked Insights
  8. 8. ( With Deference to MySpace) Goliath… on steroids • More traffic than Google since March • 400 Million active users, 50% logon every day • #3 most visited website for 65+ age group • 37% are over 35 yrs old • 500 BILLION minutes per month spent on FB • 25 Billion pieces of content shared every month A way to interact with people primarily through sharing text updates and photos. Also an email and instant messaging tool Networked Insights
  9. 9. Personal Applications • Reconnecting and staying current with friends and family all over the globe • Playing games • Scheduling events • Keeping up-to-date contact info • Making new acquaintances with similar interests Networked Insights
  10. 10. Personal Application Examples Me: Drum corps friends, college friends, wife’s family, my family, high school classmates, former co- workers, etc. Networked Insights
  11. 11. Professional Applications • Networking • Place for customers, fans, or critics to share information, provide feedback, or champion your products & services • Disseminating information quickly to those that are most passionate about the brand Networked Insights
  12. 12. Professional Examples Supranet: Thank you messages, photos of Supranet t-shirt wearers, general info Happy Bambino: Conversations, breast feeding laws, product reviews, baby pictures, new products. 1,200 followers. Starbucks: Manage your rewards account, upcoming events, photos of Starbucks in exotic locations, comments, 10mm followers Networked Insights
  13. 13. Rotary Applications • Easy way to setup online community for the group • Another way to share information • Connect and follow-up with other Rotary club members • Grant making publicity • Spreading the word on programs, service projects, scholarships, grants through member networks Networked Insights
  14. 14. Rotary Examples Rotary Club of Redmond Rousers (Redmond, WA): Event updates, recognition, meeting location changes, publicize group study exchange opps Chase Community Giving: $5mm grant making program recognizing online activism and publicity through Facebook Networked Insights
  15. 15. Focused, steady growth – POWERFUL tool • 70 Million users • One-third are older than age 50 • 2 in 5 have incomes over $100K • Over 83,000 LinkedIn members within 25 mile radius of downtown Madison The power is in connections: 488 contacts = 3.7 million people I can be introduced to personally Networked Insights
  16. 16. Personal Applications • For the most part, strictly business • Keeping up-to-date contact information for all of your relationships Networked Insights
  17. 17. Professional Applications • Rolodex turned digital • Online resume • Recommendations & referrals • Recruiting • Reference checks • Sales prospecting • Lead generation • Company pages contain content both controlled by the company as well as LinkedIn (employees) Networked Insights
  18. 18. Professional Examples Brian Johnson: Resume, connections Stephan & Brady: Description of goods & services, connections to employees past & present with locations Networked Insights
  19. 19. Rotary Applications • A primary function of the club is networking– it’s a natural fit for all members to be active on LinkedIn • 5 years ago less than a dozen members of Downtown Madison Rotary were on LinkedIn. Today there are 309 results for Rotary within 25 miles of downtown Networked Insights
  20. 20. Rotary Examples Rotary Club Presidents Past and Present: Use of Group feature on LinkedIn Minneapolis Rotary Club #9 Networked Insights
  21. 21. BLOGS Proof that everyone has an opinion • Abbreviation for Web Log = Blog • Rough estimate –200 Million active blogs Digital equivalent of a personal journal, newspaper column, short essay, diary, or any other short-form writing structure. Wordpress & Blogger are 2 most common blogging templates Networked Insights
  22. 22. BLOGS Personal Applications • Creative writing outlet • Keep people informed with your life in more detailed format • Incorporate multi-media into your personal journals Networked Insights
  23. 23. Personal Application Examples Johnson Kiddos: Pictures, videos, funny stories, and updates on our kids and the “fun” of raising them Erin Henderson: Personal blog of family with 12 kids – 9 thru transracial adoption, that touches on a number of personal issues relating to parenting, adoption, race issues, HIV, etc. Has turned into an income source. Networked Insights
  24. 24. BLOGS Professional Applications • Building and managing a personal brand • Establishing thought leadership • Sharing your good ideas • Engaging in quality discussions on complex topics Networked Insights
  25. 25. Professional Examples Foley & Lardner Nano and Clean Technology: Thought leadership in a domain where they specialize Penelope Trunk: Career advice Seth Godin: Strategic marketing Paul Soglin: Civic and political issues Ellie Schatz: All Kinds of Smart Rick Kiley: gThank You Networked Insights
  26. 26. BLOGS Rotary Applications • Recap weekly meetings in a format other than email newsletter • A different way to disseminate timely information Networked Insights
  27. 27. Rotary Examples Gallipolis Rotary Club: News, events, board minutes Hendersonville Rotary Club: Newsletter style updates ALL NEW!!!! Downtown Madison Rotary President’s Blog: Networked Insights
  28. 28. Either the most brilliant thing ever… or the stupidest thing ever. • 105 million users, 20% active • 1.6 Billion tweets per month Microblog – same as a blog but 140 characters at a time. Sharing ideas through Twitter is both a challenge and an opportunity. It’s difficult to be concise, but very powerful and effective as well. Networked Insights
  29. 29. Personal Applications • If you can think it up, it’s been used that way. • Benign – There’s nothing good on TV tonight. • Life Changing – Locating victims of the Haitian earthquake. • Humor • Tweet-ups • Sharing links • Live event updates • Direct communication with celebrities Networked Insights
  30. 30. Personal Application Examples Lance Armstrong: Updates on cycling, notes of encouragement and support to cancer victims, appearances The Onion: America’s finest news source Wile E. Coyote: Super Genius Networked Insights
  31. 31. Professional Applications • Press releases • Quick burst idea sharing • Live conference updates • Customer service • Keep up-to-date on buzz in your industry • Gateway to the internet – real-time search for what’s happening online Networked Insights
  32. 32. Professional Examples Zappos: General business leadership thoughts from CEO Tony Hseih Ford Fiesta: Launched massive campaign around new Fiesta model and led with Twitter Comcast Cares: Intercept customer service problems while their customers were on hold forever with telephone reps Networked Insights
  33. 33. Rotary Applications • Ummmmm….. Networked Insights
  34. 34. Rotary Examples Rotary International: News, info, promotional items, publicity Memphis Rotary: Speaker listings and announcements Networked Insights
  35. 35. The inmates are running the asylum. • 2 Billion views per day. • 24 hours of content uploaded EVERY MINUTE • For every day of content produced by a major network, 4 months of content are produced on YouTube Video production, mass distribution, sharing, and conversation available to anyone with a cell phone or camcorder. Networked Insights
  36. 36. Personal Applications • Again - if you can think it up, it’s been done. • How-to videos • Kids events • Humor • Entertainment • Intrigue • Feats • Athletic accomplishments Networked Insights
  37. 37. Personal Application Examples Making a perfect mitre cut: instructional video Sorcerer’s Apprentices: Movie trailer Favre’s Interception Against the Saints: Vikings karma George Carlin: Classic routines Networked Insights
  38. 38. Professional Applications • Product demonstrations • Company announcements • Proof of accomplishments Networked Insights
  39. 39. Professional Examples Welton Enterprises: Bachmann Pools & Spas: Networked Insights
  40. 40. Rotary Applications • Effects & impacts of service projects • Meeting make-up for presentations • Memories of group social events Networked Insights
  41. 41. Rotary Examples Sydney Rotary: Introduction to the club Paul Harris: Audio recording of address Bill Gates: Speech at Rotary International meeting Polio eradication: program description Networked Insights
  42. 42. Other Social Media Resources •Flickr – Photo sharing site •Digg – Content rating, sharing, reposting, filtering •FourSquare – Identifying other people in the same physical location •SlideShare – Powerpoint deck sharing •Scribd – Document sharing (templates, contracts, policies, manuals, etc.) Networked Insights
  43. 43. We fuel insights, helping agencies and brands make smart marketing decisions. Founded in 2006 by industry leaders and Brian D. Johnson VP Operations seasoned entrepreneurs in the fields of 608-237-1867 social media and customer intelligence. Headquartered in Madison, WI, with offices in New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.