Minutes of edu parliament 23rd january 2013


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Minutes of edu parliament 23rd january 2013

  1. 1. Minutes of EduParliament Wednesday 23rd January 2013 Office of the Director of EducationAttendance:Mrs. J. Pringle – Chairperson Dr. C. Crump-RussellMrs. P. Collins Ms. J. GeorgeMs. I Francis Mr. P. SaundersMrs. D. Antonio Mr. P. LloydMrs. K Browne-Francis Mr. E. MichaelMr. J. Prosper Mrs. J. RichardsonMs. J. Mason Mr. M. RichardsonMr. S. Samuel Mrs. P. NicholasMr. G. Knight Mrs. A. BurtonMrs. P. Spencer Mrs. S. MascallMrs. D. Etinoff Mrs. B. AllenMrs. E. Ersdaille Mr. A SpencerMrs. I. George Mrs. M. ByronDr. P. GeorgePrayersPrayers by Mr. Michael at 10:06Grade 2 & 4 AssessmentDecision: date for Grade 2 & 4 Assessment 11th & 12th JunePrincipal MeetingMeeting with all Principals - Wednesday 20th February to discuss U.S.E.CXC Anniversary Service ReviewPoor attendance by MOE Officers and SchoolsTablet DistributionPresentation by Mrs. Mascall & Ms. Mason • Tablets distributed to AGHS, Island Academy, SMS and SJA. Total of 92 Tablets distributed. • Review of letter to be distributed to schools – Re: Tablets – the letter will be signed by the DOE. • Follow up sessions presently being conducted with the recipients of the tablets 1
  2. 2. • Software Air Watch and Net Sweeper are installed on the tablets to monitor sites visited by the students and the location of the tablets. • Students have internet access on the tablets from 7 am – 7 pm. • Sim cards must not be removed from tablets or they will confiscate. When the card is removed the tablet is locked and has to be reprogrammed by the technicians. There has been one incident of the sim card being removed. • Tablets must be returned by the students after completing CXC. • Next distribute will be on 15th February to all secondary schools except Irene B WilliamsCDB Project • New deadline set for end March • Sector Plan prepared by the Consultants (UW Consortium and Profile Inc.) was rejected by World Bank for the third time • World Bank has no confidence in the Consultants • MOE will complete the Sector Plan for resubmissionDigital Memories PlusA presentation was made by Mrs. Richardson on behalf of Digital MemoriesPlus. The group will make presentations to schools RE: Digital Yearbooks.School Leaving CertificatesReview of the proposal made by School Leaving Certificate Committee.After review the following suggestion were made • The School Leaving Certificate should be granted on the following 1. Completing 5 years of the Core Subjects – ( English A, English B, Mathematics & Information Technology) 2. Community Service as recommended by the Committee 3. Completing a minimum of 2 years of any subject cluster Subject Clusters a) Natural/Applied Sciences – Chemistry, Biology, Physics, Int. Science, Ag. Science, Human and Social Biology b) Social Science – Geography, Social Studies and History c) Modern Languages – Spanish and French d) Business – Principles of Business, Principles of Accounts, Office Administration, Economics and Electronic Document Preparation and Management (EDPM) e) TVET – Home Economics and Industrial Technology f) Arts – Visual and Performing Arts.Decision to have two members of the School Leaving Certificate Committeepresent next EduParliament. 2
  3. 3. Education Week MOE Social Evening – Saturday 9th February Organizers: Ms. Mason Mrs. Richardson Time: 7 pm Venue: Presidential Suite, Sir Vivian Richards Stadium Activities: games, movies, karaoke Admission: drink & food item (list will be circulated)Next MeetingWednesday 30th January 2013Jacqueline Richardson 3