Stone Fox background information

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Stone Fox background information

Stone Fox background information

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  • 1. 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…
  • 2. All about Wyoming The setting of Stone Fox By John Reynolds Gardiner
  • 3. This is a map of Wyoming. Wyoming is a large state in the Western United States. Not many people live there...
  • 4. But it’s BEAUTIFUL! The Grand Tetons, a mountain range in western Wyoming.
  • 5. There is still snow in May!
  • 6. The Rocky Mountains The Rocky Mountains are beautiful at sunset! This view is from Yellowstone lake in Yellowstone National Park. This park is located in the northwestern corner of Wyoming.
  • 7. Old Faithful and Devil’s Tower Two very popular places in Wyoming. Do you know either of these places?
  • 8. Watch out for buffalo! You will find buffalo, bears, elk, wolves and other wild animals in Wyoming. Be careful! (Buffalo smell REALLY bad!!)
  • 9. WOW! Some of the beautiful sights that will amaze you!
  • 10. Mountains and Valleys Two beautiful views in Wyoming. It really does look like this!
  • 11. Meet the Characters • Little Willy: A 10-year old boy who will always help if there is a problem. • Searchlight: Little Willy’s faithful dog. • Grandfather: Little Willy’s only family. • Doc Smith: The town doctor. • Stone Fox: The mysterious Indian from the Wyoming wilderness.
  • 12. The Old West This is what Little Willy’s town may have looked like in Stone Fox.
  • 13. Going to School Little Willy’s school was probably a small, one room schoolhouse where all the children in the town went together.
  • 14. A horse and plow on a farm
  • 15. The Potato Plant • Potatoes grow ABOVE and BELOW the ground!
  • 16. Potato Farmers use a PLOW to get the potatoes when they are ready. In the time of Stone Fox, farmers used animals to pull the plow (look at the picture). Today, farmers use machines.
  • 17. Plowing Potatoes Little Willy probably used a plow like the picture to the left. The potatoes to the right are ready to sell.
  • 18. Stone Fox is a character as well as the title of the book. He is a Native American from the Shoshone tribe. This tribe lived in the area of the United States where Wyoming is now located.
  • 19. The Big Race Little Willy and Stone Fox participate in a race. To the left is a Samoyed - the type of dog that Stone Fox has. Above is an example of a dog sled used in the race.
  • 20. Little Willy rides through the town? You might imagine this scene from the book!
  • 21. Are you ready to read?