Potatoes are healthy for you and our planet


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Potatoes are crucial for our future!
Increasing world population
Less water
Potatoes contain less calories than all other basic products
Potato growth needs less water than all other basic products

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Potatoes are healthy for you and our planet

  1. 1. Potatoes are healthy! For you and our planet population will be overweight? population will grow from 7 to 9 billion? will live in areas with water shortage? But did you also compared to other basic food products? needs less water than other basic food products? are also tasty?
  2. 2. Facts 437 calories, whereas in the past it contained 268 calories. serving a healthy meal. risk of welfare diseases (heart diseases, cancer etc.). eating fresh potatoes. Potatoes and health the category of carbohydrate containing food (see table). and dietary fibres, such as minerals and vitamins (B1, B6, C). studies have proved that losing weight is not about eliminating certain types of food, but about balanced reduction of calories. Potatoes, if prepared healthily and in the right proportion, will even contribute to weight loss. HZPC takes a high interest in health topics and are therefore continuously conscious of certain aspects. ® , the low calorie potato. This potato contains less than 59 kcal per 100 grams. potatoes will result in improved components, like dietary fibres, antioxidants and glycemic index (GI). “Good carbs do not Source: BPC Vital Vitamin B6 a vital nutrient for a healthy nervous system necessary to make new cells and proteins and healthy blood Fibres help prevent constipation when combined with water and exercise Magnesium Zinc & Copper help to build strong bones and teeth along with calcium Vitamin C necessary for healthy hair, skin, bones, teeth and gums Vitamin B1 necessary to release energy from carbohydrates Potassium Provider helps to control blood pressure Iron for healthy blood Carbohydrates provides fuel for the brain and is stored for energy Potatoes boiled/steamed 84 Pasta whole-wheat boiled Pasta white-boiled Rice whole-grain boiled Rice white-boiled Bread whole-wheat Bread white Indexed calories of food products:
  3. 3. Balanced food goes green! Fruit -Vegetables Fruit Bread - Pasta - Rice - Potato - Legumes Vegetables-Bread-Potato Olive oil Legumes-Pasta-Biscuits-Olive oil-Milk-Yoghurt-Rice-Egg Milk-Yoghurt White meat - Sweets Cheese - Egg -White meat - Fish - Biscuits Cheese - Fish Sweets - Red meat Red meat Environmental Pyramid Food Pyramid ENVIRONMENTALIMPACT LOWHIGH HIGHLOW NUTRITIONALAMOUNTS
  4. 4. Facts usage (rivers, lakes etc.). the most important food in the world. nutrients per unit water than aforementioned food crops (see table). aforementioned food crops (see table). potatoes also need less fertilisation (nitrogen and phosphate) than other global crops. Potatoes have efficient usage of water, nitrogen and phosphate! important as a food crop. As illustrated, the Chinese government has the aim to double the potato production and consumption from 60 million to 120 million tons in the next 10 years. and HZPC selected for water and fertilisation needs. this area with a relatively high performance in adverse conditions. Product Average Rice Corn Wheat Potato Apples Olives Beef Average
  5. 5. Durable food Safe food Food of excellent quality Fresh food Tasty food Convenience food Local food Unique food Healthy & balanced food Sylvana Sifra Carrera Vivaldi Annabelle Innovator Highly efficient in water use Highly efficient in nitrogen use High stress resistance Few calories Specific, genetic taste attributes and consistent stable Crunchy fries Reliable and high yielding, durable food (minimal use of environmental resources) Well balanced light food Tasty food, consistent year round availability Convenient food of excellent quality Variety Characteristics Building stones/Benefits Tips Building stones for consumers’ food requirements A few examples of the HZPC variety assortment
  6. 6. The potato is the basis of many consumers’ daily food. Its various methods of preparation - boiled or baked, fried or roasted, make the potato a vital part of a delicious meal. HZPC is continuously working on the development of new potato varieties with specific characteristics for various applications. As such, HZPC is an interesting partner for many different businesses throughout the entire potato chain. HZPC is recognised as a world leader in the marketing of potato varieties. HZPC’s seed potatoes are exported to more than 70 countries. As a seed potato breeder and supplier, HZPC is positioned at the start of the potato chain. The employees of HZPC therefore attach great value to understanding the specific needs of the different players throughout the entire chain. Interested? Please contact us for additional information. Research & Development Complex in Metslawier (The Netherlands) HZPC Holland B.V. T +31 (0)513 48 98 88 F +31 (0)513 48 98 44 info@hzpc.nl www.hzpc.com HZPC and durability In 2010 HZPC invested in a new high tech greenhouse. Durability was the keyword during the realisation of this complex. By making use of the newest techniques we have realised a highly innovative heat/cold storage system which supplies energy. In future we will even be able to supply energy to third parties.