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Cbs   competing through innovation

Cbs competing through innovation



Marketing course at Copenhagen Business School

Marketing course at Copenhagen Business School



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    Cbs   competing through innovation Cbs competing through innovation Presentation Transcript

    • Marketing strategy and planning Innovation - Markops Week 41 Jacob Holm Jacob.k.holm@gmail.com www.office2go
    • 16-okt Hold 17-okt Hold28.00-8.30 8.00-8.308.30-9.00 8.30-9.009.30-10.00 9.30-10.0010.00-10.30 10.00-10.3010.30-11.00 10.30-11.0011.00-11.30 11.00-11.3011.30-12.00 11.30-12.0012-12.30 frokost 12-12.30 frokost12.30-13.00 12.30-13.0013.00-13.30 13.00-13.3013.30-14.00 13.30-14.0014.00-14.30 14.00-14.3014.30-15.00 14.30-15.0015.00-15.30 15.00-15.3015.30-16.00 15.30-16.0016.00-16.30 16.00-16.3016.30-17.00 www.Office2go.dk
    • The marketing management process Part 1:Marketing Strategy• Market –led strategic management – chapter 1• Strategig marketing plannng Part 2: Competitive market analysis• The changing market environment – chapter 3• Customer analysis – chapter 4• Competitor analysis - chapter5• Understanding the organizational resource base – chapter 6• Forecasting future demand and market requirements – chapter 7 Part 3: Identifying current and future competitive positions• Segmentation and positioning principles – chapter 8• Segmentation and positioning research – chapter 9• Selecting target markets– chapter 10 Part 4: Competitive position strategies• Segmentation and positioning principles – chapter 11• Competing through the new marketing mix – chapter 12•Competing trough innovation– chapter 13• Competing through superior service and customer relationship – chapter 14 Part 5: Implementing the strategy• Strategic customer management – chapter 15• Strategic alliances and network – chapter 16• CSR – chapter 18 www.Office2go.dk
    • What is marketing’s role“There are only one valid definition of business purpose: To create a customer!Because it’s purpose is to create a customer, a business has two– and only two – basic functions. Marketing and innovation. Theyproduce results – all the rest are costs”Peter Drucker – Markedsføring 12 – 2005 Therefore we need to focus on: 1. how we increase the effectiveness of the marketing effort 2. The level of innovation www.Office2go.dk
    • Innovation er en svær ting www.Office2go.dk
    • Innovation modelIn many situations, competition is between business models, not products andcompanies – page 327 www.Office2go.dk
    • Innovation www.Office2go.dk
    • 2. Micro environment Porters five forces Market definition New entries Threats & attractiveness, competence Industry competitorsSuppliers Determine BuyersPower etc. intensity & Power etc. attractiveness? One interesting question in using this approach is whether the existing competitors in a market are capable of reinvention, or whether emerging Substitutes value-creating opportunities will Relative price, instead be exploited by new entrants switching cost etc. in the market. Page 328 www.Office2go.dk
    • Innovation•Disruptive innovation•Proactive cannibalisation•Value innovation Blue ocean strategy•Big ideas•Innovation networks www.Office2go.dk
    • Innovation – “Think new” – Blue Ocean Strategy www.Office2go.dk
    • A paradox of strategy: 100% 14% 90%C re a tin g a n e w 80% 38%m a rke t 70% 61% 60% 50%lin e e x te n sio n s o r 86% 40%in cre m e n ta l 30% 62%im p ro ve m e n ts toe x istin g in d u strie s 20% 39% 10% 0% C a se s T o ta l re ve n u e T o ta l p ro fit www.Office2go.dk
    • The traditional perception of strategyQuality Differentiation Low-cost Price www.Office2go.dk
    • Red ocean versus blue ocean strategy Red ocean strategy Blue Ocean strategyCompeting in existing market place Create uncontested market spaceBeat the competition Make the competition irrelevantExploit existing demand Create and capture new demandMake value / cost trade-off Break the value / cost trade-offAlign the hole system of the Align the hole system of thecompany’s activities with it’s company’s activities in pursuit ofstrategic choice of differentiation or differentiation and low costlow cost www.Office2go.dk
    • The traditional perception of strategyQuality New strategic possibility Differentiation Low-cost Price www.Office2go.dk
    • Value innovation Cost Blue ocean Customer value www.Office2go.dk
    • Advantages with blue ocean strategies• Low cost and high value creates a leap in value both for the customer and for the company• History has shown that you have the new market space alone for up to 15 years.• It create barriers to imitation – Body shop >< Estée Lauder www.Office2go.dk
    • How to create a Blue ocean Which factors should be downgraded compared to the industry standardWhich factors has the Which factors shouldindustry taken for A new value be created that hasgranted and should curve newer been seenremoved before Which factors should be upgraded compared to the industry standard www.Office2go.dk
    • Example: Cirque du soleil www.Office2go.dk
    • Coffee break www.Office2go.dk