Social media   it's changing the industry scra crane & rigging workshop
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Social media it's changing the industry scra crane & rigging workshop






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  • ----- Meeting Notes (8/27/12 10:32) -----A couple of things that stuck out to me50% of the worlds population is under 30 a new member joins linkedin every second. How many of you have a Linkedin Account? How many of you check on it weekly? Are you a part of a group?
  • I could come in here today and sugar coat it and say “b2b social media” could change all the problems we have with our companies, but that would be a waste of our time. I love the internet, the web Marketers have a problem
  • Nearly ¾ of all CEOs don’t believe that marketers contribute to the bottom line. When I heard this, it really frustrated me. I am going to dispel this today. I really believe that it has never been a better time to be involved in marketing and especially digital and social media marketing today. Because of the web, social media, and the data that gather from these platforms we now a quantifiable and data drive marketing machine that be accountable for its actions It is never been a better time to get into marketing
  • Leads fix the marketing problem, social media has a lot of applications, community management, brand management, customer support, ect it goes on and on. But what I think helps B2B the most is lead generation.
  • Leads are a leading indicator of how much revenue you stand to make If you a B2B company your sales process may take 1-6 months or even a year for a lead to go through a sales cycle, by that I mean make them aware of your company and services, establish their interest in your products and services, decide that your product is the solution, and then run the decision up the ladder of the company, and then budget and finance.Sell, get approval, get finanace, get paperwork in. Now in order to illustrate the new way we do lead generation let’s look at traditional lead generation
  • When we talk about leadgenreation with social media its important that we talk about where we’ve been with more traditional lead generation methods so that we can see the difference.
  • Track via, email, URL, a phone number and based upon the results you got the ROI.This is a very clear very linear path that’s easy to understand
  • Talk about Landing page and what that isexchange of information and not really just a success and familiar with lead and the information. It isn’t linear and how we segment traffic and calculate ROIAt the center of everything is the landing page (
  • Leads built by social connections are different than those built by traditional campaigns, with social connections we have qualified leads that are more about getting the value out of the lead. Many times we chase after the big huge contact or project, where if we would of done our marketing correctly we wouldn’t have to worry about chasing that huge project because we would have so many good projects coming in that might not be of that noteriety. Your goal shouldn’t be to buy leads your goal should be to buy customers
  • So with with the idea that social media lead generation is different than your traditional lead generation there are a few things that I want to focus on with this presentation so that we grasp a better idea of what “social media lead generation is all about” and also what we can do to improve our efforts
  • One thing we have to keep in mind on what has changed with social media is that the sales cycle doesn’t start just with your sales rep anymore, people do research via the web, social media, and other portals to find information about you way before you even talk to them. This statistic really speaks to making strong connections online. We want to make sure that our content gets out to the customers on the web so we can be in that competitive marketplace. Corporate executive board What that means is that the customer is in control of the sales funnel more than ever before. The web and social media have enabled that.
  • B2B isn’t businesses really about selling business-2-business but more people to people.B2B is still about relationships. With this we want to make sure that we are active on community forums like facebook pages and linkedin groups so that we have a social interaction with our customers before the sales cycle even begins. Trust is the key currency in social media, just as it is in every other platform.
  • You need to interact with them and have positive imagery with that and make sure you do it a fair amount over time. Friend, follow, and connect with key people in your industry. Interaction Affection Time
  • Interaction Because of the shortened amount of time you have to influence your prospects you need to make sure you have a strategy for sharing informatino that gains trust from your prospects and your current customers, One of the companies that we work with recommend a posting strategy of 10-4-1, I don’t follow it exactly to the T and I don’t anyone does, but it is a good starting point of what a strategy should look like.
  • You need to provide information of value, you build the trust of the prospect through the educational articles so you can get them to convert on the other stuff….You need to look and see what’s feasible for your company do I need to do this everyday? Every week? Every couple of days? How much can you create? Use the 4 as a base point.Landing page contains an amount of info about a heavy hauling, it may include videos a piece that you have put together on crane safety.
  • Your prospects could care less about your products, and your product lines and what new capability your shop, the new load capacity of your crane, and ability of your transportation to get across a new type of terrain, they care about solutions to their problems. Make sure that you focus your writing and commination around solving problems not hawking your products. It’s the idea that sharing content is valuable that might strike a new idea in their mind.
  • At the core of all of our efforts should be our blog. It will drive the content from the 10-4-1 rule. Your overall marketing strategy should start at your blog and then influence the rest of your efforts, whether that is the keyword on the Search Engine you’re targeting. The type of customer your trying to reach. The PR release you do and the related content surrounded should be on your blog from an educational standpoint. Your advertising and social media should reflect the topics covered on the blog. The goal is to get everyone on the blog to convert on some sort of landing page or subscription form. The end goal is lead generation.
  • Make sure that your content is educational, and covers an interesting piece of information. Now the best way to do this is to publish an article about a certain study, or current event that helps to support the work that you do or shows value to your type of servicesMake sure that you write for your end user and what ever customer segment you’re targeting. Make sure that you think about what they want to hear and not necesserly what you think they should hear. One way to do this is to get with your sales team and ask them. What are the biggest questions that you get from your customers? Try to answer those questions on your blog. Make sure that when you publish you do it on a regular basis so people have a reason to come back to your website on a normal basisEach Social media platform is different and calls for different types of content, or better yet content that fits the platform better
  • 60,000 for sure seeing it via the share1300 that like it 200,000 see it You have a captive audience and it is all positive What I wish Liebherr would of done, was put a video on their site and add a link to this from this facebook post. It would enabled them to have some potential lead capturing for their sales guys.
  • You need tools to measure things like visitor conversion rates and customer conversion rates. (visitor-lead, lead-customer, visit-customer) Most of us measure basic things like a click through rate or an open rate in email but most of the time we don’t have to software setup to measure when an action on a marketing campaign directly impacts a sale or a close of a deal. - Knowing these baseline metrics helps us to show true ROI of our metrics and without them we cannot really base our decisions on data, this is where marketing becomes less of a “feeling” or a “best practices” and becomes more of a science through testing.
  • We have the problem of disjointed systems, and the only way to measure the effects of our marketing is to make these systems connect and talk to each other. We can gleam more information and make better decisions by measuring key metrics. (Different for each company) Talk about each individual system and the information between each system Email – click through and activity with leads Social Media – who’s commenting, liking and clicking linksCRM – Who are the sales guys meeting with?, when does a contact become a lead, and a customer, Web analytics – Traffic, sources, and impact of content writing Marketing software – managing your SEO, SEM, blogging, CTR, and other lead nurturing materials.
  • Once we have connected all of the systems together we have to ability to make smart marketing decisions, decisions that help is to make marketing less of a cost center but a lead generating, salesmen loving, and revenue generating resource that becomes an irreplaceable You can do crazy things like measure the revenue brought in per email sent out, a blog post or a social media post. It enables us to see what works and continue to do more of that. This also enables us to segments parts of our contacts better and make sure that they are getting a Our market is crane owners. Your market may be different. We can’t have a boots on the ground guy talking to 30,000? 60,000? Can you put a boots on the ground guy to meet all your potential customers? I know we can’t as a company. Integrating these systems may seem daunting, but when done will create a huge cost savings and help you to bring in more qualified leads. Once you invest once with these people once over social media you’re connected to them for good. Say they leave a company, you already know they left. We are a small company at WHECO doing this kind of stuff
  • So with with the idea that social media lead generation is different than your traditional lead generation there are a few things that I want to focus on with this presentation so that we grasp a better idea of what “social media lead generation is all about” and also what we can do to improve our efforts

Social media   it's changing the industry scra crane & rigging workshop Social media it's changing the industry scra crane & rigging workshop Presentation Transcript

  • Who is Jacob Voncannon?• Baylor Graduate, Marketing• Houston, TX Native• Grew up around Energy Business• Fell in to Crane Industry
  • There Is Hope!
  • ConfessionI am a marketing nerd
  • WE HAVE A PROBLEM73% of CEOs don’t believe that marketing contributes to the bottom line -Fournaise Marketing Group
  • What is B2B Social Media All about?1.Leads2.Leads3.Leads
  • What is B2B Social Media All about?Leads are aproxy forsales
  • What is B2B Social Media All about? Traditional VSNew Lead Generation
  • What is B2B Social Media All about? Traditional Lead Generation Mailer Track ROI
  • What is B2B Social Media All about? Social Lead Generation
  • Moneyball Clip
  • Top 3 Tips for B2B Social Media Success
  • 1. Build a Strong Network of Social Connections Online 2. Post The Right Material For Your Audience 3. Make the Blog The Center of Your Efforts
  • 1. Build a Strong Network of Social Connections Online 60% of the sales cycle is over – before a buyer even talks to a salespersonSOURCE: CORPORATE EXECUTIVE BOARD
  • 1. Build a Strong Network of Social Connections OnlineB2B still is and Use Social Media to help gain that trust factor before youalways will be ever meet your prospects aboutrelationships.
  • 1. Build a Strong Network of Social Connections OnlineTrust is the key • Interaction currency in • Affection social media • Time
  • 2. Post The Right Material For Your AudienceThe10-4-1 Rule
  • 2. Post The Right Material For Your Audience10 – 10 Links to industry/third party articles4 – 4 Links to Company Blog Posts (educational)1 – 1 Landing page to a lead generating portal The 10-4-1 Rule
  • 2. Post The Right Material For Your AudienceProspects don’t careabout your products.They want solutions totheir problems - @JefferyLCohen of Radian 6
  • 3. Make the Blog The Center of Your Efforts Public SearchRelations Engine Social Direct Traffic Media Trade Shows Referral Business Advertising Traffic Blog Landing Your Blog as the Center of Page Social Media Leads - B2B Social Media Book
  • 3. Make the Blog The Center of Your Efforts1. Educate don’t inundate2. Be solution, end user minded3. Be consistent and regular4. Don’t approach a platform without a plan and calendar
  • Differences Between Social Media PlatformsFacebook• Visual platform• Lighter content• Good for video
  • Differences Between Social Media PlatformsPinterest• Visual platform• Inspirational• Seamless Sharing
  • GE
  • GE Cont
  • Differences Between Social Media PlatformsTwitter• Quick and short• News and updates• Great for educational
  • Differences Between Social Media PlatformsLinkedin• Business & Educational• Great for articles and long form content• Groups for conversation
  • Social Conversion & Closed Loop ReportingWe must make sure that our futuredecisions are based upon data, and not a gut feeling
  • Social Conversion & Closed Loop Reporting ? ? ? ? ?
  • Social Conversion & Closed Loop Reporting
  • Social Conversion & Closed Loop Reporting• Create revenue focused metrics• Test, Test, and Test some more• Connect systems to see true ROI of social media• Integrated systems tell you what you’re doing right
  • Review1. Build a Strong Network of Social Connections Online 2. Post The Right Material For Your Audience 3. Make the Blog The Center of Your Efforts
  • Resources and Additional Reading • B2B Social Media Book • • • • •
  • Thank you!Any Questions?