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Comparing 3 Major Religions

Comparing 3 Major Religions



Comparing and Contrasting Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism.

Comparing and Contrasting Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism.



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    Comparing 3 Major Religions Comparing 3 Major Religions Presentation Transcript

    • Comparing/Contrasting Islam, Buddhism and Christianity By: Jacob Lewis
    • Islam
      • God is one and indivisible.
      • Believe Adam was free from all sin, and a prophet.
      • Holy book is the Qur’an.
    • Buddhism
      • No deity believed in.
      • Belief in karma and reincarnation.
      • Buddhism does not deal with the beginning or end of the world.
      • Buddhism Religious text deals only with the insights of Buddha won by his strength and will after comprehending the nature of truth.
    • Christianity
      • Holy trinity: The father, the son, and the holy spirit.
      • Believe Jesus is the Son of God.
      • Main holy book is the Bible.
      • Salvation is given as long as one accepts Jesus Christ
    • Similarities between Christianity and Buddhism
      • Love for all People.
      • The Golden Rule used as basis for religion, do unto others as you would like to have done to you.
      • Have the same methods of worship, ringing of bells, erection of towers, rosemary and incense.
    • Similarities between Christianity and Islam
      • Both have holy books, the Qur’an (Islam) and the Bible (Christianity).
      • Both consider Jesus to be born by Virgin Conception.
      • Both believe Jesus ascended into Heaven.
      • Monotheistic Religions.
      • Belief in heaven and hell.
    • Similarities between Buddhism and Islam
      • Have to work to earn salvation.
      • Creationists- Believe that the world is separate from god.
      • Preach an equality of all beings.
    • Similarities between all 3
      • Life after Death.
      • All 3 had a main preacher, Jesus (Christianity), Muhammad (Islam), and Gautama Buddha (Buddhism).
      • All have a set of morals by which to live by.
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