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Stage design

  1. 1. Stage Design Alvin and Chipmunks Chang Sun Lee 2011/11/6Stange planning:I am going create a stage design based on Alvin’s room.
  2. 2. TV I think it will be good to put TV in the stage, because it’s one of the object that Alvin used much. He used TV for watching sponge bob and for playing car racing games. I think he can put two TVs in the stage to watch spongebob and play car racing games in same time. So I thought that it will be good to put TV in stage design. Obtained from: on 7/11/2011 Sofa I think it will be good to put sofa in the stage, because sofa is where Alvins sleeps. I think I should put this, because it’s kind of Alvin’s bed. He usually at sofa where he is in house.Obtained from: on 7/11/2011 Table I think this also be good to put, because Alvin puts things here so the table is so messy. Even if he makes messy on the table, other people really not upset. Table is one of the things that many people put in their house so I think I should put this table in the stage. Also, there is table carpet to cover the table. Obtained from: on 8/11/2011
  3. 3. Umbrella box This is umbrella box, which putting umbrella. I want to put this, because not many people have umbrella box in their house. Also, if there is umbrella box to put umbrella, the house will be more organized. Obtained from: on 9/11/2011 LampI want to put lamp, because many people have lamp in their house.Many people need lamp when they read book at night. Lamp isdoing important work, which is lighting at small places. If we turn onthe big light. It gives some excuses to someone so we can use lampto have small light. Obtained from: on 9/11/2011 Fire place This is one that Alvin’s house has. This can make people warm. It gives some fun to child, because they can put woods in there and they can hear some strange sound like pheh. Now days not many people use this, but I want to put. Because I want to have fun with that. Obtained from: on 10/11/2011
  4. 4. Ceiling Fan This ceiling fan, which gives wind to almost everyone. However there was accident, which simon got hang on there. It will be not really dangerous, because no one will go up. This provides kids don’t touch fans. If the fan is on the floor and it’s turned on and if kids touch it, they will hurt their self. Obtained from: on 10/11/2011 ConsoleThis object is at the back of sofa. There are many things on this object,which are guitar book, plant and lamp. I want to put in the stage,because Alvin’s room or living room is messy. So I want to have to thisobject to make room little bit messy. If there are many objects, the housewill look little bit not organized or messy. Obtained from: on 11/11/2011 Picture Many pictures are in the wall so I thought that it is good to put pictures in my stage design. I thought that it will be really great to show small pictures in my stage design. In the movie or book, the pictures are looking really expensive and interesting so I think it is good to put pictures in my stage design. Obtained from: on 13/11/2011
  5. 5. Table Carpet Table carpet is on the table. The colors looked really beautiful and it was simple. It was kind of simple looking table carpet and I thought that I could get that kind of table carpet. If I put that in stage design, the table will look little bit more fantastic or beautiful. Obtained from: on 16/11/2011 Plant The plant is located on the console. The plant makes the house more fresh and little bit organized. If there are many plants, the air in the house will be more fresh. The plant is really not important, but I want to show that there is little bit of fresh air in the house or stage.Obtained from: on 16/11/2011 Cushion There are some cushions on the sofa. It makes the sofa more beautiful and it gives more comfortable seat. This also gives many helps, which are when we cry some people hug cushions and people use cushions when they lie on the sofa. They put cushions under their head to make cushions like pillow. Obtained from: on 18/11/2011
  6. 6. Guitar bookThere are some books on the console. This shows owner is artist forAlvin’s band. There are many kinds of music books and there are otherkinds of books in owner’s room. He didn’t read books in the book ormovie, but there some books that shows he’s job artist.Obtained from: on 19/11/2011 ClothThere are one cloth that is for Alvin and others to sleep warmer. This cloth ison the sofa, because sofa is their bed. They always have 2 things when theysleep, which are cloth and cushion. So that tells cloth is one of the importantthing to put in the stage design. Obtained from: on 20/11/2011
  7. 7. Explain how your stage would effect theway you as an actor would use the stage There are many spaces at the top of the page, because I wanted to make actorsmove quickly or run. Also, I made some spaces between objects to make actors not getinjured. If I am actor I will use big spaces to move around and I will run or movequickly when I am moving around. Because there are many spaces to move around. If Iam in not many spaces place, I will move little bit slowly. For example, if I am goingsofa to lie down, I will move to sofa slowly and I will fell down to sofa. I almost drewexactly same point of view and places. This makes the actor perform better at my stagewhen they act. The big size of stage makes the actor moves around more than smallstage so I think I need to make stage little bit small so they don’t have to waste timewalking around. My stage is made for actors to move around conveniently. They cantalk when they are walking and they don’t get hurt, because there are many spaces towalk. I tried to make the stage formation that actors don’t get hurt. If my stageformation is in real situation, many people will not get hurt. Because in my stage, thereare not many objects. There are many spaces for actors to move. I used that point tomake actors move quickly and talk while they are walking. There are some spacesbetween the objects to make the actors move safer than other stages. If real actorscome and visit, they might like the stage formation. If the actor perform at my stage, they can talk and walk. It will make the actorsact more conveniently and safely. So they can do back step or side step to move. Theywill like to move around the space and they will like the spaces between the objects.The stage what I made will give many benefits to actors, which act for family drama.When actors act for family drama, my stage will be appropriate.
  8. 8. Why I chose this design? I chose this design, because Alvin’s room is really big. I liked the spaces of roomand I liked what they used objects. I removed some objects to make big space. It washard to find the objects that they used much so I watched movie to find objects. It wasbetter job to find the objects that I needed to research. Alvin’s room has many objectsso I had to remove many objects. The kitchen is connected to living room, which is Alvin’s room. I wanted to drawtoo, but there were many objects in the kitchen. So I just drew square to show thatplace is kitchen. It was hard to choose what objects goes where, but I watched movieto see some examples. I put tv, table and sofa together to make the stage looks likeliving room. I also put pictures or other objects besides the door.