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  1. 1. “Databases”: Systems potentially useful for VR professionals SEI 2008, Jenn Riley Almagest Overview: A “multimedia database” developed by Princeton University and available under an open source license. Designed for visual materials but not built on VRA Core. More information: http://www.princeton.edu/~almagest/opensource/ Functions: Cataloging; Discovery; Presentation Artesia DAM Overview: Robust digital asset management system marketed to both the public and private sectors. Often used in museums. More information: http://www.artesiatech.com/ Functions: Cataloging; Discovery; Data Sharing ARTstor Hosting Overview: Hosting service (currently free to subscribers) for visual resources collections provided by ARTstor. Allows local content to be discovered and used alongside ARTstor licensed content. ARTstor team provides data mapping and content loading services. More information: http://www.artstor.org/what-is-artstor/w-html/services-hosting.shtml Functions: Discovery ARTstor Offline Image Viewer Overview: Available in two versions: one to ARTstor subscribers allowing use of higher- resolution images from the ARTstor collection in the classroom alongside local images, and a public OIV to provide the same presentation functionality on personal images. More information: http://www.artstor.org/using-artstor/u-html/presentation-tool.shtml Functions: Presentation Canto Cumulus Overview: Marketed as a digital asset management system. Built for the commercial sector. More information: http://www.canto.com/main_menu/products/cumulus/cumulus.php Functions: Cataloging; Discovery
  2. 2. 2 Collectus Overview: “Digital Object Collector Tool” from the University of Virginia. Distributed as source code and therefore will require a programmer or system administrator to set up. Functions as an add-in to a collection delivered via the web. More information: http://www.lib.virginia.edu/digital/resndev/collectus.html Functions: Presentation CONTENTdm Overview: Commercial digital asset management system recently acquired by OCLC, based on a qualified Dublin Core model. Largely an off-the-shelf solution but customizable to some degree with programming support. CONTENTdm is commonly used for locally- digitized special collections. Powerpoint plugin available as add-on. More information: http://www.contentdm.com Functions: Cataloging; Discovery; Data Sharing; Presentation DigiTool Overview: Digital library management and delivery software from the Ex Libris integrated library system vendor, which allows “flexible metadata schema.” More information: http://www.exlibrisgroup.com/category/DigiToolOverview Functions: Cataloging; Discovery; Data Sharing DSpace Overview: Open-source software primarily designed to function as an institutional repository, based on a qualified Dublin Core model. As such, it provides a form-based “submission” workflow to add new items into the repository. Implementation of DSpace will require technical staff. More information: http://www.dspace.org/ Functions: Cataloging; Discovery; Data Sharing Extensis Portfolio Overview: Photo management system designed for individual or small group use. More information: http://www.extensis.com/en/products/asset_management/ product_information.jsp?locale=en_US&id=2000 Functions: Cataloging
  3. 3. 3 Fedora Overview: Open-source software that provides the “plumbing” for a digital library architecture. Various modules have been developed by implementing institutions to perform many of the functions needed by a VR repository, though few of these modules were optimized for a VR environment. Implementation of Fedora will require technical staff. More information: http://www.fedora-commons.org/ Functions: Cataloging; Discovery; Data Sharing; Presentation Iris Overview: Cataloging tool using VRA Core, built on FileMaker Pro; version for VRA Core 4.0 is currently under development. More information: http://irisdatabase.wordpress.com/ Functions: VR Workflow Management; Cataloging Keynote Overview: General presentation tool from Apple. More information: http://www.apple.com/iwork/keynote/ Functions: Presentation Luna Insight Overview: Digital collection management and delivery system, requiring client software for many functions. Originally designed for maps and art images and later expanded to paged objects. VRA Core (flattened) and Dublin Core are among the provided metadata templates. More information: http://www.lunaimaging.com/insight/index.html Functions: Cataloging; Discovery; Data Sharing; Presentation MDID Overview: Madison Digital Image Database developed by James Madison University. Available under an open source license. Implementers can share collections with one another. More information: http://mdid.org/ Functions: Cataloging; Discovery MDID Image Viewer
  4. 4. 4 Overview: Standalone application for classroom projection at full-screen resolution. More information: http://mdid.org/mdidwiki/index.php?title=ImageViewer Functions: Presentation OPAC Overview: Generic term for the “Online Public Access Catalog” made available by libraries for patrons to locate items in their collections. These products almost exclusively use the MARC record format. The OPAC is the public view of a larger “integrated library system.” More information: Integrated library systems are available from companies such as Endeavor, SirsiDynix, and Innovative Interfaces. Open source alternatives such as Evergreen and Koha also exist. Functions: Cataloging; Discovery; Data Sharing Powerpoint Overview: Part of the Microsoft Office suite. Generalized presentation tool that provides for (but not exclusively for) visual presentations. More information: http: //office.microsoft.com/powerpoint Functions: Presentation Snapdragon Overview: Cataloging tool using VRA Core 4.0, built on FileMaker Pro. Developed by Smith College and the University of Virginia. More information: http://www.smith.edu/imaging/requestforms.htm Functions: VR Workflow Management; Cataloging VCat (formerly VireoCat) Overview: Cataloging tool using VRA Core 4.0, built on FileMaker Pro. More information: http://vcat.wordpress.com/ Functions: VR Workflow Management; Cataloging