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  1. 1. Agenda Item No: 7 15th February 2010 To the Chair and Members of the JOINT SAFER, STRONGER & SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES AND ECONOMY & ENTERPRISE OVERVIEW & SCRUTINY PANEL HOUSING REVENUE ACCOUNT ASSET MANAGEMENT PLAN 2009 -2014 ONWARDS Relevant Cabinet Relevant Wards Affected Key Decision Member(s) Overview and Scrutiny Panel Cllr C Ransome O/S SSSC ALL YES (K901) EXECUTIVE SUMMARY 1. Following an options appraisal, the management, maintenance and improvement of Council housing stock along with other HRA assets was delegated to St. Leger Homes of Doncaster Limited (“St Leger Homes”), the Arms Length Management Organisation, owned by the Council. However, ownership of HRA assets remains with the Council and therefore all decision making with regard to the future of HRA assets also rests with DMBC. EXEMPT REPORT 2. N/A RECOMMENDATIONS 3. The Chair and Members of O/S SSSC Panel are asked to consider the following recommendations, which will be considered by the Cabinet Portfolio Holder for approval on 1 March 2010.  Note that the HRA asset management plan is an integral part of the council’s overall corporate objectives in respect of Housing and the Corporate DMBC Asset Management Strategy  Approve the HRA Asset Management Plan 2009-14 (see appendix 1)
  2. 2. BACKGROUND 4. St Leger Homes manage a wide range of property assets including council housing, other miscellaneous sites and land as part of the overall portfolio. Of the portfolio 21,348 relates to housing stock. 5. The asset profile is detailed below at 30 January 2008 was  Houses 42%  Bungalows 27%  Flats 19%  Non Traditional 11%  Leaseholders 1% St Leger Homes also manages:  54 Communal Halls (In conjunction with DMBC)  121 Shops (In conjunction with DMBC)  3,490 Garages  District Heating systems and 5 Boiler Houses  Miscellaneous HRA Land assets (inc. Open Plan Frontages, Community Open Space, Un-adopted Roads, etc.) The aims of the Asset Management Strategy are: 6. To bring all Council housing in the Borough up to Decent Homes Standard as soon as is practicably possible and maintain it at that standard; 7. To ensure that investment is made in sustainable properties and investment supports sustainable communities by working closely with customers and other partners; 8. To deliver value for money, including identifying efficiency savings for reinvestment in improved core services; 9. To Increase the ratio of planned to responsive maintenance to 60:40 and continue with a robust planned maintenance approach following the completion of the decency programme; 10. To create vibrant, cleaner, greener estate environments 11. To ensure that customer participation and consultation arrangements involve a wide range of residents and enable the full range of customer views to be heard; 12. To give customers meaningful choices over the way that existing services are delivered and new services are developed.
  3. 3. Strategic Objectives of the Council 13. At the local level, Doncaster’s Sustainable Communities’ Strategy and the Doncaster Borough Strategy provides the key direction for our high level priorities. Doncaster’s Local Area Agreement (LAA) 2007/8-9/10 is the delivery plan for the Doncaster’s Borough Strategy. Emerging Priorities for the LAA, relating to the Asset Management Strategy for St Leger Homes include: -  Sustainable Housing Growth across the Borough and the provision of affordable homes  Meeting the Decency Standard - improving the quality  of existing housing  Housing market renewal across Doncaster’s neighbourhoods  Supporting People priorities 14. The strategy provides the framework to continually assess the stock against a taking account of factors used in the Stock Appraisal Process, Housing Needs information, and planning and valuation issues. OPTIONS CONSIDERED 14. Option 1 - Do Nothing Option 2 - Approve the Housing Revenue Asset Management Strategy appended to this report, and note the property performance data contained within the body of the report. This is the recommended option. • The Authority will have an up to date Asset Management Strategy in place • The Authority will be in a position to demonstrate that it has a robust strategy in place and manages its housing assets in a transparent and logical manner REASONS FOR RECOMMENDED OPTION 15. The Council has overall responsibility for monitoring the performance of St Leger Homes in the fulfilment of the property portfolio it manages on behalf of the Council and ensuring that there is an up to date Asset Management Plan in place. 16. The asset management plan as presented, demonstrates the comprehensive processes that St Leger has in place for managing the council’s housing stock but identifies the robust process that exist to continually appraise the stock and implement the arising necessary identified actions. The strategy contributes significantly to the Council’s ability to demonstrate good stewardship of its asset base.
  4. 4. IMPACT ON THE COUNCIL’S KEY OBJECTIVES 17. The following impacts upon the Council’s key objectives are identified as arising out of this report and associated plan. Doncaster Priorities Implications of this initiative A Prosperous Place The strategy underpins how the Authority collates, monitors and maintains accurate up to date information of its Housing stock which in turn informs investment priorities for its housing stock Skills & Lifelong Learning N/A Healthy & Caring The strategy document addresses areas of national housing policy in respect of decency and statutory responsibilities which have a fundamental impact upon the Authorities housing asset base. These include, the Disability Discrimination Act, Control of Asbestos at Work Regulations, Control of Legionella Approved Code of Practice, the Care Standards Act, the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, and electrical testing. Safer, Cleaner & Greener The Plan identifies a number of areas where the Authority can take positive steps to reduce energy consumption within its housing portfolio and in turn achieve reductions in carbon emissions. The annual collation and reporting of property data and future benchmarking will enable performance to be monitored across this area and required actions for performance improvement to be addressed. Equality of Opportunity The Strategy outlines the Authorities (Cross-Cutting) responsibilities in the context of accessibility and the built environment and outlines the prioritisation programme which is in place to maximise public access to the Council’s housing provision Improving N/A Neighbourhoods Together (Cross-cutting) Protecting The A key objective of the Strategy is to ensure the Environment (Cross- provision of a 100% decent Housing portfolio of cutting) ‘across the borough. Through the processes outlined in the strategy the Council has in place a policy that continually assess its housing property holdings and allows recommendations to be made on the appropriate direction of resources to enhance its housing stock and to consider sustainability issues. Achieving Excellence The Plan ensures that the Authority has in place the minimum requirement to obtain a 3* inspection by the audit commission
  5. 5. RISKS AND ASSUMPTIONS 18. The key risk is that the Cabinet does not approve the Housing Revenue Account Asset Management Plan 2009-2014 as presented in the Appendix 1 to this report. If the Authority does not have an approved, up to date HRA Asset Management Plan in place then it lacks a formal framework through which it can effectively manage its housing portfolio, and will not achieve the minimum requirement to obtain a 3* Audit Commission inspection. LEGAL IMPLICATIONS 19. Section 2 of the local government act 2000 authorises a local authority to do anything that it considers likely to promote or enhance the economic, social or environmental well-being of its area. 20. A number of the actions contained within the plan will require bespoke legal advice across a number of disciplines before they are actioned. FINANCIAL IMPLICATIONS 21. There are no financial implications arising directly from this report. However in order for the Council to maintain its assets to an acceptable standard; significant resources are needed from both capital and revenue. The development of a clear asset strategy must be closely aligned to the finances available to deliver it. The asset management plan details both the available capital resources (£216m from 2009/10 to 2013/14) and the projected revenue / capital budget requirements for maintenance (£16.65m in 2009/10 rising to £18.24m in 2013/14) funded from the Housing Revenue Account. The Capital Resources profiles as available in the period 2009/10 to 2013/14 are subject to confirmation on an annual basis and should be regarded as indicative only. There is not sufficient resource to carry out additional works on the Tower Blocks outside of the Decent Homes Programme (this is the subject of a separate report). CONSULTATION 22. In reviewing the plan, the following service areas have been consulted with:-  3D  Information & Communication Services  Financial Services  Technical Services  Corporate Financial Management  Organisational Development  Performance & Improvement
  6. 6. Through the Authority’s democratic process, the following groups have been consulted with:- • The Directorate Management Team • The Corporate Management Team • The Portfolio Holder • The Executive Board • SSSC Overview & Scrutiny Panel This report has significant implications in terms of the following: Procurement Crime & Disorder Human Resources Human Rights & Equalities Buildings, Land and Occupiers X Environment & Sustainability ICT Capital Programme Detailed Asset implications are contained within the main body of the report. BACKGROUND PAPERS 23. Corporate Asset Management Plan 2006/07 – 2009/10 (Original Plan document) Corporate Asset Management Plan 2006/07 – 2009/10 (2007/08 Revision) and associated Cabinet Report of 12th December 2007 DMBC Schools Asset Management Plan 2004 to 2009 The Capital Programme 2008/09 REPORT AUTHOR & CONTRIBUTORS Ian Fletcher Housing Policy & Partnerships Office (St Leger Homes Client Liaison) Doncaster MBC Mick Werrit Director of Property Services, St Leger Homes Peter Dale Director of Development