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Section 4 Scope of Work (Rider 101).doc

  1. 1. CIO Office Revised: RFP for Altiris Asset Management Software and Asset Lifecycle Processes Implementation Technical Team Section I – RFP Process Introduction The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center (M. D. Anderson) in Houston, Texas, celebrating six decades of Making Cancer History®, is one of the world’s most respected institutions devoted exclusively to cancer patient care, research, education and prevention. Created by the Texas Legislature in 1941 as a component of The University of Texas System, M. D. Anderson continues to rank among the nations’ top cancer hospitals in U. S. News and World Reports America’s Best Hospitals survey since its inception 15 years ago. From a business operations perspective, M. D. Anderson’s Accounting and Financial Services department is responsible for maintaining an accurate, auditable, repeatable and productive asset management program for all institutionally significant inventory items. Such asset management requirements include personal computers (desktops, notebooks) and desktop computer peripherals, whether leased or owned by M. D. Anderson. As part of an overall strategy to implement more productive, industry standard information technology (IT) management processes and supporting IT management applications, M. D. Anderson has recently standardized on products within the Altiris© Services Oriented Management Solution suite. Altiris© solutions currently in use at M. D. Anderson include, for example: • Service Management & Asset Management Suite™ • Service Desk • Software Delivery Solution (or equivalent) • Carbon Copy Solution • Patch Management Solution RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 1
  2. 2. CIO Office Revised: Purpose of the RFP M. D. Anderson has prepared this Request for Proposal (RFP) to facilitate the selection of a professional services vendor to provide a Technical Lead (one resource) and development team (minimum 2) to develop and implement a Customized Altiris AMS - a campus-wide deployment of asset life cycle processes using Altiris AMS and other applicable interfaces that would enable users & tech teams to perform asset related transactions (receiving, reconciliation, delivery, deployment, transfers, refresh, decommissioning, etc) within the Altiris© Asset Management Suite (Altiris). Scope of Engagement Project Deliverables Technical Lead (one resource) will be responsible for customizing Altiris AMS and expected to lead development of supporting tools necessary to implement asset lifecycle processes. Development team will be supporting development and implementation of customized Altiris AMS and must have strong PL/SQL skills along with Altiris Product Suite experience (AMS/CMS, Altiris Workflow, Report writing, barcode solution, etc.). Project is formally chartered, managed by a certified project manager (PMP) and includes the following deliverables:  Technical Lead will initially be needed to review the project scope and work with existing team to verify time & efforts estimation required to complete tasks necessary in producing deliverables for Altiris asset management solution at M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.  Once the above is established, Technical Lead and development team will be responsible for... o Customizing Altiris AMS solution to meet institution’s business requirements and developing tools necessary to accurately manage asset inventory o Integrating customized AMS database with Altiris CMS and other institutional systems (HR, Finance, Receiving, etc.) o Implementation & integration of barcode scanning solution (Altiris Barcode Solution or similar) to support asset life cycle management processes o Developing user interface(s) using web technology, workflow architecture, etc. to initiate and perform asset transactions via AMS o Customizing/creating Altiris reporting system that would enable different MDA teams to produce asset inventory reports such as (but not limited to)…  Department, division and/or user level inventory reports using one or more of following criteria – department, division, status, refresh date/cycle, etc. RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 2
  3. 3. CIO Office Revised:  Auditing Reports - IT Assets that aren’t actively communicating via Altiris, new discovered by Altiris, active assets with end-of-life status (disposed, stolen, etc.), etc. o Developing a mechanism to record asset tag as part of the BIOS for new (as part of commissioning process) and existing assets (optional deliverable). o Provide comprehensive documentation outlining…  AMS customization performed as part of the project  Operating procedures for asset life cycle management processes being implemented Required Skills Resource in Technical Lead role must have…  At least 2-3 years of design & implementation experience of Altiris Asset Management System (AMS)  Thorough understanding of default Altiris Asset Mgmt schema  Ability to customize Altiris AMS implementation to meet specific business rules/requirements  Familiarity with standard project management methodology is desired Each resource shall have…  Familiarity with Altiris Product Suite and its components;  Ability to develop/customize Altiris reports to meet business requirements  Advanced level Database (Microsoft SQL) skills o To prepare and load asset management data from multiple existing asset management systems/data sources o To integrate AMS with other institutional applications/systems via data feeds o To define and develop backend SQL tasks to automate appropriate components of asset lifecycle management processes  Ability to effectively interact with team members and stakeholders  Excellent communication skills along with comprehensive document writing ability Team collectively shall have…  Ability to evaluate, recommend and develop system that allows users (end users, tech teams, administration team) to access/update AMS data to support asset lifecycle management processes  Experience in integrating Altiris CMS data with appropriate asset management records  Comprehensive document writing (technical & procedural) skills  Following skills shall be available via separate resources within development team o Experience in architecting, implementing and integrating barcode scanning solution (Altiris Barcode solution or similar) to support asset lifecycle processes and its integration with Altiris AMS RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 3
  4. 4. CIO Office Revised: o Process implementation/Application development experience using appropriate development methodologies (web technology, Altiris workflow Architecture, etc.) Project Outcomes The technical services delivered to M. D. Anderson within the scope of this engagement and the resulting deployment of the intended Altiris© solution must yield the following outcomes: • Improved customer service through implementation of standardized reports and processes • Enhanced utilization of IT computer assets • More efficient and accurate IT computer asset inventory process • Reduced dollar value of missing IT computer assets Out-of-Scope Elements The following IT asset management elements are excluded from the scope of this engagement. It is recommended however, that all processes developed by the project team are constructed in a manner that would easily accommodate the following at a later date: • Asset management processes for mobile communication devices (e.g., BlackBerry, PDAs, cellular phones), fax machines and copiers • Develop the following institutional processes, including configuration of the Altiris© solution to address: o Equipment maintenance o Enhanced commissioning process for distributed groups Contacts / Inquiries DIRECT QUESTIONS REGARDING RFP PROCESS TO: Michelle Brooks (Sourcing Specialist) Phone: (713) 792-0390 e-mail: DIRECT QUESTIONS REGARDING HUB PLAN (RIDER 104) TO: Donna Schneider (HUB Coordinator) Phone: (713)-745-8348 e-mail: RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 4
  5. 5. CIO Office Revised: Response Format Responses to this RFP should include appropriate responses to the Proposal Requirements presented in Section II of this document. Bidders should limit their proposals to a maximum of 25 single-sided 8½” by 11” pages (excluding resumes and sample reports). In replying to this RFP, vendor shall make best effort to comply with the guidelines as follows: • Provide appropriate narrative responses and understand that a “yes” only response to a narrative question may be considered as a “no response.” • Follow the below RFP sections and numbering schema in responding to the items • Prepare a response to the RFP with supporting materials and documentation and submit as follows: o Four bound hard copies of response and supporting material and documentation o An electronic copy in Microsoft Word document (.DOC) or Adobe PDF format, written to a CD-ROM that is packaged with each response copy • Responses received after 1:00 p.m. CST on April 9, 2008 will not be considered. Delivery Instructions U.S. Mail/Hand Delivery/Express Mail/Courier Service Address: (Including Federal Express, UPS, etc.) The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center Attn: Supply Chain Services Department 1020 Holcombe Boulevard, Suite 230 Houston, Texas 77030 Proposal number must be shown on the lower left hand corner of the envelope or package. Packages with missing proposal number may cause delay in processing and increases risk of rejection. Decision Criteria The final selection of a vendor for this engagement will be made by the decision making team based on the following criteria: • Cost of the proposal RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 5
  6. 6. CIO Office Revised: • Firm’s technical experience in supporting a project of this type at a large academic medical institution • Firm and individual expertise in leading information technology (IT) asset management processes, shaped by applicable (state, federal, other) regulatory mandates • Firm and individual must have working knowledge of Altiris© Client Management Suite, Service Desk & Asset Management suite components • Firm’s relation to Altiris and knowledge & understanding of Altiris products and services • Knowledge of PMI Project management methodology and ability to work with a Microsoft based infrastructure • Firm’s ability to supply additional resources at short notice, if and when required. • Firm’s ability to supply special skill resources for shorter duration, if and when required. • Firm’s commitment to meet engagement timeline. • Other items which may benefit M. D. Anderson that will be provided through the proposed methodology that have not been specifically requested by the Institution. Acceptance or Rejection of Proposals The RFP is not an offer to contract. Acceptance of a proposal neither commits M. D. Anderson to award a contract to any Service Provider nor limits M. D. Anderson’s rights to negotiate terms in its best interest. M. D. Anderson reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals in part or whole. M. D. Anderson reserves the right to request clarification on any specific responses, omissions, or claims made in responses to the RFP. M. D. Anderson further reserves the right to request modification to a bidder’s proposal in order to provide the optimum solution for strategic teaming services. Vendors submitting a proposal does so with the understanding that M. D. Anderson reserves the right to select a “vendor of choice” based solely on the response to the RFP or to evaluate one or more vendors via additional interviews, site visits, reference checks, and other additional evaluations. RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 6
  7. 7. CIO Office Revised: M. D. Anderson will notify vendor of the results of the selection process as soon as a final award decision has been made. Statement of Confidentiality The information contained in this RFP and its attachments is confidential and proprietary. It is not to be copied, displayed or distributed to any person or persons not associated directly with M. D. Anderson or your respective firm. RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 7
  8. 8. CIO Office Revised: Section II – Requirements of Respondents Response Requirements 1. Corporate a. Provide an overview of your firm’s services in implementation of state-of-the-art IT asset management programs: b. Provide a list of applicable references regarding engagements of this type. c. Provide an overview of your firm’s experience with the governmental, academic and healthcare sectors. d. Provide an overview of your firm’s experience and expertise in the following key activities of this engagement: i. Leading a technical team to establish documented, repeatable and institutionally accepted IT asset management processes to track and account for desktop and notebook computers, along with desktop peripherals, in accordance with the established Asset Management Policy; ii. Leading a technical team to configure the Altiris© asset management related software modules to support the new IT asset management processes; iii. Leading a technical team to develop reports to facilitate the new IT asset management processes; iv. Leading a technical team to develop and implement necessary training, policies, procedures and best practices across the M. D. Anderson enterprise to facilitate the Altiris© solution implementation as well as the new ongoing IT asset management program. e. Provide a listing of health care, academic, and governmental organizations with which your firm has previously engaged for purposes of managing a project of this type. f. List any certifications your firm has been granted, related to Altiris product suite. RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 8
  9. 9. CIO Office Revised: 2. Service Team a. Describe how your firm will provide the technical resource(s) required to support this project. Address the use of any use of subcontractors to fulfill this engagement. Staff members assigned to this engagement must meet at minimum the below required qualifications. (Note: Hands-on Altiris© asset management module customization & implementation experience is required.) i. General knowledge of asset management processes and related implementation project experience ii. Strong communication skills iii. Depth of experience in documenting asset management operating procedures & instructions manuals using standard methodologies iv. Proficiency with Microsoft Visio (charting), Microsoft Project, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, etc.), and other standard software tools v. Commitment to stay in the Houston area for the duration of the project (i.e., not traveling between different projects in different cities. vi. Minimum commitment of six months. vii. Willing to stay until project is complete viii. Comfortable with working in a complex business environment ix. Capable of working effectively in a matrix management environment x. Highly cultivated, experienced “people” skills b. Provide an organizational chart showing the structure and specific personnel for the team that you propose will serve M. D. Anderson. Include the resumes of these team members in an appendix to your response. Resumes should include a brief discussion of each individual’s proposed responsibilities at M. D. Anderson, the estimated percentage of their time dedicated to M. D. Anderson, and any unique skills they bring to the engagement. (Note: Only provide resumes for personnel who will be active on the engagement.) c. Describe the proposed staff’s experience in working within (1) large academic health care and (2) highly distributed computing environments. d. Describe any certifications held by the proposed staffing team, including Altiris certifications, technical information technology certifications, etc. RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 9
  10. 10. CIO Office Revised: 3. Process and Delivery a. Describe your firm’s approach for monitoring and controlling project of this type so that specified budget, scope and schedule are achieved. b. Describe the policies and practices your firm utilizes in order to ensure accuracy, consistency and confidentiality of the work performed. c. Describe the process for identification and resolution of any issues encountered during the course of the engagement. 4. Documentation a. Provide documentation of one or more IT professional services engagements of this type (i.e., deploying processes and software related to IT asset management). b. Provide cost hourly rates for the technical resource(s) from your organization. RFP for Altiris Asset Management Implementation Project Manager Page 10