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Managing Asset Management
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Managing Asset Management


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  • 1. Managing Asset Management
  • 2. Organizations
    • Michigan DOT
    • Portland DOT
    • PennDOT
    • OhioDOT
    • CalTrans
    • FHWA
  • 3. Michigan DOT Asset Management Council
    • An Asset Management Council was legislatively mandated in 2002 and
    • appointed by the State Transportation Committee that answers directly
    • to Legislature and Commission.
    • MDOT’s Asset Management Program provides administrative support to the Asset Management Council
    • A 10 member council – includes individuals representing state, city, county, township and planning agencies
    • Management system asset owners operate in a cooperative agreement with the Asset Mgmt. Council to provide data needed to determine and report conditions and develop strategies for Michigan’s highways
  • 4. City of Portland Transportation Office
    • Asset management was implemented as part of their work system
    • management (Maximo) project at a cost of 4 million +.
    • Implementation timeframe of approximately 2 years. AM is integrated
    • into day–to–day operations.
    • Estimated 3-4 FTE to maintain asset inventories
    • Initial inventories were captured with 3 FTE positions
    • Augmented with 6-8 part-time summer interns performing field verification of inventories
    • 10 individuals will maintain asset inventories alongside other responsibilities
    • Asset Managers – AM trained then assigned back to their current asset responsibilities
    • Asset Teams – engineers, maintenance supervisors, planners, financial staff assigned to analyze and identify needs
  • 5. PennDOT Bureau of Design
    • Adopted an Information Technology Strategic Plan that included the
    • integration of existing management systems. PennDot began with
    • comprehensive long-term plans, and defined performance measures.
    • PennDOT views AM as a process not a program
    • Focusing on assets where foundation efforts have been initated and are underway (e.g. pavement, bridge and maintenance)
    • PennDot’s initial vision was that outside an AM manager/coordinator, the bulk of the AM staff will remain within their individual asset management systems
    • Recommends an AM coordination committee made-up of deputy secretaries of highway; planning, and administration to ensure that high priority is given to the initiative
    • In addition recommends the establishment of a full-time career professional position to lead the effort and provide consistency
  • 6. Ohio DOT Systems Analysis Planning
    • Original multi-year plans for an AM integration automation system were
    • developed using historical inventory condition data. ODOT Asset
    • management is decentralized and had become part of the normal
    • planning duties.
    • Data collection is performed in conjunction with other activities normally required
    • Each of their 12 districts has a work plan coordinator who performs AM tasks
    • One person is dedicated to perform quality assurance and coordinates activities
    • Annually each of the 12 districts forms work groups from Planning, Production, Finance and Highway Management to modify and develop work plans prior to each fiscal year
  • 7. California DOT Maintenance Division
    • The Maintenance Division manages the asset management budget.
    • Budget most directly related to the asset management system is for
    • professional consultant services and personal services dollars for all
    • office staff.
    • Requires approximately 6 FTE and 4 part-time maintenance staff for system management and ongoing training
    • 5 dedicated IT staff to fulfill Integrated Maintenance Management System (IMMS) system development and 4 part-time IT staff to administer the software and hardware
  • 8.
    • The staff of the Office of Asset Management comes from a variety of
    • backgrounds, including economics, management, planning, policy,
    • pavement engineering, and bridge engineering, and each member has
    • a place on one of three teams that make up the new office:
    • The Construction and System Preservation Team
    • The System Management and Monitoring Team
    • The Evaluation and Economic Investment Team
    • All three teams report to a management council made up of the
    • director and team leaders. The management council focuses on the
    • three tracks of the office's performance plan.
    FHWA Office of Asset Management
  • 9. Common throughout…
    • Executive Leadership & Support
    • Agency Coordination & Communication
    • Implementation Plans
    • Links to Plans and Processes
    • Customer Focus
    • Staff Resource Allocation
    • Identified Funding Resources
    • Development of AM Tools and Data Processes
    • Quality Data
    • System Performance Expectations