IT Asset Management Solution Brief


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IT Asset Management Solution Brief

  1. 1. SOLUTION BRIEF: CA IT ASSET MANAGEMENT How can I get an accurate picture of my complete IT hardware and software asset base to control costs and minimize risks? How can I optimize my IT assets to best support the business?
  2. 2. The CA IT Asset Management solution helps you manage spending and utilization of your hardware and software assets throughout their lifecycles in order to help you prioritize technology initiatives and investments and align them with business goals. Copyright © 2008 CA. All rights reserved. All trademarks, trade names, service marks and logos referenced herein belong to their respective companies. ITIL® is a Registered Trademark and a Registered Community Trademark of the Office of Government Commerce, and is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.
  3. 3. Overview Challenge Solution Benefits Current IT spending in most CA IT Asset Management is The CA IT Asset Management enterprises is haphazard, with designed to provide instant solution enables IT to run more many surveys pointing to IT cost knowledge of what IT assets are like a business. By exposing costs overruns and ballooning budgets deployed. It includes fully across assets to minimize the as a source of frustration and featured asset tracking risks of non-compliance with mistrust between IT and the capabilities to effectively address regulations and vendor contracts, business. Meanwhile, IT your business and IT it helps you quickly realize organizations face increasing requirements for compliance and savings and efficiencies and pressure to act and perform like a optimization through automated ensure better decisions about service-based business, which is discovery, hardware and software how to spend scarce IT dollars. driving the need for improved inventory, configuration technology asset management management, software usage, capabilities. software license management and reporting capabilities. CA Advantage CA provides a comprehensive IT asset management system that manages an unprecedented level of hardware and software inventory data and helps you transform that data into useful information that helps reduce IT asset costs and compliance and security risks — to support the delivery of IT services in line with business goals. The CA IT Asset Management solution is a key element in CA's Enterprise IT Management (EITM) initiative, which is designed to help you manage solutions from a variety of vendors along with capabilities you’ve developed internally. To help unify and simplify the entire IT management environment, CA provides you with a standards-based platform that allows these products and processes to work together with the least amount of effort and complexity. Next Steps To learn more about CA's IT Asset Management solution, visit us at There, you'll find more information on how this CA solution can deliver an unprecedented level of control over your IT environment, and how to enhance these capabilities by integrating them with CA's EITM management framework. SOLUTION BRIEF: CA IT ASSET MANAGEMENT 1
  4. 4. SECTION 1: CHALLENGE The Need to Control Technology Assets and Manage Total IT Spending From initial requisition to the technology graveyard, effectively and accurately managing technology assets presents a constant challenge. IT managers must keep tabs on software licenses, regulatory compliance issues, technology upgrades and rollouts and even safe disposal. Given that the typical IT environment is constantly in flux — consultants bring in personal laptops; users install unsupported software, mobile workers download PDA information to their desktop systems — IT managers need an intelligent management system that provides them with an accurate, real-time accounting of all the software and hardware elements that comprise their environments and the ability to accurately allocate costs back to projects, cost centers and lines of business. And it's not just a matter of preventing users from playing networked games. Indeed, there are serious consequences associated with out-of-control environments. Software audits, the laborious process of inventorying the applications running on each user's computer, often reveal that individuals have placed an enterprise at risk by running unlicensed applications. And in the absence of an accurate control mechanism, software audits often discover a myriad of unsupported applications, highlighting the very real regulatory and financial ramifications stemming from the unintentional illegal use of software. To avoid these significant exposures, organizations must closely monitor the use of software and the terms and conditions of licensing arrangements. And they tend to overcompensate in order to quickly and easily avoid any possibility of impropriety, which often means firms pay more than they should. Analyst studies reveal that many organizations are actually over- licensed by as much as 20 percent, representing a significant opportunity for cost savings. And if managing assets wasn’t enough, IT managers are constantly challenged to drive down operational costs by better managing the demand and consumption of existing technology services. But with as much as 75 percent of today’s IT spend dedicated to the tactical need of “keeping the lights on”, there is little or no insight into resource consumption and accurate costing. This makes IT is powerless to free up more budget for innovation and value creation. Key Requirements for IT Asset Management So, what’s the answer? Asset management strategies and tools, but articulating the need for such a solution and actually delivering one are entirely different stories. For example, there are several core mandates that need to be addressed in any successful asset management plan. And, a systematic approach must target these key elements. Failure to do so means missing the big picture, and merely perpetuates the problems associated with lack of IT control. Hallmarks of an optimal IT asset management solution include features for: 2 SOLUTION BRIEF: CA IT ASSET MANAGEMENT
  5. 5. REAL CONTROL OVER IT ASSETS Organizations are looking to answer basic questions, such as: “How many assets do we have?” and “What are we paying for them?” By gaining control over their IT asset base, they can improve decision support and increase “technical agility.” This improves IT's ability to align computing resources with IT services in support of best-practice initiatives, such as COBIT, ISO/IEC 20000 (ITIL®) and ISO/IEC 19770-1 (software asset management processes). IT GOVERNANCE Effective governance dictates that, in order to make the right investment decisions, IT must have a complete handle on the total IT spend. Without this insight, organizations lack the means to align the IT budget with corporate objectives — which is key to freeing up more discretionary monies to support new IT-enabled business initiatives. COMPLIANCE Internal rules about deployment of equipment, as well as external regulations (such as Sarbanes-Oxley) that demand a high level of accuracy and accountability, are forcing IT managers to pay closer attention to the software and hardware building blocks of their infrastructures. Meanwhile, compliance with the terms of software license contracts is complex and requires a high level of asset documentation to achieve. But, failure to accurately identify, quantify and account for assets can carry stiff financial penalties. EIA NEGOTIATIONS As enterprise and select license agreements come due for negotiation and renewal, organizations need accurate and complete vendor relationship information to negotiate from a position of power. Asset management is often driven by the desire to automate this function and keep the contract negotiators out of the file cabinet. TECHNOLOGY UPGRADES AND ROLLOUTS In planning migration strategies, organizations need to know the precise demographics of their asset bases to accurately budget the true cost of implementation. Failure to maintain a precise count of potential users for new software can result in under- or overpayment of licensing fees. GREEN IT AND ITS APPROPRIATE ACCOUNTING Today, organizations are considering the advantages of managing an asset in accordance with environmental principles. For example, there are significant financial benefits to be realized from the ability to identify and replace older assets that have high energy consumption and ensure proper disposal or recycling. Inactive assets or assets that have been removed from service should likewise be deleted from the organization’s books to prevent misstating assets on the balance sheet or overstating depreciation expense on the cash flow statement. SOLUTION BRIEF: CA IT ASSET MANAGEMENT 3
  6. 6. SECTION 2: SOLUTION The CA IT Asset Management Solution: Unprecedented Control Over all IT Resources Enter, the CA IT Asset Management solution — designed to lower your costs of current and future technology investments — a major objective of any IT department today. With the solution, you can: • Stop paying for undelivered services and maverick purchases • Increase utilization and optimize your asset base • Decrease fines, penalties and overpayment on invoices • Manage contracts and vendors • Improve decision making • Mitigate risk • Increase financial transparency • Embrace best practices for asset management Moreover, the solution is key to ending the time-consuming and cost-intensive process of manually inventorying all of your hardware and software IT assets. In other words, gaining control over all the hardware and software components of your IT environment, while accurately assessing the costs of IT initiatives, is no longer a pipe dream. The laborious process of manual inventory has been replaced by automated solutions that can facilitate your ability to discover, identify and manage every facet of your network. This gives you the power to unify your IT assets into a single cohesive information organization that supports business objectives and becomes a significant strategic element in your competitive position. It also assists in managing costs and spending across IT resources and service consumption. Additionally, CA IT Asset Management coordinates contracts and projects, enabling you to measure line-of-business usage for billing and cost recovery. Making IT a Strategic and Competitive Advantage: Solution Components When deployed as an element of CA's overall EITM initiative, CA IT Asset Management contributes an unrivaled level of command over all IT hardware and software assets, project costs and resource usage. The EITM framework unifies and simplifies the ongoing process of network management and administration, helping to manage costs, diminishes risk, improve service and align IT methodologies with business objectives. This means that IT is no longer viewed as a financial black hole; it's now a key strategic advantage and integral part of an organization's competitive edge. CA SOFTWARE COMPLIANCE MANAGER Designed to automate your software license management for efficiency and reduced IT expenses and compliance risks. This product delivers visibility into your software licenses and automatically associates your software terms with the discovered software in your environment, helping to keep you in compliance and alerting you to problem areas. 4 SOLUTION BRIEF: CA IT ASSET MANAGEMENT
  7. 7. CA UNICENTER® ASSET PORTFOLIO MANAGEMENT Helps manage hardware, software and technology assets that are owned, leased or licensed, empowering you to optimize your asset base, improve decision processes and streamline other asset management processes, all of which helps to lower the cost of your technology investments. Bottom line: this product helps organizations run IT like a business by managing assets in terms of vendors, contracts and the financial impact of the assets to the organization. CA UNICENTER® ASSET INTELLIGENCE Augments CA Unicenter Asset Management, providing a layer of intelligent analytics. Specifically, this product helps you to pinpoint areas of concern and provides guidance for effective decision making — in mere minutes. CA UNICENTER® SERVICE CATALOG Simplifies the administration of — and access to —your IT services. Through the service catalog interface, end users can view the services they have requested, browse for and request additional service offerings and review their accounts, request history, activities and statuses. CA ASSET CONVERTER FOR MICROSOFT SMS Provides you with out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft SMS for transfer of the inventory collected by Microsoft SMS into the CA Enterprise Management Database (MDB), and, in turn, delivers the ability to leverage the SMS asset data to a the broad range of other integrated CA IT management solutions for reporting and analysis. SECTION 3: BENEFITS Harness Your IT Environment for Better Business Results When concerns over deploying a new system are outweighed by the pressing need to regain control of your IT environment, the CA IT Asset Management solution can: IMPROVE RISK MANAGEMENT Help meet compliance objectives through better awareness of the location and organizational ownership of IT assets. The solution mitigates the risk of over- or under-utilized software by comparing owned licenses to discovered instances. It also addresses regulatory concerns by maintaining the appropriate proof-of-use documentation and disposal certifications. This allows you to reduce liability in partner-vendor relationships by accurately managing contractual obligations. REDUCE COSTS Assists in recouping as much as 10 to 35 percent of the total IT budget, helping maximize return on investment of existing IT assets through more effective utilization. And, the solution also automates processes, such as measuring resource usage, project costing, budget forecasting, invoice reconciliation and automated hardware lease return, allowing you to eliminate unnecessary expenditures and avoid overpayments. IMPROVE SERVICE LEVELS Supports the service lifecycle as described in ITIL Version 3 Service Asset and Configuration Management, streamlining and consolidating access to salient asset information to improve the quality, visibility, flexibility and availability of IT services. Moreover, the product helps you leverage a single repository of vital IT asset information in support of broader business operations. SOLUTION BRIEF: CA IT ASSET MANAGEMENT 5
  8. 8. ALIGN IT INVESTMENTS WITH BUSINESS OBJECTIVES Helps manage IT as a service in support of an organization’s broader strategic objectives and to ensure conformity with established operational processes and workflow. Moreover, the solution provides operational insight to help with change initiatives or relative to ongoing maintenance. ENHANCE USER SATISFACTION Enables end users to make requests for equipment online and includes workflow capabilities for routing the user requests for review and approval. This provides real organizational flexibility in the use of fulfillment paths toward asset maximization. SECTION 4: THE CA ADVANTAGE CA IT Asset Management is an intelligent, automated management system that helps deliver an accurate, real-time accounting of all the software and hardware elements that comprise your infrastructure. In this way, it helps you curtail costs and spending across resources and service consumption. In addition to giving you an unprecedented level of control over your technology budget and allocations, the CA solution helps you address such enterprise issues as regulatory compliance, ELA negotiations, technology upgrades and rollouts and final disposal of out-of-date IT components. As such, it helps manage risks, control costs and improve service, so you can better align your IT organization to support your business objectives. CA Technology Services™ An important part of CA’s leadership in the IT asset management marketplace involves the dedicated professionals in CA Technology Services. CA Services specialists understand your unique requirements, are highly trained in asset management and have the deepest understanding and experience in deploying CA software solutions to meet real business demands. Working in partnership with you and your IT staff, CA can help you build an IT Asset Management solution that implements a foundation of well-defined IT processes and controls. In designing your CA Technology Services, architects rely on blueprints based on a maturity model that incorporates extensive asset management expertise and industry standards. Each blueprint plots the way to a progressively higher level of solution maturity, delivering ROI- documented improvements to people, processes and technology. When you need to deploy a solution that manages the entire lifecycle administration of your IT assets, CA Technology Services professionals have the expertise; proven processes and experience to decrease your time to value and improve your ROI. Integration with CA's EITM IT Management Framework As with all CA IT management products and solutions, CA IT Asset Management is completely integrated with CA's unique EITM framework. EITM enables you to manage solutions from a variety of vendors, in addition to capabilities you’ve developed internally. To help unify and simplify the entire IT management environment, CA provides you with a standards-based platform that allows these products and processes to work together with the least amount of effort and complexity. 6 SOLUTION BRIEF: CA IT ASSET MANAGEMENT
  9. 9. CA's EITM integration platform provides a foundation for sharing common IT resources across all management functions — including core services, such as workflow, rules and policy and messaging — as well as management services, such as CA's integrated management database. EITM is vendor-neutral. CA's service-oriented architecture (SOA) platform links management functions — whether provided by CA, other vendors, or through homegrown solutions — regardless of your hardware or technology platforms. With EITM, you can add any of CA's comprehensive, modular products and services incrementally, at your own pace, and across the entire IT environment. SECTION 5: NEXT STEPS If your IT environment could use a thorough asset inventory impact analysis, consider the CA IT Asset Management solution. While you're there, look into CA's EITM total management framework. You'll be pleased by how easy and affordable it can be to manage your complete IT environment from a single unified suite of management applications. If your IT environment is out of control — or if you simply want to eliminate the chaos of unintegrated element managers and multi-screen viewpoints — help is available from one of the most respected names in IT management. Take the next step and visit CA's web site today. To learn more, and see how CA software solutions enable other organizations to unify and simplify IT management for better business results, visit THIS DOCUMENT IS FOR YOUR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. TO THE EXTENT PERMITTED BY APPLICABLE LAW, CA PROVIDES THIS DOCUMENT “AS IS” WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. IN NO EVENT WILL CA BE LIABLE FOR ANY LOSS OR DAMAGE, DIRECT OR INDIRECT, FROM THE USE OF THIS DOCUMENT INCLUDING, WITHOUT LIMITATION, LOST PROFITS, BUSINESS INTERRUPTION, GOODWILL OR LOST DATA, EVEN IF CA IS EXPRESSLY ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES. Each new feature or functionality included in future releases is subject to change based on a number of factors, including but not limited to internal and external beta testing, development plan changes, and feedback from customers and users. Accordingly, such product may have different features and/or functionality than stated in this document. CA does not provide legal advice. No software product referenced herein shall serve as a substitute for the reader’s compliance with any laws (including but not limited to any act, statue, regulation, rule, directive, standard, policy, administrative order, executive order, etc. (collectively, “Laws”)) referenced herein or any contract obligations with any third parties. The reader should consult with competent legal counsel regarding any such Laws or contract obligations. SOLUTION BRIEF: CA IT ASSET MANAGEMENT 7
  12. 12. CA (NSD: CA), one of the world’s leading independent, enterprise management software companies, unifies and simplifies complex information technology (IT) management across the enterprise for greater business results. With our Enterprise IT Management vision, solutions and expertise, we help customers effectively govern, manage and secure IT. 329670608 Learn more about how CA can help you transform your business at