Islamic Wealth Management


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Islamic Wealth Management

  1. 1. NEW COURSE 4 day course Islamic Wealth Management What past delegates have said about other Euromoney Training courses: “Very useful course! Great experience full of practical case studies” 13-16 July 2009 Past delegate, ICICI Bank Kuala Lumpur “Very informative. An eye opener to the ‘whys’ and  Discover the rapidly growing opportunities in Islamic wealth ‘hows’ of Islamic finance. management The course has answered many of my questions”  Understand how it differs from traditional wealth management VP, Counterparty Risk and Financial Institutions, BNP Paribas  Learn how to use a three-tier wealth management model to construct efficient portfolios  Understand the different Shari’ah compliant asset classes and asset allocation  Learn how to assist families during the wealth transfer phase  Communicate wealth management ideas to clients WHO SHOULD ATTEND? ¢ Private bankers  Gain skills at potential client prospecting ¢ Investment managers ¢ Financial planners and  Learn how to grow your book consultants ¢ Entrepreneurs ¢ Insurance agents ¢ Senior executives of Course Director: Secure your place! wealth management institutions Waseem A. Khan Register before Why not recommend this course to a colleague? PhD, CFA 1 June 2009 at Find out more or register your place today! Web
  2. 2. Agenda Islamic Wealth Management COURSE BACKGROUND Over the past three decades, interest Day 1 Day 2 in the Islamic Financial System has been increasingly focused on Islamic Financial Institutions, Registration commences at 8:30 The Islamic wealth manager which have progressed rapidly in Programme runs from 9:00 - 5:00 daily a global economic environment.  Role of the private banker Today assets invested in accordance  Trusted adviser or product pusher with Shari’ah guidelines have Scope for Islamic Wealth Management (IWM)  How is excellence in client servicing achieved? surpassed an estimated $1 trillion, and are growing at an impressive  Growth in the IWM industry annual rate of 20%. They are poised  Prospects and challenges Client prospecting to double over the few years with the pace of growth accelerated by  Shari’ah law and its implications  What is prospecting? the recent decline in confidence in  The scope for IWM  The prospecting process the conventional system.  Prospecting tools The significant rise in the wealth What is a High Net Worth Individual (HNWI)?  Six critical skills of Islamic countries has provided numerous opportunities for the  Investor classification  Frequent objections by prospects wealth management industry to  What are his/her needs and requirements?  Challenges and response manage the surplus funds in accord with Shariah guidelines. Interest in  Why is today’s HNWI different? Islamic Wealth Management comes  Are wealth management needs of Muslim HNWIs Fact finding skills not only from affluent Muslims who desire to see their wealth preserved different?  Construct an agenda and enhanced within the framework  What role does culture and religion play in IWM?  How to open a client meeting? of Shari’ah Law, but equally from non-Muslims who view this as  Terms of business an ethical mode of investment. Wealth management for families  What does the client think of you? The latter also invest in Shariah Finding the hard facts compliant funds for diversification  The generation gap  purposes. Almost two-thirds of  Family influences  Determining client aims, needs and desires investors in sukuks (debt type  Who is affected by them?  Prioritizing and next steps Shari’ah compliant instruments) are Bring the meeting to a successful closure non-Muslims.  The impact on strategic asset allocation  The aim of this course is to  Issues in wealth transfer and Shari’ah law provide the participants with a  Family wealth management structure Know Your Client (KYC) good background in Islamic Fund How private banks are dealing with family wealth Management using a Three-Tier   Who is your actual client? Wealth Management Model. We  Issues and challenges for Muslim families  Client background will focus on the role of the private  Issues and challenges for wealth managers  Complex company structures banker as a Shariah compliant trusted adviser who counsels  Risks associated with poor KYC individuals as well as families Wealth management issues  KYC profiling requirements through the transitional stage as KYC annual reviews wealth is transferred from one  Behavioural finance  generation to another. We shall  The herd instinct discuss issues such as prospecting,  The impact on investment decision making Grow your book fact finding, KYC, and wealth protection and explore ways of how  Dealing with elderly clients  The competition to grow your book.  Investment counseling  Shariah compliant and ethical clients  Professional ethics  Client retention  Expand share of wallet Skill diagnostics  Acquiring new clients Case study: delegates focus on issues in a case of  The sales process wealth transfer in a Muslim family business.  Power of referral Role play: investor profiling Skill diagnostics Case study: the client time line © Copyright Euromoney Training 2009 Biography Waseem A. Khan PhD, CFA Business School and the Stanford Business School. at Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA), one of the largest Sovereign Wealth Funds with a global investment footprint. Following that, Waseem A. Khan is Managing Principal at Over the past 20 years, Waseem has he joined Abu Dhabi Investment Authority a London based investment advisory firm, worked in international finance, global asset (ADIA), the largest Sovereign Wealth and adviser to a London-based venture management, Islamic banking and finance Fund with global investment interests, as capital boutique and an Islamic hedge fund. and international private banking at major Chief Economist and senior member of the He has an MBA from the Peter F. Drucker financial institutions in Los Angeles, London, investment strategy and asset allocation & Mitoshi Ito School of Management, PhD Kuwait and Abu Dhabi. After serving as Vice teams. He also served in an advisory capacity in International Finance from Claremont President and Chief Economist for EMEA at to the Treasury, Private Equity, Alternative University (California), and is a CFA charter First Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo Bank) in Investments and Asian Equity departments. holder. He has also attended Executive Los Angeles, he moved to the Middle East as Waseem was also involved at an early stage Management programmes at the Harvard Chief Economist and head of Capital Markets in the establishment of the Abu Dhabi Islamic Find out more or register your place today! Web
  3. 3. Case study: action plan to grow your book Day 4 VENUE All of our courses are held in Role play: fact finding exercise 4 – 5 star hotels, chosen for their Shari’ah compliant portfolio structuring location, facilities and level of service. You can be assured of a  Investor needs and requirements (preferences and comfortable, convenient learning Day 3  prejudices) Matching assets with investor needs environment throughout the duration of the course. Due to the variation in Benchmarks (relative vs. absolute return) The need for prudent financial management  delegate numbers, we will send  Optimal portfolios confirmation of the venue to you  Setting sensible and achievable goals  Core/satellite approach approximately 2 weeks before the  Attitude towards risk and return start of the course.  Separating personal wealth from business wealth A Shari’ah compliant model portfolio ABOUT US Euromoney Training courses A typical Shari’ah compliant HNWI portfolio Wealth management for HNWIs (part I)  are designed for ambitious  Portfolio re-balancing and re-structuring professionals who wish to gain  Portfolio management (modern portfolio theory –  Limitations of a Shari’ah compliant portfolio practical skills based knowledge. from Markowitz to Sharpe) With offices located in Asia,  Advantages of a Shari’ah compliant portfolio Europe and the USA and as  Types of risk (market, inflation, shortfall) part of the global media group,  Risk measured Wealth protection Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, we are in the  Targeted return (absolute vs. relative) perfect position to provide you  Risk adjusted return (Sharpe, Treynor, and Jensen  Investment diversification with relevant, up-to-date and ratios – usefulness and limitations)  Insurance (Takaful) international expertise.  The mean/variance approach  Trusts (concept of Waqf) With an extensive range of  Diversification  Estate management (Faraid, Hibah, Will) financial, legal and audit training courses we have met the training  Wealth redistribution and purification (concept of needs of over 40,000 market Zakat) professionals globally. Wealth management for HNWIs (Part II)  Tax planning Our courses are held on a  Economic cycles  Retirement planning public or in-house basis, a  Financial market bubbles  The holistic approach to wealth management full list of which can be found  Asset allocation (strategic vs. tactical) on our website. Visit www.  Wealth preservation objective Communicating with the client  Wealth enhancement goal CONTINUING  Wealth generation aim  Oral communication PROFESSIONAL  The three-tier wealth management model  Written communication DEVELOPMENT  Highlight issues and considerations Although Euromoney Training cannot warrant that the Awareness of current and potential liabilities Asset classes (traditional vs. Shari’ah compliant) attendance of this programme   A contingency fund would automatically be recognised  Equities and equity mutual funds  Recommending a wealth management strategy by your country’s Securities and Futures Commission, it is  Sukuks highly likely that Euromoney  Alternative investments Skill diagnostics Training courses can fulfil CPT  Real estate funds requirements as they maintain Case study: building efficient portfolios and enhance delegates’ technical  Private equity and venture capital funds knowledge and professional  Asset allocation (top down vs. bottom up) expertise. Please check directly Role play: communicating wealth management ideas to with your employer as the the client corporate licensee of your SFC Skill diagnostics registration, who is responsible for determining whether a training Case study: wealth gap management course satisfies CPT requirements. Role play: presenting the wealth management model Bank. After thirteen years at ADIA, he moved management, investment analysis, fixed SAVE TIME AND MONEY WITH IN-HOUSE to London and joined Citigroup as director in income management, equity valuation, TRAINING the investment management function for high financial risk management, private banking In-house training is an efficient and cost effective way to net-worth individuals. He also headed up the and portfolio management, corporate finance, ensure that your employees are equipped with the knowledge Islamic products and investments platform and Islamic Banking and Finance. Previously, and skills needed to make a real impact in your organisation. at Citigroup. Following Citigroup, he joined he taught corporate finance and investment Training can be arranged for anything from small groups to Coutts & Co., one of the oldest and most analysis at the Graduate Schools of Business at entire divisions and will take place at a time chosen by and prestigious private banks with responsibility the University of California and the University convenient to you. for managing ultra high net-worth individuals of Colorado. For more information on holding this, or any other in the South Asian market. Euromoney Training course in-house, please contact: Joanne Ma, Division Manager, Financial Training Waseem has over 20 years of practical and Tel: +852 2111 6620 teaching experience in the areas of asset Email: Book by 1 June 2009 to secure your place. Email Telephone Facsimile +852 2520 1481 +852 2866 7340
  4. 4. 4 day course Islamic Wealth Management 13-16 July 2009 Kuala Lumpur  Discover the rapidly growing opportunities in Islamic wealth management  Understand how it differs from traditional wealth management EUROMONEY TRAINING  Learn how to use a three-tier wealth management model to construct efficient CERTIFICATE Delegates who successfully 5 easy ways to register portfolios complete this course will Please quote reference WEB  Understand the different Shari’ah compliant asset classes and asset allocation receive the prestigious Euromoney Training Certificate 1. Web  Learn how to assist families during the wealth transfer phase - a statement of excellence  Communicate wealth management ideas to clients recognised worldwide. 2. Email  Gain skills at potential client prospecting FREE SUBSCRIPTION Delegates will receive a free 3. Telephone  Learn how to grow your book 3-month subscription to Asiamoney magazine at the +852 2520 1481 conclusion of the course. 4. Facsimile FUNDING SUPPORT +852 2866 7340 Course Director: Participants may be eligible for Waseem A. Khan Financial Sector Development 5. Mail PhD, CFA Fund (FSDF) support on a case 17/F, Printing House by case basis. More details on 6 Duddell Street, Central the FSDF can be found at http:// Hong Kong Registration form Standard fee: US$5,750 Discounted fee: US$5,175*  Yes, please register me for Islamic Wealth Management (HT4289) *Discount of 10% for second and subsequent delegates if 3 delegates from the same institution attend the same programme, increasing to 12% for 4 delegates and 15% for 5 delegates. on 13-16 July 2009, Kuala Lumpur This discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Can’t make this date? We schedule our courses throughout the year. Please contact us to check for alternative dates and locations. Please note, payment must be received prior to course start. Delegate details Payment details (please tick as appropriate) # Surname Mr/Mrs/Ms  Cheque  Invoice  Credit card # To make a payment by credit card, please call +852 2520 1481, or visit, First name select this course and follow the ‘register now’ link to use our secure online payment system. Position Department I have read and understood the booking terms and conditions Company Signature Date Address Approving Manager Telephone Fax Surname First name Mr/Mrs/Ms Email Position Department How did you hear about the course? Signature Date Disclaimer Data protection Cancellation policy Incorrect mailing Euromoney Training reserves the right to The information you provide will be If any registered delegate cannot attend our vouchers are transferable within the same Please accept our apologies for mail which alter any part of the published programme or safeguarded by the Euromoney Institutional course, a replacement is always welcome. organisation, but not to be used in conjunction is incorrectly addressed. Should you wish to faculty. In the event of course cancellation Investor PLC group whose subsidiaries may Cancellations must be made in writing with any other discount schemes. Discount amend the address/ addressee details, please by Euromoney Training due to unforeseen use it to keep you informed of relevant (letter or fax) with Euromoney Training’s vouchers will not be issued for no-shows send or fax us a copy of the relevant mailing circumstances, Euromoney Training limits products and services. We occasionally allow acknowledgement. Written cancellations must without cancellation. Euromoney Training label (on the envelope or brochure) and we its liabilities to refunding the tuition fee of reputable companies outside the Euromoney reach this office 30 days before the programme reserves the right to the final decision if any will update our records accordingly. the course. Institutional Investor PLC group to contact commences. A full refund less an administra- dispute arises. you with details of products that may be of tion charge of US$150 will be given. For any Fee includes tuition, documentation, lunch interest to you. As an international group we written cancellation requests that reach us and refreshments. Delegates are responsible may transfer your data on a global basis for less than 30 days before the event, no refunds for their own flights and accommodation. the purposes indicated above. If you object to will be given. However, if you wish to attend An invoice will be sent upon receipt of contact by telephone fax or email another Euromoney Training course in the registration form. please tick the relevant box. If you do not Asia-Pacific region, a 75% discount voucher want us to share your information with other which values not more than 75% of the initial reputable companies please tick this box payment will be issued. Please note that the A Euromoney Institutional Investor subsequent course must take place within group company 1 year of the initial registration. Discount © Copyright Euromoney Training 2009