Digital Media Asset Management


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Digital Media Asset Management

  1. 1. Product Engineering Services Digital Media Asset Management Managing Assets At Multiple Locations Most digital video recorders record video to a hard drive- As a player in the DMAM market, your product and service based digital storage medium. Though these hard drives have development challenges are manifold: larger capacities today than ever before, the sheer volume of l Upgrade product and service features to meet the content that is created by the production houses makes it requirements of this rapidly evolving market. imperative to transfer content to high-capacity removable l Provide the core services for asset location browsing, asset storage media. This takes the assets offline and makes it easy linking and tracking, version management, configuration to lose track of them. Production houses have workflows management, transfer and transformation of assets, query for content processing that take raw ingested content to its based on metadata and asset properties. final form for distribution or consumption. In this process, several related asset components are generated, including l Provide a Graphical User Interface (GUI) with a unified view browse proxies, story boards, metadata, edit decision lists, of all assets under management, easy movement of assets censorship reports, editorial review comments etc. Each of between storage devices and powerful search functionality. these components can have multiple versions as well. Each l Integrate with a wide range of devices and applications, of these components is best stored, accessed and processed interoperate across multiple access protocols and interfaces from its respective storage server; for example, video servers and seamlessly interface with multiple databases. and archives for high resolution video, proxy servers l Integrate devices and applications at geographically disparate for low resolution browse and edit and databases for locations. Query for, search, locate and move assets across metadata storage. This requires an approach to Digital multiple locations, and create a seamless workflow that Media Asset Management (DMAM) quite unlike the involves participants from all locations. traditional approach of a single digital repository that houses Celstream can help address your challenges. Our engineers have all the assets. Linking all asset components and tracking extensive experience in creating software systems for DMAM. their locations, version management, attaching labels for Our comprehensive services can enable you to meet your configuration management, movement of assets between consumer needs across a range of market segments: different servers with necessary transformations (transcoding, for example) and search based on asset metadata and l Broadcast studios l Internet video distribution component properties fall under the gamut of the modern l Content production l Dynamic digital signage DMAM system.
  2. 2. Areas of Expertise Track Record DMAM Services Asset Linking Asset Transfer Ingest Search l Complete design and development of DMAM DMAM software for video broadcast studio with multiple Core Device SDK facilities. l Complete design and development of DMAM software Video Server NLE Archive Browse Metadata for media creation and distribution over the Internet. l Design and development of software components for Core Services enabling DMAM in News broadcast facilities. Celstream can help architect, design and develop specific software components and applications that you need for your Platforms DMAM solution. We have the expertise in developing on Celstream can deliver DMAM software that will allow your several platforms including Windows®, Linux®, Sun®/Solaris, end-users to have an automated workflow for their business and Macintosh®. Technology bouquets include both Microsoft processes. You can leverage our expertise in usability to develop and Java. Core services where we have significant development easy-to-use, intuitive solutions. Our engineers are experienced experience and can partner with your engineering teams across multiple OS and development environments. include: l Asset Linkage and Tracking - Repository of location and Portfolio of Services attributes of assets within the system. Also used for grouping Celstream can offer you a range of comprehensive product together assets that have multiple components, spread engineering services and support. You can rely on our ability to across several devices or geographies. meet tight delivery schedules with high-quality products. l Version and Configuration Management - Managing multiple versions of assets and labeling interesting asset New Product Development QA/Testing components and versions for quick retrieval. lIdeation lEmbedded l Uniform Asset Browse - A set of abstract service APIs that lPrototype lUsability can be implemented for any of the asset storage device to lImplementation lCertification provide a unified and uniform view of all assets under lMulti-release lEnd-to-End Solution management in an easy-to-use graphical user interface. Current Product Engineering Professional Services l Seamless transfer with transformation - A set of service l Enhancements l Consulting APIs that allow assets to be transferred between storage l Porting l Customization devices, transforming the assets to the format of the l Migration l Integration destination device, as required. l Optimization l Technical Support l Metadata and Properties Query and Search - Query and search asset metadata as well as asset component properties to quickly find the required asset or relevant components. Copyright© 2009, Celstream Technologies Limited. All rights reserved. Printed in India. The information in this publication supercedes that in all previously published material. Specification and price change privileges reserved. For the most up-to-date information please visit our website Celstream is a trademark of Celstream Technologies Limited. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. All prices, specifications and characteristics set forth in this publication are subject to change without notice. For further information, please contact Celstream: USA Ph: +1 (503) 293 3598 INDIA EUROPE AUSTRALIA CelME-DS-5.2-09 +1 877 ASK CELSTREAM (275-2357) Ph:+91 (80) 4119 1919 Ph: +49-89-5908-2109 Ph:+61 (0) 2 9416 0475 Fax: +1 (503) 293 3578 Fax: +91 (80) 4119 1900 Fax: +49-89-5908-1200 Fax: +61 (0) 2 9416 2583 Email: Email: Email: Email: w w w . c e l s t r e a m . c o m