Digital Asset Management


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Digital Asset Management

  1. 1. Digital Asset Management C O N T E N T M A N AG E M E N T S O L U T I O N S A digital asset is only valuable if you can quickly find it, view it and use it. How well does your organization manage its digital assets? Can you find digital assets quickly and easily? Can you view digital assets quickly? Is it easy to secure digital assets and distribute them to the right people? Once you find an image, can you use it right away, or do you have to format it (i.e. change size)? Do you have one source to manage multiple copies of the same image in different sizes? Do you find it easy to manage branding and corporate logos? If you answered “no” to any of the above questions, your company would benefit from the Stellent® Digital Asset Management solution. Many organizations create rich media files or digital assets to be used in Key Applications Image management programs such as distance learning/ Video management e-learning, sales and marketing Management of Web assets demonstrations, and advertising. Brand management Management of training materials So today’s enterprise content consists Compression, conversion and management of anything from Microsoft Office of high-resolution images documents, CAD files, email, mainframe Geographic Image System (GIS) integrations Media asset management reports and HTML pages to flash files, Storyboards images, audio and video, and graphics. These information sources comprise the overwhelming category of digital business content — all of which needs to be centrally stored and managed. Until recently, organizations couldn’t easily manage — or afford to manage — such content because in many cases the resultant files were very large and the requisite hardware and software was expensive. Simply trying to access these files once they were stored in a central area created bandwidth issues. In addition to the issues surrounding the storage of these audio and video assets, organizations are challenged with providing an efficient means for users to access, share and sometimes even modify this content. For instance, corporate branding dictates specific usage guidelines for a company’s logo and accompanying materials, yet these guidelines are frequently disregarded if users are unable to find the information they need in a timely manner. If a sales representative cannot locate the approved presentation template, they may decide to create a different version — one which may or may not adhere to the Effectively manage branding guidelines. A Web-based digital asset management solution can alleviate such your digital assets risks by providing readily accessible branding assets and audio/video content, and the using Stellent mechanisms needed to find that content quickly and easily from anywhere. technology. THE SOLUTION With Stellent Digital Asset Management, normal business users can find, view and use digital assets quickly and easily. The solution is built on the Stellent Universal Content Management foundation, allowing management of any kind of file.
  2. 2. Business users can find, view & use digital assets quickly and easily Contribution Conversion Management Consumption Browser Automatic Repository Storyboards WebDAV conversions Library services Rendition Conversion sets Security model interfaces Data extraction Content workflow Content basket Renditions Metadata Proxies Native file Search management Fulfillment Archiving Core Features Provide Robust Functionality Utilize Stellent core features for workflow, version control, security, archiving, subscriptions, content conversion, collaboration, record disposition, publishing to Web sites, etc. Use Web-based and Windows Explorer interfaces for check in and accessibility from anywhere. Automatically categorize assets for easy searching. Quickly identify files via thumbnail renditions created automatically. Easily, quickly secure and distribute assets. Use the “Content Basket” to select assets and download collection in one operation. Solution Also Offers Specialized Functionality for: Image management applications Easily manage popular image formats such as psd, jpg, gif, bmp, png and tiff. Store unlimited image renditions in one source for quick reuse of any format or size. Automatically and on an ad-hoc basis format images to appropriate size, shape, resolution or aspect ratio. Automatically generate multiple renditions at time of check in for use in HTML pages or marketing collateral, and in applications such as PowerPoint and Word. Compress images to usable sizes. Video management applications Easily manage common video formats such as MPEG, AVI, Quicktime, Windows Media, WAV and MP3. Pinpoint specific scenes of video using storyboard, and view them immediately. Store multiple renditions of video in one source for various quality and size requirements. Integrate with streaming servers. Access storyboards and closed caption text. Configure system to generate appropriate proxies and metadata. Control thumbnail creation. Training material management applications Manage PowerPoint and recorded training presentations (Microsoft Producer, WebEx, etc.) from one user interface. Secure access to training material. Track test results and who has viewed training material. Distribute training material over the Web.
  3. 3. Brand management applications Manage one logo with unlimited renditions — eliminating confusion on which logo is the most current or if it is the right size. Link to associated logos and renditions. Automatically create specific sizes upon check in. Secure access to brand information. BENEFITS OF STELLENT DIGITAL ASSET MANAGEMENT Create thumbnails automatically to easily search Control corporate brand assets and retrieve assets Easily control security permissions Save time and storage space by significantly surrounding access to brand assets. compressing large files and utilizing Manage only one copy of corporate assets. bandwidth more efficiently. Make all corporate training available via the Web Convert legacy images to Web-friendly formats Enable quick and easy browser-based access View legacy files without needing older to presentations, recording presentations, desktop applications. e-learning files, documents, etc. Reduce manual steps in creating multiple renditions Easily view and reuse digital assets Automatically create multiple renditions of a Storyboard tree allows immediate viewing corporate image. of specific video scenes. Create additional renditions on the fly. Unlimited image renditions for use in all applications. C U S TO M E R S U C C E S S Government agency saves time searching for images, decreases storage space and bandwidth usage, and increases speed in file viewing. Without the proper architecture, locating a standard business document, video clip or image on a network can be a nightmare. A government agency tasked with conducting non-destructive testing X-rays items and then uses high-resolution scanners to create digital images of the radiographs. The resulting images vary in size from a few hundred megabytes to multiple gigabytes. Finding and viewing these large tiff files on a file system was extremely difficult, so the agency deployed a Stellent-powered solution to appropriately manage them. This organization uses Stellent’s Web-based interface to automatically check in images to Stellent Universal Content Management, where Stellent’s automatic compression capabilities take over. Now, instead of attempting to download and view a 400-megabyte image, users can download a compressed, four-megabyte version of that image. The Stellent system also facilitates fast file retrieval by automatically generating thumbnail representations of managed images and displaying those thumbnails on the search results page. Users can now quickly scan what could be hundreds of results from a search and quickly identify the desired item upon visual recognition — a process much quicker than reading every line of text. “The Stellent Universal Content Management system has enabled Agfa to simplify procedures and improve communications with internal and external audiences by making critical business content easily accessible via the Web. We have reaped tremendous payback on our Stellent investment through cost savings, increased productivity and competitive advantage. ” RICHARD “CHESTER” HOLLERAN A G F A’ S S E N I O R E N G I N E E R I N G M A N A G E R
  4. 4. UNIVERSAL CONTENT MANAGEMENT ARCHITECTURE Only Stellent enables you to manage all your content applications with one architecture and one user interface. Common GUIs and APIs Records Management Optional Application Document Web Content Digital Asset Imaging Modules Management Management Management Management Collaboration Core Services Stellent® Content Server Repository Stellent provides a single, unified architecture that allows organizations to deploy Web content management, document management, digital asset management and imaging applications — supported by collaboration, records management and business process management services — on one platform. While your immediate priority may be to solve your digital asset management problems, rest assured that Stellent’s Universal Content Management architecture is scalable and flexible enough to support your organization’s long-term content management strategy. Stellent’s single-architecture approach ensures all the components of the system are truly interchangeable, extensible and complementary— which helps achieve a lower total cost of ownership. C U S TO M E R S U C C E S S Scott County, Minn. reaps estimated $865,000 return-on investment from Stellent implementation. For years, residents of Scott County, Minn. had one way to retrieve information on land parcels, view court documents and renew vehicle registrations — they had to pay a visit to the Government Center. Now, Scott County makes certain public information and transactions available online ( And one of their biggest accomplishments was putting all Geographical Information System (GIS) maps online using Stellent. “We selected Stellent Universal Content Management because Stellent was able to customize the content management system to specifically fit our county government model. Stellent enables us to keep our content fresh, easy to manage and easy to retrieve online, ultimately providing residents with convenient access to our services and significantly reducing our costs and increasing our productivity, said Gary Shelton, Scott County deputy county administrator. ” For more information on Stellent’s Digital Asset Management solution, visit or call 800-989-8774. ABOUT STELLENT Stellent, Inc. is a global provider of content management software solutions that drive rapid success for customers Corporate Headquarters 7777 Golden Triangle Drive by enabling fast implementations and generating quick, broad user adoption. With Stellent, customers can easily Eden Prairie, MN 55344 deploy multiple line-of-business applications — such as Web sites, call centers, dealer extranets, compliance t 952.903.2000 800.989.8774 initiatives, accounts payable imaging and claims processing — and also scale the technology to support enterprise- f 952.829.5424 wide content management needs. Stellent operates through an extensive network of direct sales, resellers and system integrators. Please check for a complete listing of these locations. International Offices Visit Stellent, the Stellent logo, Stellent Universal Content Management, Stellent Business Content Management, Stellent Content Server, Stellent Content Publisher, Stellent for a complete list of all Stellent Collaboration Server, Stellent Connection Server and Stellent Content Management are registered trademarks or trademarks of Stellent, Inc. in the U.S.A. and other international sales offices. countries. All other trade names are the property of their respective owners. The contents herein are summary in nature and subject to change without notice from Stellent. Stellent accepts no responsibility for inadvertent errors or omissions. © 2004 Stellent, Inc. All rights reserved. 297062004b