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  1. 1. CURRICULUM VITAE Personal Information Name Jeroen Derwall City Maastricht E-mail Nationality Dutch Academic Education 2003 – 2006 PhD. in Financial Management, Erasmus Research Institute of Management, RSM Erasmus University PhD. Thesis: The Economic Virtues of CSR and SRI (Promotor: Prof. Dr. C.G. Koedijk) 1997 – 2002 Economics, Maastricht University, The Netherlands Graduation in finance (quantitative style rotation methods) Recent Experience 2006 – Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, Economics and Business Administration 2006 – 2007 Assistant Professor, RSM Erasmus University, Dept. Financial Management 2003 – 2005 PhD. Researcher, ERIM, RSM Erasmus University, Rotterdam 2003 – 2003 Full-time Researcher, Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam/FBK Teaching Activities 2006 – 2007 - “Socially Responsible Investing”, RSM Bachelor’s Thesis Course (Coordinator/Teacher) - RSM Master Elective “Risk Management” (VaR, Credit VaR), Lecturer 2006 – - “Value-Based Management”, Maastricht University Minor’s Course (Coordinator/Lecturer. Course grade 7.9/10 in 2006) 2005 – 2006 - “International Finance”, RSM Bachelor’s Thesis Course (Coordinator/Lecturer) - “Corporate Finance”, Master in Hospitality Management (Lecturer) - “Excel in Finance”, Amsterdam Graduate Business School (Lecturer) 2003 – 2005 - “Financial Crises and Crashes”, RSM Bachelor’s Thesis Course (Supervisor) - “International Financial Management”, 2nd year RSM IBA course (Lecturer) 2003 – ongoing - Master’s Thesis Supervisor on Mutual Fund Performance, SRI, Investment
  2. 2. Other Activities 2007 – Coordinator and lecturer of educational program for Dutch financial analysts (FBA, block “Equity Portfolio Management”), Free University of Amsterdam. Columnist for Dutch MVO (CSR) platform “CSR Academy” 2006 – Co-founder and research director, European Centre for Corporate Engagement, International Research Platform for Sustainable Business, Sustainable Investment, and Corporate Engagement, sponsored and funded by leading institutional investors and non-profit organizations. See http:/// Independent advisor and consultant for investment practitioners, consultants, and companies involved in sustainable investments or investment analysis. (Recent projects: defined benefit plan performance evaluation, pension fund employee survey, sustainable investment product development). 2006 - 2007 Member of Erasmus Data Centre team and advisory board. On-site research coach/supervisor for students participating in RSM International Business Projects. 2004 – Workshop-, seminar- and conference presentations for professional asset managers and academics: Dexia AM (Amsterdam, June 2004), Marcus Evans SRI Conference (Londen, June 2004), 2005 Sustainable Business Conference (Frankfurt, April 2005), EFMA Conference (Basel, June 2004), Meeting of the European Finance Association (Discussant, Maastricht, August 2004), FMA Conference (Chicago, October 2005) , 2005 Academy of Management Meetings (Hawaii, August 2005), FMA Europe Conference (Stockholm, June 2006), Information Management Network (Stockholm, May 2006), Institutional Shareholder Services (Paris, Amsterdam, London, 2006), BNG Capital Management (Eindhoven, September 2006), Umea School of Business Seminar (Umea, November 2006), Dexia AM (Amsterdam, 2007), Academy of Management Conference (Philadelphia, August 2007), FMA Conference (Orlando, October 2007), BGI Active Equity Seminar (London, November 2007), AXA Responsible Investment Conference (Bordeaux, November 2007). Referee for The Financial Analysts Journal, Journal of Banking and Finance, Sustainable Development. 2006 – Managing Research Projects: Co-managing MISTRA research project on sustainable investing and shareholder engagement for institutional investors (Funded for approx 1.7 million EUR for 2006-2008), joint with Swedish universities en sustainability rating firms. Co-managing research project on sustainable investing funded by ABP, Fortis, and other institutional investors (2006-2008) on behalf of RSM Erasmus University and Maastricht University.
  3. 3. Recent Publications and Reports 2004 – “The Real-Time Predictability of the Size and Value Premium in Japan” (with R. Bauer and R. Molenaar), Pacific-Basin Finance Journal, vol 12(5), 2004. “The Eco-Efficiency Premium Puzzle” (with N. Guenster, R.Bauer and K. Koedijk), Financial Analysts Journal, vol. 61(2), March/April, 2005. “The Ethical Mutual Fund Performance Debate: New Evidence from Canada” (with R. Bauer and R. Otten), Journal of Business Ethics, vol. 70(2), 2007. “Hot Hands in Bond Funds” (with J. Huij), Working Paper, 2007, forthcoming in Journal of Banking and Finance. “Socially Responsible Fixed-Income Funds” (with K. Koedijk), Journal of Business Finance and Accounting, conditionally accepted, 2007. Research Reports/Working Papers/Work in Progress 2005 – “The Economic Value of Corporate Eco-Efficiency” (with N. Guenster, R. Bauer and K. Koedijk), 2005, Academy of Management Meetings Paper. “SRI Mutual Fund Performance: A Survey”, (with R.Bauer and K. Koedijk), Working paper, 2005. “Are Style Risk Premiums Ex Ante Predictable?” (with R. Bauer and R. Molenaar), Working Paper, 2005. “Human Capital Management and Financial Markets” (with N. Guenster and K. Koedijk), Working Paper, 2006. “Terrorism, Catastrophes and Stock Markets” (with D. Brounen), 2006, under review at European Financial Management. “The Cross-Section of Expected Corporate Bond Returns” (with J. Huij and G. de Zwart), in progress. “The Effects of Social Responsibility in Financial Markets on Corporate Behavior: Empirical Evidence” (with P. Verwijmeren), in progress, 2007 Academy of Management Conference Paper. “Corporate Governance and the Cost of Equity Capital: Evidence from GMI’s Overall Governance Rating” (with P.Verwijmeren), ECCE research note 06-01. “Industry-Specific Momentum and Mutual Fund Performance Evaluation: the Case of REITs” (with D. Brounen, J. Huij and W. Marquering), in progress.
  4. 4. “Corporate Social Responsibility, Corporate Governance, and the Cost of Debt” (with D. Hann, R. Bauer and S. Deutschmann), in progress. “The Performance of Defined Benefit Plans: Evidence from the Netherlands” (with R.Bauer), in progress. Research Interests - Mutual funds and performance attribution - Portfolio management - Empirical asset pricing - Style investing - Sustainable investing and corporate social responsibility Awards/Funding “2005 European Prize on Finance and Sustainable Development” for best research contribution in the field of sustainable development (best article), awarded by French Social Investment Forum, December 2005 “2005 Moskowitz Prize” for best quantitative research in the area of socially responsible investments, awarded by the Haas School of Business and the U.S. Social Investment Forum, September 2005. The 3-year MISTRA research grant, awarded by the Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research (MISTRA, 2005). Research consortium with Umea University, GES Investment Services, the Stockholm Institute for Financial Research, Maastricht University, and Innovest Strategic Value Advisors. Project receives formal endorsement by many institutional asset management firms, such as ABP, PGGM, State Street Global Advisors, Hermes Asset Management, AP7 (2006-2008). Nominated for the Hustinx Award (“Hustinxstipendium voor jonge wetenschappers”) in 2007. References Prof. Dr. Kees Koedijk, Tilburg University, CEPR and ECCE, Prof. Dr. Rob Bauer, Maastricht University, Netspar/UMBS, and ECCE, Prof. Dr. Piet Eichholtz, Maastricht University, and Finance Ideas,