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  • 1. Asset Tracking & Management Presented by: Steve Hudson Omnilink Systems Pam Ferguson Rogers Business Solutions 3:00 p.m. – 3:40 p.m. Lake Michigan A
  • 2. M2M Presentation Asset Tracking & Management Presented by: Steve Hudson Omnilink Systems
  • 3. Asset Tracking & Management Presented by: Pam Ferguson Rogers Wireless
  • 4. Key Market Drivers
    • Early Adopters Are Experiencing High ROI
      • Customers are experiencing a 10% - 15% operational cost reductions in months of purchase
        • Fuel/Insurance/Maintenance & More Service Calls
      • “ Mobile fleet resource management market in North America is $1 billion today but it is expected to double by 2009…” (Gartner Group, July 2005)
    • Reducing Emissions
      • “ An idling truck burns one gallon of diesel fuel per hour. Reducing unnecessary idling could save nearly $3,000 in fuel costs, cut air pollutants, and cut 19 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually.” (Smartway Transport Partnership 2006)
    • Customers Looking for One-Stop Shopping and a Long-Term Partnership
      • A reliable partner with long-term goals of providing simple but innovative solutions to transportation and service companies
  • 5. Access to Your Assets Means: Safety
    • Web-based Access to:
      • Theft Control/Tracking
      • Accident Notification & Analysis
      • Remote Panic Button Notifications
      • Remote Unlock
      • Unauthorized Movement
      • Dispatcher can call for Assistance
      • Detect Excessive Speed
      • Perimeter Violation
      • Alarm Integration
      • Driver ID (key fob)
    Remote Diagnostics
    • Web-based Access to:
      • Remote Diagnostics via OBDII / J1708
      • Update Vehicle Software
      • Service and Warranty Information
      • Remote Maintenance Notifications
      • Remote Emission testing or alerts
      • Carbon credit management
    • In-cab Navigation Services (Blue tooth connectivity to Navigation, PDA or via Call-Center):
      • Turn by Turn Navigation
      • Weather information
      • Traffic information
      • Business Locators
    Operational Cost Reduction
    • Web-based Access to:
    • Fleet Map Access
    • Driver Work Schedules
    • Fleet and Asset Utilization
    • Idling Reports
    • Emergency Dispatch Responses
  • 6. Service Fleets GPS Locator & OBD-II Connector
    • Driver Habit Issues
    • High Fuel Costs
    • Automate Driver Records
    • High Insurance Costs
    • Fleet Utilization
    • Increasing Customer Satisfaction
    • High Maintenance Costs
    • Need Automated Reports
    • Driver Safety
    Business Problems Solved
    • OBDII Diagnostic Connector for Emissions
    • Plug and Play Hardware for Little Vehicle Downtime
    • All-in Mapping and Reporting and Smart Logistics Reports
    Solution Components
    • Small Services Companies
      • HVAC/ Plumbing
      • Construction/Contractors
      • Landscaping/ Snow removal
      • Limo/ Buses/ Tow trucks
      • Movers/ Catering
    • Larger Service Companies
      • Municipalities
      • Telecommunication
      • Large Services Companies
      • Utilities
      • Energy
    Target Organizations
  • 7. Transportation Fleets GPS Locator (Voice/Bluetooth/Satellite)
    • Measure and reduce wait-time productivity
    • Reduce fuel costs
    • Improve delivery times
    • Reduce maintenance
    • Reduce paperwork
    • Better meet client expectations
    • Measure and reduce wait-time and back-haul productivity
    • Automate driver tax logs and DOT compliancy
    • Privately Own Transport Trucks:
      • Food Services
      • Retail Services
      • Courier Services
      • Manufacturing/ Consumer Goods
      • Pharmaceuticals
    • Transportation & Logistics
      • Truck Load
      • Less-than-Truck Load
      • Long-Haul Trucking
      • Train inter-model fleets
    • One Stop Shopping
      • Temperature Monitoring
      • Fuel Tax Logs
      • Driver Logs (DOT)
    • Satellite Back-up
    • Ability to add Trailer Tracking on One Map and Reporting System
    Solution Components Business Problems Solved Target Organizations
  • 8. Asset Tracking + imbedded 60 day battery & waterproof gasket GPS Locator with Battery & Gasket
    • Cargo/ Trailer Theft
    • High Insurance Costs
    • Under-Utilization
    • Yard Management
    • Under Utilization
    • Yard Management
    • Asset Theft
    • Trailer Tracking
    • Transportation & Logistics
    • Railways
    • Trailer Leasing Companies
    • Mobile Assets
    • Telecommunications
    • Utilities
    • Municipalities
    • Imbedded waterproof gasket and Lithium battery included
    • Proven and most rugged device with experience with largest trailer deployments
    • Experienced installers who know nuances of all trailer and asset types.
    Solution Components Business Problems Solved Target Organizations
  • 9.
    • Integrated back-office fleet solution with load matching, fuel tax reporting, messaging and mapping of fleets
    • Improved worker knowledge and safety
    • Improved asset utilization, reducing costs
    • Improved customer retention
    • In-vehicle GPRS/GPS unit
    • Required one wireless communication for all Intermodel fleet
    • Needed dispatching and messaging integration with TransWorks
    • High costs related to poor asset utilization
    • Safety of fleet workers required improvement due to regulatory issues
    Results Wireless Solution Challenges Improving Intermodel Fleet Logistics for Rapid Cost Reduction & Improved Customer Retention
  • 10.
    • Improve dispatch efficiency with visibility of field workers
    • Needed to improve driver accountability
    • Had to abide by Lone Worker legislation of Alberta, providing tools to communicate with single drivers (cell phones not allowed)
    • Needed to automate vehicle maintenance records and update notices.
    • Cost-effective solution to abide by Lone Worker legislation and provide driver and vehicle safety
    • Improved service call and emergency response through location of vehicles at anytime
    • Reduce fuel with less vehicle idle-time, unauthorized use, and effective routing in real-time
    • Return on investment in months, adding little operational costs
    • Rogers GSM/GPRS/EDGE wireless network services connected to GPS messages from a discrete hardware device with in-cab Messaging Terminal
    Results Wireless Solution Client Needs Pronghorn Controls, a supplier of oil & gas electrical services, needed to improve deployment of drivers and resources without added costs.
    • “ Being able to measure vehicle productivity has improved our bottom line. mFleet is a key part of our system...”
    • - Bob Lewis
    • Safety Coordinator
  • 11. What Makes Rogers Unique Simplicity One Bill Local Expertise Emissions Control Bundled Discounts