Asset Disposition and Management Services


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Asset Disposition and Management Services

  1. 1. First American REO Servicing offers asset disposition and management services to mortgage ASSET DISPOSITION AND MANAGEMENT SERVICES bankers, investment bankers and financial institutions across the United States. With nationwide coverage and proven expertise, we provide our clients the resources they need for prompt loss Advanced technology. Optimized efficiency. The Internet transaction portal for REO. recovery and timely liquidation of their non-performing assets. Maximized results. First American also provides the internet transaction [ Asset Disposition and First American REO Servicing technology is portal of choice for the REO industry – REOSource. revolutionizing the Asset Management System. We REOSource generates immediate exposure for understand client needs and we are the experts at property listings by sending daily e-mail alerts go out customizing unique business requirements. Our ability to sustain performance throughout a constantly changing marketplace has enabled our systems to to more than 400,000 registered homebuyers, investors and agents. REOSource helps you, the lender, sell your Management Services ] meet and exceed your objectives and goals. properties faster, and gain widespread property An integral part of First American REO Servicing exposure. On average, each property is sent to Technology strategy is to provide our clients with a 1,350 registered buyers in the particular area it is footprint that accurately maintains a nationwide located in. This marketing tool helps turn over Providing superior REO disposition services database of inventory, thereby optimizing efficiency inventory at a faster rate. since 1995. and maximizing results. REOSource works directly with major lending $1.2 billion in assets evaluated, managed and First American has created a suite of client services institutions across the United States to market their sold by seasoned professionals for government and private-sector clients. including the Enhanced Delivery Information System foreclosure properties to a growing community of (EDIS), through which client specific information investors, real estate agents and prospective Diverse and specialized staff draws from extensive industry experience spanning all captured and electronically forwarded through E- homebuyers. By creating this direct relationship with phases of asset marketing, default mail, access to automatically updated information in sellers and their real estate agents, REOSource management, mortgage banking and loan real-time and AMS-Online, which provides Internet ensures that property information displayed on the servicing. access to over 400 REO and default data fields high website is both timely and accurate. And National network of attorneys, title companies capacity volume generated producing accurate ReoSource's commitment to data quality gives and appraisers experienced in Real Estate Owned (REO) assets, defaults, foreclosures and information and results. buyers a high degree of comfort that the properties evictions. In addition, we offer a client-customized report appearing on the REOSource website are actually Vendor management database of over 25,000 builder, access to new property data received via available for sale. contacts nationwide. Web Service, Excel/XML and online and online Backed by the reliability of First American. document retrieval and viewing. We have created a First American REO Servicing is a key component of paperless environment which includes electronic First American's family of default management transfer of BPO, Appraisal, Marketing solutions. The strength and industry leading Plans, MSR, Contracts, HUDs, etc., scanned and dedication of First American backs us every step of advertised pictures and access to the industry’s the way with the most responsive support available. systems such as FIS (Alltel), MortgageServ, Fortracs, Call us today to learn more about how our default LSAMS, and more solutions will work for you. First American REO Servicing 717 17th Street, Suite 200, Denver, CO 80202 866.462.8749 q w w w. f i r s t a m re o . c o m w w w. f i r s t a m . c o m
  2. 2. THE FIRST AMERICAN CORPORATION PRODUCTS AND SERVICES MORTGAGE INFORMATION Credit Reporting Information Appraisal and Property Valuation First American REO Servicing provides aggressive REO Flood Determination and Compliance Mortgage Document Services Loan Fulfillment Solutions strategies through innovative marketing solutions and Vendor and Transaction Management Services Default Management Solutions: an exceptionally progressive approach to technology National Default Outsourcing Loss Mitigation Foreclosure Trustee Services that emphasizes the need for flexible and seamless Default Technologies Field Services Claims Processing integration with varying client platforms. Simply Broker Price Opinons Property Appraisals Default Title stated, asset management and disposition are our core Closing Management Service Asset Disposition and Management Services Escrow Servicing Products: business objectives. Residential Real Estate Tax Reporting Flood Compliance Mortgage Servicing Software Systems Commercial Real Estate Services: First American REO Servicing is dedicated to leading Tax Valuation (Consultant) Tax Appraisal/Valuation the asset management industry on a national basis. Tax Service/Outsourcing Flood Determination TITLE INSURANCE AND SERVICES Our experienced staff recognizes the complexity Residential Title Insurance National Commercial Services International Title Insurance inherent in improving turn-rate times. More Eagle 9™ UCC Insurance ExpressMap™ National Homebuilder Services importantly, they possess a keen understanding of the National Relocation Services Vacation Ownership Services National Default Title Services impact that non-performing assets have on risk Lender Services Equity Loan Services 1031 Tax-deferred Exchange Services exposure, lost opportunity, and loss severity. Title and Escrow Systems Aircraft and Vessel Title Insurance RESIDENTIAL REAL ESTATE TECHNOLOGY AND SERVICES PROPERTY INFORMATION First American Property Information and Map Image Products Title Plant and Document All You Need To Know ® Imaging Services Database Management Services and Document Imaging Systems Property Valuation Services Property Disclosure Information CREDIT INFORMATION First American SPECIALTY INSURANCE AND PROTECTION REO Servicing FINANCIAL SERVICES SCREENING INFORMATION