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Published in: Education

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  • What are people doing?
  • Transcript

    • 1.  
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    • 4. Left-brain culture of ‘market numerical focus’ balances with right-brain creative interests. A newer move toward whole brain thinking or MEANING is now evolving design. New ways of seeing
    • 5. BOOMER.leftbrain GEN Y COMMUNITY
      • - Community-oriented versus object-oriented
      • as it takes a village to do technology. Me to We.
      • - Has never known life without tech yet is living
      • in a world designed by those that have. As a result, hacking rules. This extends to other disciplines.
      • Paradigm shifters: Equal to that of the 60s, “When we design our world from tech onward
      • content, relevancy and connection will matter.”
      - Rebellion against “big” living Boomers - Once deemed “slacker” as a result - Really the originators of the Creative Class - Love the product designed as gateway to tech experience, love bringing experience into the ME realm of personalized expression GEN X CREATIVITY
      • - Born out of world events
      • - Idealistic, self sufficient, driven
      • - Big Government/corporations result
      • - Attached to 60s cool ID
      • Aging downward as a result
      GEN X.rightbrain GEN Y.wholenewmind The Story of Generations
    • 6. Time Article on autism: Those ten and under have not yet been addressed. I have termed them Gen Indigo after a spiritual book ‘ Indigo Children’ psychologists are using to help In the healing of Autism. If Boomer is left brained, Gen X right brained and Gen Y whole brained what is left for Gen Indigo? We are seeing an increase in Autism in genius and dis- function along with an increase in ADD (attention deficit disorder). At least as Boomers once called the Gen Xers “slackers” as they brought in the ‘creative Class’, Indigos are being termed ADD when they may indicate a new way of thinking. Dutch light therapy immersion rooms are improving autism dramatically. Future products will include pulsing light tech along with sensual grounding “craft” or visceral cues for grounding. GEN INDIGO
    • 7. Generational Relevance & Resolve Focus: REINVENTION DESIGNERLIFESTYLE IMPACT & INFLUENCE
    • 8. Consumer Humanism A Move Toward
    • 9. Be Do Have Have Do Be Older models of needing to HAVE in order to BE have moved to BEING what you are and allowing the HAVE to follow. Within this new process we are seeing a redefinition of what HAVING is. Credit: Bobbi Silten Gap Foundation; Jody Turner Consumer Humanism
    • 10.
      • - What your brand doesn’t say is as important as what it does say
      • The bigger story and backstory around the design engages consumers
      • The vacuum created by global political struggles has left the consumer emotionally concerned
      • Culture, commerce and companies that address their emotional state merit consumer engagement
      • Consumers seek invitations to co-create and contribute to product, experiences, solutions: CURATION, DIY
      • Word of mouth marketing/branding is at an all time high.
      Consumer Humanism
    • 11. MOVING FROM, TO: Chart credit: Kevin Robert’s book: SISOMO, Sight Sound and Motion.
    • 12. MOVING FROM, TO: Chart credit: Brian at Character, Portland OR
    • 14. trend observation IDEO: -The Art of Innovation or how to brainstorm with results -The Ten Faces of Innovation or how to defeat internal/external rebukes -Thoughtless Acts or how to learn much through simple observation
    • 15. virtual trending trend:;;;; Design:;; Travel:; / ny:; Youth: google map yourself to any store in the world. Technorati yourself to any neighborhood. Once there check out the “ist” lists or, or Or get block views with using tags like fashion, retail or street. User driven input: ; from the gothamist blog group: Create your own blog:
    • 16. DESIGN ID MATERIALS CITY (PC) (children) THINGS MEANING TREND TECH PHOTO MOVIE MUSIC FASHION STREET FASHION YOUTH FASHION/CULTURE BRAND/MARKETING/ADVERTISING ECO DESIGN VIRTUAL TRENDING: The consumer is inspired and is seeking to feed themselves in new ways. it is important to do the same. The consumer recognizes an energized product and will respond. Here is a sampling of websites and blogs accessed regularly by the consumer.
    • 17. trend counter trend Gen Y example of design: product, community and meaning driven. Product: recycled flip flop sole that disperses apple seeds with wear.
    • 18. trend palette Last thoughts, leaving you with an approach of brand as consumer paint pallet. These are The current palettes:
    • 19. Thank you. Please credit Jody Turner of !