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The voice of technology, the cause of cyber bullying
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The voice of technology, the cause of cyber bullying


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This presentation is about the effect text messaging has caused humans to lose their way of communication and how it causes cyber bullying.

This presentation is about the effect text messaging has caused humans to lose their way of communication and how it causes cyber bullying.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. The Voice ofTechnology,the cause ofCyber BullyingBy Jackie LiImage via Stéphanie D
  • 2. Is technology silencing ourvoices?Image via Ronny Richer
  • 3. Today, SMS is the mostwidely-used dataapplication in the world,with 81% of mobilephone subscribers usingitSource: Ericson, A Brief History Of Text Messaging Image via Nuno Quina
  • 4. Back in the day, the onlytype of communicationwas either in person orsending lettersImage via lesterhead
  • 5. 9 Out of 10 students textduring classSource: 9 Out Of 10 Students Text During Class, Study Shows Image via markgranitz
  • 6. Cell phones representintimate multimedia journalsSource: Cell phones and textingImage via Ana Maria, aka Renmeleon
  • 7. Dependent on e-mail or textingcould result inbecominguncomfortable withface to facecommunication.The Lost Art of Face-to-Face CommunicationImage via Adam
  • 8. People of this generation will notknow what communicating reallymeansImage via Chris
  • 9. “Technology is so muchfun but we can drown inour technology. The fog ofinformation can drive outknowledge.” -Daniel JBoorstinImage via Aimanness Photography
  • 10. Yet we still choose to drownourselves in technologyImage via Garth
  • 11. We cannow usetechnologyto judgeothersImage via Leah Sweet
  • 12. Technology has also allowed us toshape who we are and highlight specificfeatures in ways we couldnt do aseasily offlineSource: Christine Erickson, The Social Psychology of the Selfie Image via Melissa Mansfield!
  • 13. We upload pictures ofourselves hoping to feed offpositive esteem fromcomments from our friendsImage via Visual Diary
  • 14. Nearly 4 in 10 social network users(39%) have been cyber bulliedSource: Caroline Knorr , 5 Things You Need to Know About CyberbullyingImage via vronnieflickr
  • 15. 38% of girls online report being bullied,compared with 26% of online boys.Source: Source: Caroline Knorr , 5 Things YouNeed to Know About CyberbullyingImage via tct10e
  • 16. Once its out onthe web, its thereforeverImage via Florentijn van Panhuis
  • 17. With a click of abutton, technologyspeaks on behalfof usImage via Ruta Kiskyte
  • 18. It feels like werejust robots ratherthan actualhuman beingsimage via Kate McCully
  • 19. When people are alone,even for a few moments,they fidget and reach fora deviceSource: Sherry Turkle, The FlightFrom Conversation image via erh07d
  • 20. image via Rafael CarvalhoThis presents the issue withtechnology, the more wespend with it, the more wedrift away from person toperson interaction
  • 21. image via Scott McLeod
  • 22. CreditsAll images are licensed under the CreativeCommons Non-Commercial Share-Alike 3.0agreement and sourced from flickr
  • 23. Sources••••••••