FORT DRUM    SPECIAL                                     The Revolver    POINTS OF    INTEREST:                           ...
PAGE   2             From the Commander cont.                In October, we will be executing our Squadron Spur Ride, Spou...
A Troop/ 6-6          PAGE          3“I am proud of eachand every one in this                             Hello Assassin F...
VOLUME        2,   ISSUE     3                                                        PAGE   4 A Company/2-10Hello Voodoo ...
B Company/1-10PAGE   5                                                               of the CAB, the               Killer ...
PAGE   6               C Troop/6-6Outcast Families,                            CW2 Randy McCall is our newest addition    ...
PAGE                     7                                                           D Troop/6-6   PAGE   7“Thank you for ...
VOLUME      2,   ISSUE     3                                                                                 PAGE   8     ...
PAGE       9                                               HHT/ 6-6                        Hello Stetson Family and Friend...
PAGEPAPAGE          10Chaplain’s CornerHello,    I am CH (CPT) David L. Arthur, the new chaplain for Task Force Six Shoote...
PAGE   11                                                 FRG Advisor                 Happy Summer everyone and Happy Four...
PAGE     13                  Squadron BirthdaysSGT Eric Carson            3 May                SPC Jason Bodor         7 J...
The “Six Shooters” are equipped with AH-64D                                                             “Apache” attack he...
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Revolver June 2012


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Check out the latest edition of the Revolver. Enjoy!

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Revolver June 2012

  1. 1. FORT DRUM SPECIAL The Revolver POINTS OF INTEREST: V O L U M E 2 , I S S U E 3 M A Y / J U N E 2 0 1 2  Pictures from From the Commander FRG & Sol- diers  Letters from the Troop/ Task Force Sixshooters Soldiers and Families, Company Commanders I am honored and humbled to be serving you all as your new Squad-  FRG Leader ron Task Force Commander. Lisa and I are excited to be back with the Information Sixshooter Family, and we are already so impressed with how amazing this unit is. Your reputation precedes you and it is not by accident.INSIDE THIS ISSUE: I have asked that the picture of my Family be included for a specific reason. If you look very closely, you will see all 440 Soldiers assigned toA Troop/6-6 the Sixshooters and their Families and loved ones there in the picture 3 Stetsons with my Family. OK, not really….but the idea is that Lisa and I con-A Co. / 2-10 4 sider every member of this team and their Families as part of our own Family. We intend to spend the next two years in command serving youB Co. / 1-10 5 all and making this Squadron Task Force a Family friendly and positiveC Troop/6-6 6 place to be. AssassinsD Troop/6-6 7 I hope everyone is able to take full advantage of the block leave pe-E Troop/6-6 8 riod the first two weeks in July. You all deserve a solid break. When we get back, our pace will quicken as we start our train up for our nextHHT / 6-6 9 anticipated deployment in Spring of 2013.Chaplain’s Corner 10 Voodoo Task Force Sixshooters will be the centerpiece for a Division levelFRG Advisor 11 training event here on Fort Drum from 24 July to 1 August. You all canPictures anticipate 24 hour work schedules, increased mission sets, and some 12 really good training for our Soldiers during those 9 Days. Additionally Killer SpadesBirthdays and 13 in late August, we will begin moving the Squadron to the NationalAnniversary Training Center or NTC at Fort Irwin, California for a month longFRG Corner training event. This is a critical part of our train up for deployment, but 14 will require our Soldiers to be gone for a good stretch of time. In return we are trying for a 4 day weekend in AUG (10-13 AUG) to compensate for the time lost. It is not lost Outcasts on me that this is the first sum- mer in several years that we have been home, and despite having to take some time away for training, I am certain we Desperados can repay much of it before kids go back to school and it starts snowing. Mustangs More to follow on next page---
  2. 2. PAGE 2 From the Commander cont. In October, we will be executing our Squadron Spur Ride, Spouse/ Significant Other Spur Ride, and our Children‟s Spur Ride. The exact dates are still being worked, but we hope to gain max participation in those amazing and fun team building events. If you have never partici- pated in a Spur Ride before, I can assure you it will be a blast. We will continue to work our long range calendar so we can provide our Soldiers and Families with predictability. I will also tell you that we intend to initiate a number of traditions and actions that have tradition- ally been associated with Cavalry units. The Spouse Order of the Yel- low Garter, Baby Orders and CAV Bibs for newborns, and the Broken Spur Award for the bone head action of the month are just a few. I would like to give a special congratulation to the 6-6 CAV Flag Foot- ball team, who under the lead of CPT Pritchett, won the Mountain Fest Flag Football Tourney beating out stiff competition from every other Battalion on post. An amazing feat and well done! Lastly, I would encourage our Soldiers to get their parents and ex- tended Family on the distro for this newsletter. They are very much a part of our team as well (they are in my Family picture too if you look closely). If we have several hundred folks on our e-mail distro – great! Just get those e-mail or mail addresses to your chain of command so they can forward to our Squadron FRSA, Tiffany Woods. For those of you on Facebook, if you would like to follow me as the Task Force Com- mander, I have started a “LTC Sweet” FB account specific to my ideas and thoughts as the new Squadron Commander. This is another way to connect with Soldiers and Families in order understand their concerns and issues while they get a chance to understand my thoughts and ac- tions. We will call this a social me- dia leadership experiment. I hope you enjoy your summer, and again, Lisa and I are so excited to be serving here with you all in the best Aviation Squadron in the Army. Air CAV! LTC Erick “Zeke” Sweet 6-6 CAV & Task Force Sixshooters CommanderTHE REVOLVER
  3. 3. A Troop/ 6-6 PAGE 3“I am proud of eachand every one in this Hello Assassin Families,organization and you It may seem as though it has been a while have all proven since I last addressed everyone; and that‟s because we have been extremely busy over the course of the last two months. I needn‟t make mention of that to our families as I‟m sure youyourselves worthy or have noticed firsthand. Even still, I remain very pleased with the efforts, abilities, and moti- vation by our Assassin team. being called “Assassins.” Training has continued to slowly ramp up. Our RL progressions continue to be our prior- ity, ensuring the safe and effective honing of cockpit skills by our new pilots. Amidst the pro- -CPT Tom Jones gressions, we successfully qualified all of our aircrews in helicopter gunnery, to include win- ning the “Top Gun” award in the Squadron by CW3s Preston Dean and Erik Newhouse. Congrats and great job representing Assassin Troop! Over the next several months, following block leave, our focus will shift to Moun- tain Peak, a Division-sized 2 week training exercise . This will test our METL and prove how proficient we are. After that, we will, again, test our abilities at NTC, perhaps our largest training event this year. Once complete, the Squadron will proudly host a series of Spur Rides, to include a spouse‟s and children‟s spur ride. As you know, we have been enduring the ever bittersweet farewells since we re- turned from Afghanistan. This month marks the last major exodus of Assassin alumni. We said goodbye to CW2 Jay and Kat Stauffer and family, CW2(P) Mark Smith and family, CW3 Sascha and Tina Wellenreuther and family, 1SG David Bar- rett, and CW2 Mike and Holly Schwartz and family. To all of you, there is a hole in this organization now that you‟re gone. We wish you the best of luck and we‟ll see you soon. Once an Assassin, always an Assassin! I also want to take this opportunity to farewell and thank our outgoing commander and his family, LTC Christopher and Trish Downey. Thanks for your leadership, guidance, and full support throughout an arduous deployment. Good luck and God Bless! Although it is sad saying farewell to many friends and family, the silver-lining is in those we have the privilege of hailing. As you all know, our new commander is LTC Sweet and his wife Lisa and their children. We welcome them with open arms and look forward to the new command. Our single newcomer this month is 1LT Logan Barnhill from Cincinnati, OH by way of the Virginia Military Institute. Welcome. We will continue to hold events to honor our family and team in the upcoming weeks. Thanks to everyone for your support and presence at our many farewell barbeques. I would also like to recognize our outgoing FRG leader, Meghann Terry. Al- though the Terry‟s will remain in the 6-6 family, they will be joining HHT. Thanks for all the hard work and again…Once and Assassin, always an Assassin! Amanda Murphy will be stepping in as the FRG leader and as you know, she‟s not new to this job and the transition will be seamless. A continued thanks to all our precious volunteers who dedicate so much to our unit! Until next time, take care and keep the ball rolling! CPT Tom Jones “Assassin 6” THE REVOLVER
  4. 4. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 PAGE 4 A Company/2-10Hello Voodoo Family, within the Company and the Squadron that you have helped thank you Melissa As things start to warm up here in for being the embodiment of what a vol-the North Country I hope that you unteer should be. Your presence will beare making the most of your time greatly missed by all.with your loved ones. In Alpha Com-pany we continue to lean forwardwith our emersion into the new UH- Congratulations to the newest mem-60M. We are currently 90% com- bers of the Non-Commissioned Officerplete with the transition as a Com- Corps. SPC (P) Ingwersen and SPC (P)pany and have had some opportuni- Dees. These two Soldiers will officiallyties here as of late to test out the new be promoted to rank of Sergeant on 1aircraft during our Bambi Bucket July 2012.(water bucket operations) qualifica-tions. As we continue to work our way through the summer and I would like to extend a warm wel- into the fall we look to the hori-come to the newest member of the zon knowing that the NTC rota-Voodoo Family. CW3 Alex Langa, tion is getting closer and closer.his wife Amy Lynn, and their son As we continue in our persistentMaxwell. CW3 Langa is a mainte- training I ask that we all take anance test pilot who is coming to us moment to remember our past,from the MEDEVAC that brings a focus on the present, and planwealth of knowledge and experience for the future. Thank you for allwith him. We are all looking for- the love and support that youward to working with him and learn- all continue to provide to eaching from him. and every member of Voodoo. We could not continue to do all of the great things we are doing without This month we loose a great vol- it!unteer from within the Voodoo fam-ily. Melissa Rexroad, has officiallystepped down as the Alpha CompanyFRG leader in order to continue toexpand Fort Drum‟s Thrift Shop. CPT Erin BraswellFrom all of the Soldiers and Families “Voodoo 6” THE REVOLVER
  5. 5. B Company/1-10PAGE 5 of the CAB, the Killer Spade Family and Friends! Company‟s cof- fee connoisseur First and most importantly, I would and a native of like to thank our families for tolerating the Washington arduous tempo that the Company main- State. Our youngest member of the Com- tained during our recent helicopter gun- pany, just having turned nineteen, is PFC nery exercises. The crew chiefs and pilots Scott McGowan of New Hampshire. Scott worked excessively long hours and most of has taken over as the Company Guidon us spent more time at work during those bearer and has not stopped smiling yet. three weeks than at home. We are espe- cially grateful for all of the families who The Killer Spades said an emotional supported us during all of this. The heli- farewell to CW2 Aaron Simbro and Master copter gunnery exercise went extremely Sergeant Michael „Lumber‟ McAvoy this well for the Company and we represented month. Mike is returning to Fort Carson, the Squadron well. CW2 Eric Bridge was Colorado and, assuredly, bigger things. recognized as our Top Gun, the best Aaron is joining 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Apache gunner in the Squadron. Hood and will hopefully enjoy some well deserved down time with his family. The The Company barbeque at Remington Army is stronger for the contributions of Pond was a fantastic event last month and these two men. The Simbro‟s and the McA- I‟m appreciative of all the families that voy‟s will be truly missed and we wish them came to celebrate with us. We all want to all good luck in their futures. congratulate the FRG again for making that possible. The Lady Spades did a KILLER 6 hugely successful BBQ fund raiser for our Company family. The money that they raised was more than enough to support an outstanding event. CW3 Matt Rood pioneered an Air- frame and Power Plant certification course with Mohawk Valley College Avia- tion Training Center. Mr. Rood, SGT Cho and SGT Smith were our Company‟s first graduates of this prestigious professional certification. Matt has also helped hun- dreds of aircraft maintainers from the entire Brigade receive this certification. It was a herculean accomplishment that we are immensely proud of them for accom- plishing. I want to welcome three new members of the Killer Spade family. First is Ms. Amanda Combs from Missoula, Montana. She is already a civilian Certified Flight Instructor – Instrument and an accom- plished helicopter pilot. SPC Jacob Reed joined us from 277th ASB. He‟s a veteran THE REVOLVER
  6. 6. PAGE 6 C Troop/6-6Outcast Families, CW2 Randy McCall is our newest addition from flight school. He is a prior service In- Summer has finally come and brought fantryman who is single and enjoys longbeautiful weather to the North Country. walks on the boardwalk, treasure hunting,It‟s time to kick off the shoes, put on and snails.some sandals and enjoy all the greatthings this area has to offer. The FRG had two successful events in the past two months (Ice cream Social and Com- The summer PCS season has started edy Night) and I thank all of you for takingup once again. CW3 Brian Parks, a long your time to come out and enjoy in the fes-time Outcast, will be enjoying a much tivities. We will continue to plan for eventsneeded and well deserved break for the after block leave and look forward to yournext few years with his family at Fort input. Some potential events are White Wa-Rucker, Alabama. Although we are sad ter Rafting on the Black River, BBQ andto see him leave, CW3 Ryan Neal has party at Remington Pond, and Party at thestepped up to take the reigns of the Troop Beach at Westcott Beach. If you have anyStandardization Instructor Pilot and will other ideas, bring them to the next FRGdo a fine job. SFC Wesley Custer has meeting or send an e-mail to Erin or myself.been selected to serve as an AdvancedIndividual Training (AIT) Platoon Ser- Upcoming FRG and Squadron events:geant at Fort Eustis and will be departing July- Summer Opportunity Leave, Mountainin July. 1SG David Lee relinquished his Peak Training Exerciseposition as 1SG after 4 years to SFC Har- August- TBD FRG Eventvey Eastman on 5 June, but has moved September- NTCjust across the street to HHT. David andKerrie have been an outstanding support Again, thank you for your continued sup-team within the Troop and will be deeply port! Please feel free to contact Erin or my-missed. self at any time. SFC Harvey Eastman comes to the CPT Paul MilasTroop from Bravo Company, 277th ASB “Outcast 6”where he served as a Platoon Sergeant forthe past 4 years. We welcome him andhis family to the Troop and the Cavalryway of life. THE REVOLVER
  7. 7. PAGE 7 D Troop/6-6 PAGE 7“Thank you for all of the hard work and for always giving your all.”. -CPT Samantha Jones THE REVOLVER
  8. 8. VOLUME 2, ISSUE 3 PAGE 8 E Troop/6-6Hello Echo Troop!!! Over the past two months we had a banana split competition at our May FRGMeeting, welcomed our new Squadron Commander, and have the full array of Summer activities inFort Drum including Remington Park, Riverfest, Mountainfest, strawberry picking, the Drive-in,splash parks etc. Over the course of two weeks in the field during the Squadron‟s annual Gunnery, Echo Trooppumped over 12,000 gallons of fuel and supplied over 43,000 rounds of ammunition. The Distributionplatoon has continued to set the standard in the brigade for fast, efficient, and safe support, regardlessof the situation, be it down range in Afghanistan or here in Fort Drum. The Motor Pool had provided avariety of support including on-site maintenance support of the vehicles and generators needed at therange as well as transporting chow and personnel. Next up we have some block leave followed by Mountain Peak, a Division training exercise whichwe will be supporting with a FARP (Forward Arming and Refuel Point), logistics convoys, and mainte-nance support wherever it is needed. Over the next couple of months, the Squadron has a variety oftraining events and opportunities for leave, such that it might be helpful to think of it as a rollercoaster of training intensity. This is a natural and important part of maintaining our readiness, but itcertainly comes along with the difficulty of regularly adjusting our schedules and other stressors. Be-cause of the rollercoaster that we are on, I encourage you to take advantage of the low points on thecalendar, especially block leave, along with the other upcoming Holidays. This requires knowing whenthe DONSA‟s (Day Of No Scheduled Activity) are and what the training calendar looks like, which youcan best do through the FRSA Flashes, this newsletter, and through your spouse. Please let Emily or Iknow if you have any questions, thank you for your support and everything you are doing that allowsEcho Troop to train and accomplish our mission!Commander: CPT Neal Sivula (315-774-1049/ Leader: Emily Sivula (315-681-4877/ Echo Troop‟s success depends on our constant development, and the below individuals have distin-guished themselves as prepared to take on more responsibility and do more good for the unit. Con-gratulations and thanks to the following Soldiers who earned a promotion, award, or reenlisted duringMay and June: MUSTANGS!Reenlistments:SGT Henry SmithSPC Melissa WestSPC Giovanny LanuzaSPC Oniel MorrisonSPC Juri DunlapSPC Erick FernandezSPC Christopher PoseySPC David KitzelmanSPC Jose RamosSPC Justin ShermanPromotions:Christian Batista PFC to SPCMarshall Durbin PV2 to PFCDorminga Lowe PV2 toPFC
  9. 9. PAGE 9 HHT/ 6-6 Hello Stetson Family and Friends,“I cannot thank Summer is officially here which meansyou enough for it is now time for summer block leave to begin on June 30th for two weeks. It defi- the support!” nitely is a well deserved break for the sol- diers of Stetson troop as they endured two parted for one of the infantry brigades on months of fast paced training to include main post, SFC Vicente and his wife Nelda two straight weeks of providing support who departed for Ft. Lewis, SFC Watkins for Gunnery. Enjoy the two weeks where and SSG Dougherty who both pcs‟d to the ever your plans take you or if you are stay- Republic of Korea, SGT Sanchez and his ing locally, definitely get out there and wife Amber pcs‟d to Ft. Lewis, SPC John- enjoy what the North Country has to offer. son pcs‟d to Ft. Benning, and SPC David Once we return from block leave we will who has ets‟d. To these Stetson troopers hit the ground running hard straight up to who have departed us, we wish you and the end of September with the end of July your families the best of luck on your new consisting of the planning and execution of adventures! Mountain Peak, which is a 10th Mountain Division level training exercise in prepara- On a positive note, we welcome new tion for our one month deployment in mid additions to the Stetson family. Most nota- to late August to the National Training bly is 1SG Dave Lee who now fills the role Center in Ft. Irwin, CA. as HHT 1SG. 1SG Lee comes to us from C troop and brings to us a wealth of knowl- Over these past two months we have edge and a commitment to excellence that continue to say our goodbyes to several of will energize this troop as we prepare for our Stetson soldiers. Most notably is 1SG the next fight. With 1SG Lee, I would also Marlon Freeman who retired after 20 like to welcome his wife, Kerrie who has years of service. 1SG Freeman was instru- volunteered to assist in the duties of Co- mental in ensuring the safe return of Stet- Leader for the FRG. Also joining the team son troopers from OEF last fall and con- is CH Dave Arthur and his wife Priscilla, tinued to assist as we reestablished garri- SFC Jonathan Payne and wife Kenia, SGT son operations to begin training for our De‟Angelo Johnson, PFC Megan Craig, next fight. Another integral part of team and PV2 Shannon Anderson. I am sure departing us is MAJ Mark Herold who these new additions to the team will con- both played a vital role as the S-3 OIC and tribute to the continued success of HHT. his wife Jill, who played an important role to the FRG as a key caller. Other person- In closing, I would like to thank all the nel who have families that came out enjoyed HHT‟s Or- also departed ganizational day at Remington Park on the Stetson fam- Jun 15. It definitely was a pleasure seeing ily these past everyone come out and enjoy the day. two months in- Some events that we are currently plan- clude CH Hurst ning out over the next couple of months and his wife include a Family Bowling night in late July Star who de- as well as look for us to do execute on a fundraiser in early August. Until next time, take care! CPT George Navarro Stetson 6 THE REVOLVER
  10. 10. PAGEPAPAGE 10Chaplain’s CornerHello, I am CH (CPT) David L. Arthur, the new chaplain for Task Force Six Shooter, 6-6Cav. I wanted to briefly introduce my family and I to you. Here is a little informa-tion about me; I am from Louisiana and I grew up in the country. I do love sports and The Holy Alphabet-the outdoors as well. I was a baseball player for many years and then worked in the A lthough things are notprofessional world with Caterpillar Machinery and one other company before surren- perfectdering to full-time ministry. Not that it matters much but I finished college at Louisi- B ecause of trial or painana Tech University and my graduate work at New Orleans Baptist Theological Semi- C ontinue in thanksgivingnary. My pursuit is biblical theology. While doing my graduate studies in New Or- D o not begin to blameleans, I worked quite often in the inner city projects in multiple fashions. I also spent E ven when the times aretime in the inner city of Baltimore and East St. Louis. Priscilla and I were married on hard18 September 2004. We served in New Orleans and North Carolina. We also lived F ierce winds are bound to blowand served through Hurricane Katrina before coming into the Army. Priscilla grew G od is forever ableup a military brat. Her father retired from the Army in the Stafford, VA area which is H old on to what you knowalso where she calls home. She is Virginia Tech graduate and worked in marketing I magine life without Hisbefore serving in ministry position until she met me and we got married. We have lovethree children; David (6), Isabella (4 ½), and Solomon (3). This September we will be J oy would cease to bemarried 8 years. So as you can see we are young in our marriage and full of craziness K eep thanking Him for all the thingswith our children. Priscilla has a passion for helping female Soldiers, female officers L ove imparts to theeand spouses in every area of life. She has a heart for people in the military since she M ove out of "Camp Comgrew up in the military and now is married to one. Ft. Drum is our third duty station. plaining"We have been at Ft Story/Little Creek Navy Amphibious Base and Hunter Army Air- N o weapon that is knownfield before here with one deployment in the middle. As a family, we love the Army O n earth can yield theand are here to serve the Soldiers and the Families of 6-6 Cav in every way possible. It poweris our pleasure and joy to be here with this outstanding unit. We hope to get to know P raise can do alone Q uit looking at the futureall of you as much as possible. R edeem the time at hand CH David Arthur S tart every day with worship T o "thank" is a command U ntil we see Him coming V ictorious in the sky W ell run the race with grati tude X alting God most high Y es, therell be good times and yes some will be bad, but... Z ion waits in glory.....where none are ever sad! "I AM Too blessed to be stressed!" The shortest dis- tance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to any- thing. Love and peace be THE REVOLVER with you forever.
  11. 11. PAGE 11 FRG Advisor Happy Summer everyone and Happy Fourth of July! First and foremost, I want to thank everyone for the warm and inviting welcome! In this short time, I can already tell that the reputation of the 6-6 FRG being the best FRG at 10th Mountain is TRUE! I can‟t say it enough, we are so happy to be at 6-6 and we‟re very ex- cited to be part of your fabulous unit and family! While it isn‟t just about Stetsons to Yel- low Garters we do hope to have a lot of fun, bond together as a group and empower our families! Secondly, I hope you enjoyed Mountainfest and thank-you again to our volunteers, sol- diers and FRG members alike, that helped at our booth this year – who doesn‟t love candy and chips!!! Not only do we love TF Six-Shooters we love the North Country. To reiterate what Colo- nel Nicolle said, “the biggest myth about the North Country is that there is nothing to do!” I agree, whole-heartedly, there is so much FUN to be had for families and single soldiers alike! The Summer in the North Country is about Farmer‟s Markets (my favorite being the Watertown Farmer‟s Market on Wednesdays!), white-water rafting, camping, fishing, the beach and more! It is also about parades and fairs! Just a few of my favorites coming up are the Jefferson County Fair (July 10 – July 15) and the Lewis County Fair (July 17 – July 21) with what is probably the BEST and longest parade in the area on Tuesday, July 17 th at 7PM. Make sure to bring your folding chair and get a spot early! On Saturday, July 21 at 11:00 AM is the CAN-AM Parade part of The Can-Am Festival in Sackets Harbor, they have great vendors and fireworks! Further afield is the New York State Fair (August 23 – September 3) it is one of the best State Fairs in the US and they have amazing concert series, get your tickets now! If you‟re looking for a relaxing day, every Sunday in Sackets Har- bor is a FREE outdoor concert at 3:00 PM at the Battlegrounds. It‟s great to bring a blan- ket and a snack and listen to some great sounds from the 10 th Mountain Band to country music or swing! Afterwards you can have a delicious meal! I could go on and on about all the fun things to do around here, so feel free to stop me and ask if you‟re stumped for something to do!!! In the meantime, enjoy the summer, whether you‟re visiting family, going on vacation or staying local, please stay safe and have a GREAT time! Happy Fourth of July!!! Respectfully, Lisa Sweet THE REVOLVER
  12. 12. PAGE 12 THE REVOLVER
  13. 13. PAGE 13 Squadron BirthdaysSGT Eric Carson 3 May SPC Jason Bodor 7 JuneCW3 Scott Tolan 4 May MAJ Jonathan Rastall 7 JuneSGT Carlos Mendez 8 May CW2 Daniel West 8 JuneSPC Jeremy Conley 9 May PFC Scott McGowan 12 JuneSGT Mindy Aguilo 19 MaySPC Tatiana Christian 19 May PFC James Ells 18 JuneSGT Bradley Johnson 21 May CW2 Eric Bridge 21 JuneCW3 Benjamin Cuevas 21 May CPT Joseph Sinkiewicz 25 June1LT Stefan Borden 24 May CW2 Royce Thex 25 JuneCW2 John Hager 27 May SGT Angelica Dejesus 28 June Anniversary Celebrations SPC Armando Martinez 4 JuneSGT Jeremiah Wells 3 May SPC Michael Srnec 7 JuneSGT Timothy Nosser 4 May SPC Sean Brown 7 JuneCW2 Francis Caputo 4 May SSG Daniel Ketchmark 9 JuneSSG Tariel Williams 8 May 1LT Thomas Terry 13 June1SG Robert Lee 13 MaySPC Ricardo Calon 13 May SSG Steven Glover 16 JunePFC Adam Brown 21 May PFC Crystal Silva 19 JuneWO1 James Donato 21 May SFC Matthew Payne 20 JuneSGT Carlos San Nicolas 22 May SGT Katayama, Matthew 20 JuneSGT Justy Rivera-Santana 22 May CW2 Rocky Jensen 29 JuneSSG Robert Rivera 28 May SGT Carlos Mendez 30 JuneCW3 Michael O’Malley 1 June SPC Nathan Rabon 30 June THE REVOLVER
  14. 14. The “Six Shooters” are equipped with AH-64D “Apache” attack helicopters, UH-60L “Blackhawk” assault helicopters and OH-58D “Kiowa Warrior” armed scout helicopters. They conduct recon and security missions, per- form attack operations, air assault and aerial resupply missions.Fort DrumTask Force Six Shooters Join us on20135 Hangar Access Road Facebook!Fort Drum, NY 13602 TF ShooterFRG Corner HHT 6-6 Cecilia Navarro 630-660-0177 Important Phone Numbers: Kerrie Lee 909-744-0848 FRSA A Troop 6-6 Tiffany Woods 315-774-1306 Amanda Murphy 813-732-1065 Staff DutyDo you know who your A Company 2-10 TF Six Shooters 315-774-1300FRG Leader is?? Please Wendy Rittichier 419-481-1447 Brigade (24hrs) 315-774-1100check out our list of lead- B Company 1-10 Chaplainers, find yours and contact Alisha Monette 423-782-9202 CPT Arthur 315-774-1303them today! Mel Rego 508-241-0142 Red Cross C Troop 6-6 Ashley Branham 315-772-6561 Erin Milas 847-702-2898 MFLC D Troop 6-6 John Bye-Torre 315-405-7449 Heather Ketchmark 912-657-4012 MP Station 315-772-2677 E Troop 6-6 Emily Sivula 651-353-6926 Julie Moore 989-482-9926TF Six Shooters Advisors:Lisa Sweet 315-688-2207 THE REVOLVER This newsletter contains official and unofficial information. The inclusion of some unofficial information in this FRG newsletter has not increases the cost to the Government, in accordance with DOD 4525.8-M.”