March Liberty Times


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March Liberty Times

  1. 1. Liberty TimesTASK FORCEMOUNTAIN EAGLE277TH AVIATIONSUPPORT BATTALIONHOT TOPICS V O L U M E I , I S S U E 2 3 M A R C H 2 0 1 2 Eagle Commander’s Corner ROTC assignment. HSC 1SG most additional duties. MAJ Lang- Lillard is leaving us and taking a kamp is our new XO and comes to flight detachment at Fort Bel- us out of school but her last as- voir. It’s always hard on a unit signment was here at Fort Drum as when the first sergeant leaves the Sustainment Brigade Executive but we got lucky and 1SG Jerni- Officer. MAJ Young our old XO gen is already at the helm. CPT moved to the Support Operations Temple our S3 is leaving us in Officer position. By LTC Albert H. Stiller April along with Heather and his And finally I say goodbye Battalion Commander beautiful family. CPT Temple again to CSM Hurst who is off to was our C Company Com- Fort Hood but we welcome our TF Mountain Eagle, mander when we left for Af- new CSM Carlos Escalera who ghanistan. Our new S3 should came to us from TF Knighthawk. Another month has gone by. be in next month. CW4 Kemple During the Hail and Farewell Some of us are very busy and our Support Operations Aviation we presented a distinguished Avia- some are waiting for the rest of Officer is off to Fort Rucker; tion award ―The Order of Saint their equipment to arrive so theyCONTACTS however, SPO gains an ammuni- can get to work. Michael‖ to three Soldiers – CW5 tion warrant technician – CW2 Our focus remains resetting Cummings, CW4(R) Adams andBATTALION STAFF Faust…welcome. CPT Height- our equipment (I talked about it SFC Rittichier. It is given to avia-DUTY DESK shoe (HSC Commander) will last month) and doing individual315-774-1200 change command on 9 MAR 12 tion Soldiers that have greatly training to include: combat life- and then move into the S3 shop. contributed to Army aviation.CHAPLAIN saver, ranges, drivers training His replacement is CPT Nissen(CPT) LOVE and re-establishing processes. coming to us out of the Ad-315-681-0883 HSC is really putting on a full vanced Course and will be fol- court press in the efforts to win lowed here byFAMILY READINESS the Army Award for Mainte- her husbandSUPPORT nance Excellence…we are one and son veryASSISTANT (FRSA) of two Army finalists…we’ll soon.MICHELE GALLOWAY know soon.315-774-1206 We had a great Hail and Fare- 1LT Chan- well this month. We said fare-MILITARY FAMILY thamalinh is our well to CPT Richardson our ALIFE CONSULTANT new battalion Co Commander who is off to(MFLC) communica- Siena College in NY. CPT315-405-7449 tions/signal315-212-6919 Richardson’s change of com- officer (S6) and mand is 1 MAR. We wish him probably theARMY COMMUNITY and Jennifer good luck with their officer with theSERVICE (ACS)INFORMATIONAND REFERRAL Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates315-772-65571-800-826-0886 By Melissa Stiller If not, you need to stop by ACS (Mobilization and Deployment), FRG Advisor (Army Community Service) to the section that gives all the FRGMILITARY see all the programs they offer – (family readiness group) classes,ONESOURCE Hello 277th Soldiers and Fami- AFTB (Army Family Team Relocation Readiness to help you1-800-342-9647 lies! My how time flies when Building) classes to get you get acquainted with Ft. Drum or they are back home, doesn’t it! familiar with all the military to help you out with info about I hope you are finding things offers as well as those darned the location of your next assign- to do on and around Ft. Drum. acronyms, Mob/Dep ment, Family Advocacy to help For the rest of the article, go to page 8.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Headquarters & Support Company - Battle Penguins Battle Penguins are. In saying as much, I day. To add to the mix, this outstanding would like to take the opportunity to Motor pool team has pulled together welcome CPT Natalie Nissen as the new getting the Battle Penguins in the run- incoming Company Commander. In the ning for the All Army Maintenance Ex- short time that she has been around the cellence Award. The Penguins are one Company I get the feeling that she sees of two finalists for our category and the what a great organization she is inherit- competition is fierce. Knowing our Sol- ing. diers, the Award is in the Bag… Play by As well, I would like to say farewell play will follow as we get updates… ;)By CPT Todd Heightshoe to 1SG Lillard. He and 1SG Jernigan Of course the rest of the Penguins areHSC Company Commander conducted their Change of Responsibil- hard at work as well, and I thank them ity on 3 February 2012. The emotion every day for doing what they do. ToFrom the desk of Penguin 6, ran high and more than a few tears were you, the families, I thank you as well for HSC Battle Penguin Families, well shed as we said farewell to our ―Poppa being the mortar that binds us all to-here we are moving very quickly into Smurf‖ AKA: Penguin 7. 1SG Lillard gether and carries that pride in your Sol-February and hopefully old man win- and his fiancé Terry are on their way diers, husbands, wives, children, brotherster will stays as mild as he has been. south, out of the cold, heading to Fort and sisters. You are the reason we doBut as you all know, his cold breath Belvoir, Va. We wish he and his family what we do… For now, good bye andhas been breathing down our necks all due luck and he best of wishes. He bless you all…but the mission goes on. will be missed. Unfortunately, my tenure as Com- With a loss we gain… 1SG Kennethmander for this great organization is Jernigan comes on board as the new With All Due Wishes,coming to a close. You know what Penguin 7. I want to welcome him, his Todd E. Heightshoethey say ―All Good Things Come To wife Charlene and his beautiful daugh- CPT, LGAn End…‖ But it has been a great ters to the Penguin Family. Commandingride and we are going to finish strong Well gang, Reset of all of the organi- AKA: Penguin 6and show the new Company Com- zations equipment is underway and themander what a great organization the Battle Penguins are working hard everyHSC Family Readiness Group NotesOPEN the gate to the three way stop signHSC FRG Leader staying in the left lane to turn left. Follow Hanger Access Road around to the right and Bldg 20125 sits on the right side with a huge Presently SGT Justin Lux the parking lot in front of it.Total Army Family Point ofContact is assisting in the FRG Please contact Michele Galloway,Leader Role. SGT Lux can be the Battalion FRSA at 315-774-reached at 315-396-2080 1206 or e mai l at Mi ch-o r e m a i l a t if youJUSTIN.P.LUX@US.ARMY. are interested becoming FRGMIL Leader, Treasurer or Key Caller. HSC FRG Meeting isWednesday, March 28th, We look forward to hearing2012, 5:30pm at 277th Battal- from you soon!ion Classroom. Directions to 277th BattalionClassroom: From Main post,turn right onto Route 26, turnleft at the light onto WheelerSack Airfield. R T Y T Ithrough LIBE Come M E S
  3. 3. VOLUME I, ISSUE 23 PAGE 3Alpha Company - Atlas By CPT Michael Richardson A Company Commander CPT Bryan Bolin will be taking It’s with regret that I write to command on March 1st 2012. The you to say that this is my last change of command ceremony article for the battalion FRG will begin at 1300 in the B-Co newsletter. After 22 months in hangar. You are more than wel- command, it’s time to move on. come to attend. “ON OUR My wife and I are PCSing to SHOULDERS!” Siena College in Loudonville, NY were I will instruct ROTC Directions to Rhicard Hills Com- cadets for the next three years. munity Center: From MT Belve- As of today, commanding dere Gate, make a right on Po Alpha Company has been the Valley, take next right on Lewis highlight of my military career. Avenue. Rhicard Hills Center is I enjoyed working with our Sol- on left hand side, Building Num- diers and their Families and I ber 8499. have several good memories to take with me. I’m proud of our accomplishments both in Af- ghanistan and here at home and I wish the very best for them and you in the future. Thank you for your constant support throughout. Alpha Company Family Readiness Group UpdatesSarah Popp soldiers don’t always pass info on to their spouse Virtual FRG (vFRG)A Company FRG Leader after a long day at work; so you can email me or call me. Also if you have Facebook and you have Access Hello Alpha Family, not done so already go on and ―like‖ TF Eagle page and the 10th CAB pages. A lot of great info  Visit the website:Happy St. Patrick’s Day. Another month hascome and gone, we are starting to rebuild and is being posted on those two pages. www.armyfrg.orgreorganize, but we still have a long way to go. **FRG meeting will be at Rhicard Hills Com-  Click on “Find an FRG”We have a new company commander now (Capt. munity Center, March 8th at 5:30pm. It will be anBolin) Informal Pot Luck dinner. Soldiers, family mem-  Click on New York We will be having a meet and greet pot luck bers and children are welcome. This includes  Scroll down under Fortdinner March 8th for our first company FRG since single soldiers. You are part of this Family too. Drum and click on “277thdeployment has been over. I would love to meet **Bring a dish to share & a 2 liter of soda or ASB/TF Mountain Eagle”and welcome all our new family members. This is juice. This is not a requirement to come but the more variety of food the better.  Enter your personal infor-your chance to meet the new commander and mation and your Soldier’sother alpha FRG members and ask questions if Remember the warmer weather is on its have any. The first day of spring is March 20th. last four SSNSometimes in this big Army world people slip See you all soon, For issues or problems log-through the cracks. I will do my best to make sure ging in, contact the 10ththis does not happen. The best way to see that Sarah Popp CAB FRSA, Jackie Sharpe atthis doesn’t happen is to make sure that I have up 937-541-6371 3 1 5 - 7 7 4 - 1 1 0 4to date contact info. such as (Phone, email, ad-, if you are in the area). Sometimes our
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Bravo Company - Hangar Rats By MAJ Ryan Guthrie Army Commendation Medal. The com- B Company Commander The Good Conduct Medal was pany bid awarded to SPC Brian Hines, farewell to Greetings Hangar Rat SPC Jon Martin, and SPC Mi- SPC Jacob Families: chael Atkisson. Bounds, The pace has finally re- SPC Justin sumed and we are back in the We promoted one Soldier this Corwin, saddle. As we transition from month. PFC Alex Fahenstock SSG Jesse Enos, SGT Adam the reset phase to the training was promoted to PFC on 1 Feb- Glauberg, SFC Ricardo phase, the company is getting ruary 2012 having demonstrated Greenidge, SSG Daniel New- more training, schools, and the competence to excel in the man, SPC Scott Nickas, SPC taskings. This is also the most next higher grade. MAJ Guthrie Michael Atkisson, SGT Nathan challenging time because reenlisted SPC Hines on 27 Olson, SGT Kevin O’Hara, SGT Families start to feel the pres- January 2012. Solomon Tefera, and SPC James sure of unresolved issues. We also received and wel- Tingay. They will be missed and Know that our unit wants to comed outstanding Soldiers to we wish them the best in their enhance and support the Sol- our formation in Feburary. We future endeavors. All of our de- dier and your Family. You welcome CW4 Allan Mace and parted Soldiers received an air- can always offer suggestions his wife, PFC Ronaldo Klesck frame plaque as a token of our or request assistance and know and his wife, PV2 Aaron appreciation for the honored ser- that we are always here to sup- Oehlerich, PV2 Nicholas Knight vice while in B Company, 277 port you. and his wife, SPC Keith Kohar- ASB. The company had many ski, SPC Bruce Myers, PFC awards to distribute this month Kenneth Mayo, SPC Johnnie Until next month, for our PCS and ETSing Sol- Janssen, and PV2 Julio Liz this Major Ryan A Guthrie diers. SGT Glauberg, SGT month. Hangar Rat 6 Olson, SGT Jetter, and SPC Finally, the Company bid (315) 772-4239 Atkisson were awarded the farewell to some of our finest. Bravo Company Family Readiness Group Updates Gigi Tomsu I would like to tell you a lit- ers are essential because they B Company FRG Leader tle bit about myself. I am mar- give out important information ried to SPC Sean Tomsu. We along with keeping contact Hello Bravo Company! I have two beautiful children. information up-to-date. If you would like to take a moment to My son is three years old, and are interested in any one of introduce myself. My name is my daughter will almost be nine these positions, please call me Gigi Tomsu, and I am your new months old. Along with my at 315-777-6521 or email gigi- FRG Leader. This is my fifth FRG duties, I am a student at year being stationed here on Ashford University, and I also Our next FRG meeting is Fort Drum. My family and I volunteer at Black River Coop- on March 8 at 5pm. It will be have also been part of Bravo erative Preschool. My main at the Adirondack Creek Com- Company since we arrived. I interests are being outdoors munity Center located on main have been participating in the whether it be fishing or just tak- post. I look forward to getting FRG for four years. I started as ing a stroll through the park. to know all of you. I hope to a key caller for two years, and As you all may know, we see you at our next FRG meet- now I am proud to take this new still need volunteers. I am hop- ing! position. With my past experi- ing to plan for future activities, ences with the FRG, I hope to however, we do not have a Gigi Tomsu successfully serve the families treasurer to control funds. We 315-777-6521 LIBERTY TIMES and soldiers. also need key callers. Key call-
  5. 5. VOLUME I, ISSUE 23 PAGE 5 Charlie Company - Ravens work for secure voice and data trans- We are still looking for volunteers for mission via satellites that provide our Treasurer and Key Caller positions. worldwide communications to our We will be having our first company nation’s Warfighters. We also spent FRG meeting on March 13th at 3 p.m.By CPT Matthew Thompson a lot of time getting our equipment in the Raven’s Roost, building 20620C Company Commander out of storage that we did not take on Munn’s Corner Road (C CO Headquar- the most recent deployment to Af- ters) for a potluck…hope to see every- February was a busy month for ghanistan. The Ravens have been one there!Charlie Company. We spent most out braving the cold, inventoryingof the month preparing for the test- countless pieces of equipment, and Directions to Charlie Company Head-ing and validation of much of our also finding time to conduct training quarters: From Main Post, turn right onkey Signal equipment, called the in-between. Route 26, make a left at the light intoWarfighter Information Network- We’ve said goodbye to many long Wheeler Sack Airfield, come throughTactical, or WIN-T for short. If time Ravens who have served the gate to three way stop sign, stay in rightyou aren’t familiar it is a set of brigade for many years, we saw pro- lane to go forward. Charlie Companysystems designed to create a net- motions to Specialist, Sergeant, and is on the right hand side pass Shoppette Staff Sergeant. We transitioned our in a metal fab, Building 20620. Family Readiness Group leader fromOnline VMIS FRG Adriana Brownstein, who did won-Volunteer Registration derful things for us, and welcomed our new FRG Leader, Megan WilsonVisit who has answered the call for us.There are options to Login with yourusername and password or Register ifyou don’t have a profile. Charlie Company FRG Notes Megan Wilson formation they need. We will celebrate mar-Fill out your information. C Company FRG Leader riages and births into our families. We will seeWhen you’ve created a profile, click each other off to new units. Together we can Hi, my name is Megan Wilson. I was help ensure that the Soldiers in our unit will beon ―Volunteer‖ on the top right sec- born and raised in the San Fernando Valley able to get in touch with their families backtion of the page. This will take you to of southern California and was attending home, and that the families will always "get thethe Volunteer Management Informa- college majoring in Radio Broadcasting. I memo". Even here in garrison we can reinforcetion System (VMIS) have always had friends in various branches the family bonds of our unit. By brainstorming of military service and kept in contact with and working closely with our unit commandersClick on ―Opportunity Locator‖ them as they moved and deployed all over we can create activities and events that will the world. I understand the challenge in allow each individual family to spend timeSelect ―Fort Drum‖ under Military together, and cause better unit cohesion by communicating across time zones, limitedCommunity and ―FRG: 10 AVN– windows of availability, and the ever- bringing the Charlie Ravens family together.277‖ under the Organization and click dreaded last minute changes. I know how We need to work together though. We areSearch. nerve wracking it is to not know what’s working hard to dissolve the rumors about FRG going on with your loved one, or how disap- and create a team that supports and informs oneChoose the volunteer position you’d pointing it is to miss out on a ceremony. On another. To accomplish that mission we needlike to apply for. When the new page the other side, I know how those Soldiers support . Volunteerism plays a key role in ourloads, click Apply. need their family and friends support and success; we need key-callers to keep informa- e n c o u r a g e m e n t . tion flowing, and a treasurer to keep track of Now Im part of that military family available funds. We need people just to donate more then ever, I married SPC Wilson on some of their time to help set up and run events,Check out the vFRG! January 5th 2012 and arrived in Fort Drum or for that matter some individuals to come upThe 277th ASB vFRG has lots of informa- about 2 weeks later. I was really over- with great ideas that we can work with. Every-tion and links to Fort Drum and military whelmed at first, especially with no one to one is invited to participate, even single sol-resources! Link directly to CYS, ACS, ask for advice. Rather than be discouraged, I diers. If anyone has any questions feel free toMilitary OneSource, My Army Benefits and have stepped up to become that beacon for contact memore! Check out AFTB and Mobilization other Soldiers and their families as the C. Co or at 818-279-3927.and Deployment training schedules! See FRG Leader. We will help new families getpage 3 of this month’s newsletter log in acquainted with the area and get all the in-instructions!
  6. 6. PAGE 6 Finishing WellDID YOU KNOW? By CPT Steven LoveArmy Community Service Battalion Chaplain out on the time we are given of purpose and dedication.(ACS) has clinical Military at this very moment for this Value your job, the conversa- ―I have fought the good specific endeavor which tions, the people, even thoughFamily Life Consultants fight, I have finished the cheapens our lives and our you are moving on. As you(MFLCs) available for walk- course, I have kept the relationships. That is why we make your plans and as yourin confidential consults? If faith;‖ 2 Timothy 4:7 are to treasure the present. I mind goes to that next placeyou feel you need some-one to talk to or are hav- Once again we are in a time said it often in Afghanistan remember that how you areing marital problems, of transition, life with its don’t count the days but treating the events of todayplease call them at 315-212 many changes, Soldiers make your days count. For and this week will impact-6919 or just stop by M-F coming Soldiers going. how we live in the moment how strong you will be when8 a.m. – 8 p.m. Commands are changing. will strengthen our lives, our you get to the place your Responsibilities are rotat- relationships as well as our mind keeps going to now.ACS also has a Financial ing, hails and farewells and future. Take time today to listen toReadiness Program that on and on. If we are going If you are going to arrive at a someone with ―active listen-provides free counseling or to live well one of the tests place where you would like ing‖, encourage someone,advice on financial matters? we must pass regularly is to to get then think about where look for ways to make some-They can provide all types finish strong. It is natural you are going, but live today body’s day better because youof financial assistance: pull for our mind to begin to well. I often ask people stepped into it and made acredit reports, budgeting, leave the place where we where do you see yourself in positive contribution.debt management, invest- are and we get fixated with the future? What are your God, grant me the persever-ing, etc. Call 772-0050 for where we are going. It is plans to get there? If you’re ance to finish well!more info. human nature to look for- going to get to the ―where‖ ward to where we are go- you have to answer the ing. However, to check out ―what‖ and the ―how‖. So Love Big, Live Well before we leave is to lose let’s live today with a sense CH LoveBehavioral Health Con-tacts: Suicide Resources/Hotlines CONTACT INFORMATION BN Staff Duty 774-1200Connor Clinic Appoint- 24-hour BDE Staff Duty 774-1100ment Line: 315-772-2778 FRSA 774-1206 email FRG LeadersAfter Hours Emergency HSC – OPEN/Acting FRG Ldr SGT Lux cell: 315-396-2080;Services (Holidays and JUSTIN.P.LUX@US.ARMY.MILWeekends) Before 9:00 A Co – Sarah Popp-cell: 937-541-6371, allie299@yahoo.compm: Acute Care Clinic, B Co—GiGi Tomsu-cell: 315-777-6521, gigitomsu@gmail.com315-772-5236 C Co—Megan Wilson-cell: 818-279-3927, M-MURDOCK@HOTMAIL.COMAfter 9:00 pm: Samaritan FRG AdvisorsMedical Center Emer- Melissa Stiller – home 681-6734, email stillmel@aol.comgency Department: 315-785-4100Local 24-Hour Crisis Line:315-785-4516National Suicide Preven- HAAMERICAN RED CROSS MONTHtion Lifeline: 1-800-273- AMERICANTALK HAPPY SAINT PATRICK’S DAYSuicide Prevention ActionNetwork (SPAN): WOMEN’S HISTORY LIBERTY TIMES
  7. 7. VOLUME I, ISSUE 23 PAGE 7 March 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri SatTraining/Classes 1 Alpha 2 3FRG Suspenses Change ofBDE/BN/CO FRG Command @Meetings/Training/Events Hanger 1:30pm4 5 6 7 8 FRG LEADER/ 9 HSC Change 10 INFORMAL of Command FUNDS 9-3PM 11am @ Motor Pool BN Steering 12:3011 12 13 14 15 KEY 16 17 CALLER 10- 11:30AM & 2- 3:30PM18 19 20 21 22 23 2425 26 DIV DONSA 27 28 29 30 31 Community Events Upcoming Key Caller Need Help? Call or visit Military Class Dates: Alpha FRG Meeting: Thursday, March March 15th OneSource to find infor- 8, 2012, 5:30pm at Richard Hills Com- All Classes are at ACS from mation about taxes, par- munity Center. 10-11:30am or 2-3:30 p.m. enting, deployments, Bravo FRG Meeting: Thursday, March finances, taxes, counsel- 8, 2012, 5pm at Adirondack Creek Call Mobilization and Deployment to ing, PCS moves & more! Community Center. register at 315-772-0470. Charlie FRG Meeting - Tuesday, March 13, 2012, 3pm at the Charlie Joe Wietecha, Personal Financial Company Building. Counselor, is back and here to help HSC FRG Meeting: Wednesday, March 277th Soldiers and Families on 28th, 2012, 5:30pm at 277th Battalion Thursdays (at BN) with any financial Classroom. issues or just to ask questions. Call Family Wellness Support Group: him at 586-350-7650 to help set up a Thursday, 29 March 2012, 10-11am & budget, check your credit, develop a 6-7pm in ACS. plan to get out of debt, get started in- vesting, or whatever you need assis- tance with.
  8. 8. PAGE 8Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates, continuedyou with parenting or stress/anger man- warmly welcome Sarah Popp as A Co FRG at Ft. Drum. The Tax Assistance Centeragement issues (now who of us never Leader, and Gigi Tomsu as B Co FRG is open to do your taxes for FREE. Callexperience any stress???), Financial Leader. They’ve both been around a long them at 772-6727/3735 to make a nextReadiness to help you figure your fi- time as Key Callers and graciously ac- day appointment. Please don’t go paynances out, Employment Readiness to cepted more responsibility. Then we have someone to do your taxes when you canhelp you prepare to get that job you Megan Wilson joining us as the C Co FRG have them done for free! Also, the Davewant, amongst other programs. And Leader. She is only married a month, and Ramsey Financial Peace University isthat’s just at ACS. Please be sure to look just arrived at Ft. Drum, yet she is excited another FREE program available to sin-at the CLIF Notes (Community Leaders to help the unit out as well. Thank you gle and married Soldiers and spouses toInformation Forum) once a month, to ladies for taking the plunge and joining our help you really learn how to take care offind activities that interest you. We place FRG team! To everyone else I ask you to your finances and plan for your financialthese in our FRSA Flash (Family Readi- please help these ladies, as it can’t be done future. Call 772-5540 to register or go toness Support Assistant) which is mailed alone. Forget past experiences and come It’s an awe-out to everyone weekly. If you aren’t make your FRG something you want to be some program and can really educatereceiving these or the monthly newsletter a part of. We still need an HSC FRG you and change your future! Take care(on e-mail), please let our FRSA, Mich- Leader and all companies need Key Callers 277th!ele Galloway, know at 774-1206, and and Treasurers. A small amount of workshe will get you on the list. can bring new friendships and give you Bravo FRG Meeting: 8 March 2012 something worthwhile to do. Beginning in Directions to Adirondack CommunityIt is incredible how much changeover we March, our FRG Meetings will be held at Center: From Mt Belvedere Gate, makehave experienced in the last few months. company level. So please look at your a left on Po Valley to the end,make aWe lost all our FRG Leaders and many company’s FRG article to find out the date right at stop light, take a left onto Chapelof our Key Callers and Treasurers. I am and specific info for your next meeting. Drive, then next left onto Constitutionhappy to inform you that as of the mid- Boulevard a half mile to Building 9797dle of February we now have 3 of our 4 Last I want to ensure you are aware of a on Constitution Avenue.FRG Leader positions filled. I’d like to couple great opportunities available to usEye On The Eagle The change of responsibility between CSM Hurst and CSM Escalera.LIBERTY TIMES
  9. 9. PAGE9 LTC Stiller presenting Order of Saint Michael medals BELOW ARMY PHOTO BY CPT Melinda Walden B 277th ASB, TF Mtn Eagle. SGM Harris sports his physical fitness attire on his last Company fun run. SGM Harris agreed to wear a dress at a Company run if there were no negligent discharges from any Soldier in B/277 while deployed. Way to go B Company!
  10. 10. PICTURES CONTINUED PAGE10 Ravens setting up for the WIN-T validation exercise Ravens erect the 15 meter antenna mast during Sergeants Time Training. Class on generator maintenance Ravens road marching for physical training.
  11. 11. PAGE 11277th Aviation Support Battalion 277th Aviation Support Battalion History10th Combat Aviation Brigade In February 2006, the 277th Aviation Support Battalion deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom VII, where it provided combat service and support to the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, Task Force Falcon. The Unit redeployed in February of 2007 after earning the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker Award for best Aviation Battalion in 2006 and the Meritorious Unit Commendation.20125 Hangar Access Road In October 2008, the 277th ASB deployed to Iraq in sup-Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield port of Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-11, where it providedFort Drum, NY 13602 support and combat services to the 10th CAB, Task Force Lightning. The unit redeployed in October 2009 and earnedPhone: 315-774-1206 the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker award for the BestFax: 315-774-1231 Combat Service Support Battalion for the work performedE-mail: during its 2008-2009 deployment.“Freedom and Liberty”