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8 things you should know about social media
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8 things you should know about social media


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • How many of you are social media for personal use? How many for your nonprofit or other organization? 1M to 2M people are on one of these sites every day. More than ever, your fans own your brand – not you – whether you’re in social media or not. Just ask hoteliers about tripadvisor or restaurateurs about yelp. How many social networking sites in the world? 300. Music, movies, mothers, medicine and even Mongols. If you’re into bondage and S&M, there’s even a social networking site for you.
  • How many tweets do you think are posted on Twitter each day? 400 million!
  • Cocktail party example. 80/20 – be informative and useful most of the time. Be personal – “I can do anything” and my Atlanta guy
  • Just like other forms of marketing. 6x day, 3 platforms; I’m on 10-15 hours a week. Only 16% of your posts will be seen. Half life is 3.2 hours for a post.
  • Biggest mistake people make – too pushy for the sale. Rule of thirds.
  • Just like other forms of marketing.
  • Different platforms appeal to different people.
  • not about making sales or gaining members or bringing people over to your side of the issue. That will come.
  • It’s about the conversation, being responsive, talking with people – especially when they’re complaining
  • Must be good stuff, not dreckMistakes and lessons – shows your human side. Maybe others can learn from you!Take questions from your own social media interactions, what you hear most often from people or what you see elsewhereIguanas, poles growing out of people’s heads, etc. Make sure these images are not copyrightedAlways great to share things you’ve learned from other sources“Your wife is hot” billboardNew car, painting, multicolored socks, etc.Stuff from outside your immediate sphere – quotes, humor, etc.Circles back to being social – people like to hear about things you’re involved inLinks to articles have the least engagement, but still more than others.
  • Transcript

    • 1. Disclaimer
    • 2. you should know About Social Media Networking
    • 3. Top social media sites in the world 1. Facebook – 1 billion users 2. Tencent QQ (China) – 784 million 3. Skype – 663 million 4. Google+ – 500 million plus 5. Twitter – 500 million plus 6. LinkedIn – 250 million
    • 4. No. 1
    • 5. No. 2
    • 6. No. 3
    • 7. No. 4
    • 8. No. 5
    • 9. No. 6
    • 10. No. 7
    • 11. No. 8
    • 12. What to post? 1. Quality content 2. Photos – 39% more engagement 3. Fill in the blank 4. Caption this photo 5. Ask/answer a question 6. Mistakes and lessons 7. Info from books/articles you’ve read 8. Interesting advertising 9. Fun purchases 10. Hobbies, passions, etc.
    • 13. Questions?
    • 14. Facebook
    • 15. Setting up Facebook
    • 16. Twitter First, some terminology • Micro-blogging site • Tweet – your message in 140 characters or fewer • @username – your name or organization • #hashtag – how you find topics of interest
    • 17. Setting up Twitter
    • 18. Customizing Twitter Next steps • Pick accounts you’d like to follow • Add friends • Customize your page: • Upload a header image • Upload portrait, logo or other image • Enter your company’s website URL in the field “Web.” • Write a short description based on the account holder. • Click “Save” • To change background image: • Click the Design tab • Choose from one of the available themes or upload a background of your own • Click “Save Changes”
    • 19. Thank you!